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Ghost Crows Temporary Paralysis


So I'm not religious or anything, just making that clear. I don't do any witchcraft or anything spiritual. I'm just a normal 16 year old but I have weird things happen to me.

A few years back I would see shadowy crows sitting on the end of my bed when I wake up; when I would look at them they would fly in two places. One they would fly through my window and the other they would fly through my door. That has happened about three times.

Another thing that has happened to me and continues to happen is on some days when I wake up (either in the morning or at night) I can't move, I'm paralyzed and it feels like my chest is burning on the inside. It doesn't hurt at all.

It doesn't end there, I start to hear banging on the floors and walls and I hear super loud screaming, either at my door or in my ear. One time when this happened to me I was at my mother's house and my little sister, who wasn't at the house, walked into my room with a picture of a demon.

These weird paralyzing things stop when someone comes into my room or when the lights turn on. I want to know what is happening to me and if someone could tell me or explain what's happening I would be quite happy.

These events don't scare me I just want to know what it is. One other thing is that it doesn't happen at one house, it has happened to me at four different houses.

(What I have heard) My friend told me its is some demon following me. And he also says maybe the crows are protecting me. I have also heard that crows were a sign that someone in my family was going to die.

The crow events happened 4 years ago and I don't remember anyone dying so they must mean something else. This has happened in the day time also.

Can someone help me?

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robertperez70 (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-22)
There is a demon whom I will not name who often shows up as a crow. His other form is a shadow man with a top hat on his head. My mother had this appear to her in both forms. He often shows up in times of weakness such as in times of transition. It seems he did not totally get to you but was close. Being paralyzed is the first step. After this he chokes you and will whisper in your ear with a very deep and coarse voice intimidating things such as "I own you" and will tell you his name.
If you want to do your own research Google either crow demon or top hat shadow man demon. The world of spirits and demons is very confusing, I believe that people create these energies and that when people die they leave their energies both bad and good. Good luck in your search for answers.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-26)
Sleep paralysis is a scary thing. That's mostly what this sounds like. The crows could be a residual haunting, but yes, I have heard that crows/ravens are guardian-type spirits. As for the picture your sister drew, I have to ask, is your sister religious or spiritual at all? It seems strange to me that she would just randomly walk in with a picture of a demon. Was it something she drew or something she found and printed off of the internet?

Sleep paralysis can be helped or stopped by simply relaxing when it happens and waiting calmly for it to stop. Minimizing stresses, getting on a steady sleep schedule and getting plenty of exercise are all ways of helping to reduce the amount of incidents you have. Sleep paralysis is also hereditary and it might not be a bad idea to ask your family if they've ever experienced it.
otteer (8 stories) (398 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-25)
So what I'm understanding is this happens during the day time and the night time? They happen in different locations? An image of your sister (she was not at home at the time) walked in your room holding a picture of a demon after you heard the scream? OH my lord, how scary!

I agree you may be subject to sleep paralysis on the occasion you cannot move, it happens to me. But. The daytime phenomena and out of bed experiences sound extraordinary! I don't know if it's a demon. Perhaps others on here can teach you how to rid yourself of this entity.

I would try and surround myself with white light and ask for protection when I went to bed and got up. Beyond that, I cannot recommened anything but to say bless you, I hope you find some answers here.

Thank you for sharing! ❤
brainlessbandit (2 stories) (27 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-25)
I know I say this way too much on this site, but I'm pretty sure it's just hypnopompic sleep paralysis. When you sleep, your body slows down production of a chemical called acetylcholine, which is heavily involved in muscle movement; this is done to prevent you from moving around in your sleep and accidentally waking yourself up or hurting yourself. In a sleep paralysis episode, you become partially aroused (half-awake) for whatever reason during REM sleep (the "dream" phase of sleep) and you have dreamlike hallucinations, even though you're aware of your environment and you think you're fully awake. Your body hasn't started speeding up acetylcholine production, so you often find yourself paralyzed. Once you fully recover from REM sleep you snap out of it and regain the ability to move.

I don't think it's paranormal; it's probably just your body acting weird, like mine. Haha:P If it gets to be too bothersome, try changing up your sleep patterns. Get plenty of sleep, don't eat before bedtime, avoid laying flat on your back if you can, and stay away from alcohol or sleeping pills/pain meds before bed if at all possible. If you try these and you still have problems, talk to a doctor.
bacchaegrl (506 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-25)
Could you explain the picture of the demon part? Did you take a picture of a demon? Did you draw a picture of a demon? Did someone else draw a picture of a demon? I understand you being scared and all. The crow part was really eerie. I just don't understand that fourth paragraph. Could you explain to me what you mean?

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