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This happened into my last apartment. I just moved to a new one yesterday, let's hope this one isn't haunted because like all the one's I've been. I'm really unlucky when it comes to this. This is a few things that have happened to me and my mom.

First of all, the first time I came into it, I felt awkward. It felt as if it wasn't safe. I told my dad right away 'I don't feel good here, I don't want to live here'. He didn't listen though. Right now in my new one, I didn't protest, it felt so safe. It's the first time I've felt this safe in ages! Back to the other apartment. I'll start off with my mom's experiences.

My mom felt the same way as I did about this new place. Only little things would happen at first but then they grew bigger. Like one night, my mom told me that she fell asleep and she woke up at about 3:00 to 4:00 am. She said she saw some woman with black hair and pale skin. My mom didn't know her and she said a prayer right away. The woman vanished into flames. I believed my mom and I believe it was possible because my mom doesn't lie and she doesn't have mental issues. She didn't want to scare me so she didn't tell me up until one night I told her about my dream.

I had dreamt that in the room beside me, there were spirits wandering, lots of them. They were all different colors. I didn't think it was anything but I still told her and then she told me about that and the other things.

She told me that twice, two nights in a row, she felt something heavy on her back as if it was pulling her down so she couldn't move, she'd wake up at about 3:00am and she couldn't move but then she'd fall asleep a few minutes later. I found that weird because I was having troubles in the night too.

I dreamt of a little boy that lived here in the apartment., I remember his face and everything but his name. In my dream, he was playful and nice. He wanted to show me something and wanted to drag me around to show it to me but it was as if it was real and he was tugging me for real. I felt it. For a second I opened my eyes and saw something floating, I closed them back right away because it was as if I was still sleeping but I wasn't. I can't explain it. There's no words to.

Also, once again in my bed. This part might sound a bit weird but YES IT WAS REAL! I was sleeping and I had no idea why but I was dreaming of going down a slide and the slide was curved up and when you would slide, you would turn upside down. I felt turned upside down for a moment and put back to place. I was also feeling like being choked since when something turned me upside down I felt my neck was bended and I couldn't really breathe. I have no idea what that spirit would want from me because a year before, in the same apartment, someone put a cover on me and I was dreaming that I couldn't breathe, which of course I couldn't do. In my dream it was telling me to wake up. And before I could choke, I woke up at the right time, I exhaled and inhaled really hard. I couldn't breathe at all. Well, I'm thinking there were 2 spirits here. A bad one and a good one.

We'd had the T.V turn on and off by itself and also the lights flickered sometimes. One memorable time was when my friend was over at my house and the light bulb exploded right in front of us. The glass was all over the place. There was nothing wrong with the electricity but there sure was something wrong with this apartment.

I also heard bells at 1am each time. You couldn't really hear them well, you could only hear them if you listened carefully. They were really soft. I told my parents about that, but they said they haven't heard anything and once I heard them and my mom was there and I told her "Do you hear the bells?". She shook her head. I was kind of scared.

That's it. Some parts of it are weird, I know but they're real. Think of it how you want, I know what I experienced. Thanks for reading. Give me your feedback. If you can, please try and explain some of this to me because I don't get it at all!

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ghosthost (guest)
14 years ago (2007-09-17)
Hey snow, read your story and it was a good one! Hope that things have gotten better for you. I've also had some very strange things happen to me as well. As a rule of thumb, whenever I'm looking for a new residence I ALWAYS visit every room to pick up any energy that may be present. I've turned down a few places regardless how much I liked it. Just take a moment to feel positive or negitive. Alot of people don't believe in paranormal and that's when they find themselves in danger. Good luck and take care!

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