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We moved into our house 5 years ago. On and off we heard noises (mainly coming from upstairs and you always try to find a logical explanation. About 2 years ago I was in bed and was woken (I am a light sleeper) by footsteps one by one going up the stairs, I was so scared I just froze and hid under the duvet.

A short while after that (I hardly spoke about what happened) and one night my partner's dad came to stay the night and he is a total skeptic and very religious... In the morning he asked if either of us got up in the night because he had heard the footsteps and also the stairs gate sounded if it was opened. We didn't get up at all that night and also both times it definitely wasn't our daughter either.

Everything after that was quiet really apart from the odd strange noise. Last week the door handle moved to the kitchen door on its own. Although it was very windy outside the handles are quite stiff. Then last night my partner was home alone, having a bath and heard footsteps up the stairs, followed by a bang then he said that it sounded like someone had stood on the bean bag in our daughter's room.

This morning my partner had gone off to work, I was upstairs and then came down to my daughter (she is 7) who said that someone spoke to her by name and it sounded like her granddad (he is living).

I have recently lost my brother under tragic circumstances... If anyone could give any explanations I would appreciate it.

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