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As I am writing this story, I am currently house sitting for my brother. Yesterday, before I went to work, I was in the living room and had just turned off the television. When I turned the television off, I noticed a shadow going through a corner of the room. I saw the shadow as it was disappearing. I was the only person in the house at the time and my brother's dog was in its room sound asleep at the time. I know that the door to the living room was closed and that no one from the neighborhood was anywhere near the house. Also, earlier in the day, I was on the computer in the office and I felt as if some presence was standing at the door watching me.

The house that my brother lives in was built about three years ago and he is the first owner. Even as I am writing this story, it feels like something is watching me from my right and there is no one there. The dog is in another room right now, sleeping. I never had a feeling like this before at his house. I wrote a story about three black shadows at my bed. I am starting to wonder if any one of these ghosts have followed me over to my brother's house while I am house sitting for him.

Nothing else has ever happened at my brother's house before until the past couple of days. I also highly doubt that the area where the house is built could be haunted by anything, except for what could be following me.

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PrincessKatie (7 stories) (420 posts)
16 years ago (2007-09-28)
Hi Yes I understand you it could of been a ghost. You can get that feeling of the room going cold and your being watched when a ghost is near or in the same room as you that's the feeling you get. Sometimes you can also feel something breathing on you as well. My house is haunted it only is 14 years old looks new and everything. Now the area it has a lot of history to it. Its the area the house is built in it can have history to it. Mine was trains and they digged for coal for fire in the olden days there still coal for fire underneath our houses. Ghosts they live in your house because they think it there house. Ghosts live in people's houses cause they need to live some where. They don't know there dead. I heard shadows like that which are shaped and moving are ghosts. I just see ghosts not there shadows really. Thanks for sharing your story with us I enjoyed reading it. I do understand what your going through. 😊

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