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Sinister Laughing And Footsteps At Night


I was raised in the home that my parents bought since they came to Melbourne. The home dates back to the mid 1900s or so they say. Me and my sister have both experienced inexplicable phenomenon especially in the past few years, such as radios suddenly turning on as we walk into a room or thumping in the walls, (which we brushed off, as the home is quite old). However, in the past few months, the paranormal activity has really kicked up.

Around December, I was lying in bed. Typical Australian summer. Blankets were off, my bedroom door was wide open and I had difficulty sleeping. Mum and Dad had both gone to sleep and my sister was the last to head to bed. As per usual routine, she would turn off all the lights in the house and shut the door to her room, (which she shares with mum) The moment she shut the door, I heard a croaking laugh right outside my bedroom door (Like "ha ha ha"). It was discernible, but did not sound human at all. I did not bother look in the direction of the door and just threw all the blankets on, trying to ignore what I heard. (Bare in mind, it was 25 degrees that night but I would rather die of heatstroke than be killed by a ghost.)

The second time, was a few weeks later. As usual, my sister would do the same routine, turn off lights, shut the door, etc. After the sound of the door shutting, I heard the rather loud and distinctive sound of shuffling footsteps in the kitchen (it had a rhythm of 1, 2, 3, pause 1, 2) which I assumed to be a family member going to the toilet (You need to pass the kitchen to reach the toilet and my room) However, I did not hear the familiar noise of the toilet door opening, nor the flick of the light switch, nor flushing. I also remembered that I didn't hear any of the bedroom doors open. Once again, I threw the blankets over my head and tried to sleep.

I'm overseas at the moment, so I haven't experienced anything else so far. I am considering getting the home checked out afterwards though.

There are a few possibilities as to who is haunting the house. Either the previous owners, as they were in their 70s when they left 30 years ago, my grandpa, who lived in the house before he passed afterwards in Vietnam. Or my Grandma, who passed in March last year, who has lived in the house for a while, planting roses bushes in the garden. (which are now 18 years old!) She did have an affinity to the garden and the roses within, which could explain the sudden increase in paranormal activity after her passing. However, it does not explain the extremely sinister laughing I heard outside my room.

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AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-01)
Perhaps there is an elemental lurking about. S
It is generally believed that strong emotions -generally the negative kind or grief- can whip up paranormal activity as can changes to the household (someone moves out or in, somethibg as extensive as a renovation or simple as moving a picture). If you have a good think on it, you may be able to recall something that preceded the activity. Perhaps it's your late grandmother or perhaps something attached to the land. It will be interesting to see if you or your family (if you are comfortable talking with them about this) can remember anything!
Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-19)
Hi, Creyton -

Prior to December, had you ever heard or seen anything in this house. You say the previous owners left 30 years ago and your grandfather passed in Vietnam. If they never haunted the house before, why would they now? I think it's most likely your grandmother but I agree with you that it does not explain the laugh. Especially because you say it did not sound human.

Hopefully, it was just something that was passing through but keep an eye out for anything else. If you should hear or see something again, you might consider doing a cleansing.

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