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A Night At Grandmas


This is a personal ghost encounter that I've experienced when I was only seven years old. My parents were celebrating their fifteenth anniversary, and I had to go to my grandmothers house for a few days.

My grandmother's house was located in the country side. It has wooden floors and 2-3 bedrooms.

It was nighttime- about 8:30 PM. I was getting dressed for bed in the washroom when I heard footsteps. I thought it was Grandma, so I ignored it. When I heard those footsteps again, I looked outside the bathroom door and I noticed my Grandma's door was closed all the way, so it must of been my imagination since I was really tired at that point. 5 minutes later, I shut my door and went to bed.

I woke up at 12:45 AM for a bathroom break and a glass of water. I noticed the sink was already on. I poured myself a glass and turned the sink off. I noticed the kitchen was really cold, about 8-10 degrees, so I sipped the glass down quickly and hurried off to bed with extra blanket and closed the door.

I then woke up once again at 7:30 AM. I was playing with my train set when I saw a black shadow of an elderly man on the wall near my door. I said, "who's there? Is that you, Grandma?" and "whoever it is, please go away!". The shadow faded and disappeared within seconds.

I asked my grandmother if she experienced stuff like this. She experienced paranormal activity numerous times, she said. Unfortunately, my grandmother has no history of the house whatsoever, so this paranormal mystery remains 'unknown'.

By the look of the cracked walls (infested with spiders), dirty wooden floors, and old cracked doors that creek when opened, this house looks pretty old to me.

My grandmother moved to a better house and never experienced any paranormal activity there. What did I see, and what did this guy want?

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geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-02)
I think it's the spirit of person who once lived at the house or on the land. The way it acted around you, I think it was looking out for you. How did you feel when you saw the shadow?
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-01)
ScaredForever: Welcom to YGS, It seems to have had an interest in you for some reason, or it new you would be able to perceive it. It didn't seem like it was threatning at all, shame you couldn't find out any more info on the house and land, it is always interesting going down that path. 😊

Thanks for sharing.

blue_raven80 (13 stories) (338 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-01)
hi there!
Since you mentioned that there is no history of the house, we can say that it could be the previous owner or it could be something attached to the land or the house itself. Well, it seems that when your grandma moved she no longer experienced any paranormal so it could just be the previous house itself.

DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
11 years ago (2011-05-31)
Judging by the fact that it seemed to respond to your request to go away, it sounds like an intelligent haunting. Perhaps the previous house owner was still hanging around?

Thanks for sharing...
bacchaegrl (506 posts)
11 years ago (2011-05-31)
I agree, I'm glad your grandma moved. That house sounds pretty gross. Interesting paranormal activity. Glad it left you alone after you told it to leave. It seems only natural that a house like that would harbor a ghost.
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
11 years ago (2011-05-31)
Whatever it was, it seemed pretty harmless. Afterall, when you told it to go, it went.

otteer (8 stories) (398 posts)
11 years ago (2011-05-30)
Not enough info to tell you what you saw other than it was most likely a ghost, (spirit) I'm glad your Grandma moved to better living quarters. Spiders are not cool in my book unless they are outside in the garden!

Thanks for sharing! ❤

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