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It was around 2013 when I had this paranormal experience. We went to a school somewhere near a funeral home because we rented the place to have a dance practice for our school. We were about 15 persons who stayed in the school for the night. We were laughing and playing, after that, my friend and I sat on the stage facing the dancers practice. I suddenly felt that someone is looking behind us and there is an air that keeps on blowing on our back, seemed like someone is running so fast back and forth. The choreographer immediately informed everyone to have a break and approached us. He asked,"have you felt that? They were staring at us and the kid is running on your back. Just don't mind them."

After an hour, they took another break and and I lifted my head and what I saw was a glowing lady looking at us, I can't see her face clearly but her eyes seemed like it was glaring at us. I keep on staring at the lady. By the way, it's the school's library where I saw the lady. My friend asked me horrified if I saw a lady from the library glaring at us. I immediately called the choreo and told him what we saw, he said to stop looking at the lady. He said we need to pray silently to avoid the dancers from freaking out. That night ended well though.

Another night of practice at the same school gym, my friend and I went out to buy water and snacks for the dancers. When heading back to the stage to fix the food, I saw a shadow cross from the left corner of the stage to the right. My eyes became bigger because of what I saw, and my friend said, "you saw it as well right?" I freaked out and ran. I went to the guard's table and asked if there are spirits or ghost in the school, but of course he said none.

My friend and I stayed near the guard and had a little chit chat with him. The guard's table is place near the entrance gate and on his right side you'll see the CR. My friend wanted to pee but it was so dark and the guard said that the lights keeps on getting broken that's why they don't put any bulbs anymore. So I lit my friend with a flashlight and before she was done peeing, she said that someone touched her hair. She cried because it was only me and her in the CR. To calm her, the guard shared some jokes and we laughed so loud and forgot what happened and the CR's door banged so hard. There's no strong air that time to do that, and if so, why just 1 door that banged. In shocked, we ran back to the gym and my friend cried again. The choreo asked us if we saw a lady near the CR, we said no, we haven't. He said the the lady is very angry and covered in blood. He told us what the lady wore.

When we were going home, my friend texted me that it seemed that someone is following her. But when she turned no one is there. She ran fast but still the feeling is there. She told me well the next morning that she's having a nightmare of a girl, crying for help near the school where we went last night. A classmate of us, told us if we saw someone dead the other night (the 1st night we had the practice on that school), we said no. She said that a gym instructor died near the area. We texted the choreo and he confirmed that what he saw that lady is wearing is same as to the lady who died near the school.

That's it for now.

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en_chuu (4 stories) (27 posts)
4 years ago (2020-02-07)
You're all very brave for continuing on with your evening practice at the school! That was an enjoyable story; thanks for sharing 😁
silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
4 years ago (2020-02-07)
I get the impression that the Philippines is full of paranormal events. Being half-Filipino myself, I have been mesmerized by all of the stories told to me by my mother. Your tales are certainly scary and reminiscent of a highly haunted school. There has to be a side story connected to that school that could explain the energies trapped within the place.
Zaruje (15 stories) (182 posts)
4 years ago (2020-02-06)
Hi there! Pinoy here. Whoah that's a very scary experience. May I ask the name of the school? Paranormal happenings in schools, are getting quite normal now. I do have my own share of experience about paranormal happenings in school. I was inspired by your story so let me share mine, I hope you don't mind:

" I was a freshman in HS when I attended an Interact (HS club) orientation at one of the huge schools in camarines sur. The school was quite popular due to it's many cases of fraternity deaths. It was a normal evening formal orientation. I was heading to the bathroom, when one of the dancers (student of that school) ran out screaming from the ladies room. I stopped immediately and followed her (human instinct). She was crying as she told us that she saw a bloody body hanging from the ceiling. Due to the commotion, the program was halted and the police where called in. They searched the compound but found nothing. I still can't find an explain for what happened that night "

Sorry for that. I enjoyed reading your story and I hope to read more 😁


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