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There are several buildings in the district that I believe to be haunted. I had written a paper for a college course about two years ago. The most activity I have experienced has been in the Jr. High Building. That building was built in 1901. It is said that a young girl named Nelly killed herself there over a boy in 1920.

The building was first constructed as a training school, then became the high school, before being turned into the Jr. High. I have had a basket ball thrown down the stage steps at me in the dark, when turning on the lights. I have heard a young girl say, "goodbye". I recently heard a little girl hum in my left ear when hanging up the broom by the stage.

At christmas something pulled a banner off the door, when I was in the building alone. The tape was still intact, and shaped as if it were contorted to the door. I would have to say the most unusual experience was when I was vacuuming the band room. It was as if I had brushed my arm against a block of ice. That part of my arm was cold for quite a while afterward.

There is what I believe to be a male entity who walks on the tops of some of the buildings. He makes noises in different spots just so you know he is there. My son actually heard him walking once.

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ghostlady (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-06-27)
Several of the older schools here in Billings are reputed to be haunted. Children's laughter, running footsteps, and balls bouncing in the gym are some of the things that are heard, and shadowy figures have been seen. Most of this activity is probably residual, but in at least one case, the spirit of a little boy who was killed by a car is thought to be actually present.

Could you contact me at kstevensp [at] I'd love to talk with you about the ghosts of Stevensville.
RoseForEmily (34 posts)
16 years ago (2008-05-13)
I guess the little girl likes being there, perhaps likes being around other kids. She sounds harmless, and wants attention perhaps.

and who knows maybe the guy on the roof has taken there as his favorite spot.

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