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Sleep Paralysis Or... Something Else?


I've just signed up - I am so glad that I found a site wherein I can share and even ask opinions from the members about this experience I had a few years back. Let me know your feedback because I can't shake this off for years now.

I am a mom and I can say I'm someone who's "tuned in" to things paranormal-previous experiences have made me believe that there is indeed a world other than the living. This was the scariest so far.

Me and my then 5 year old daughter slept over my mom's house. I just came in from a long rehearsal (I was a stage actor then). I was in my old room with my kid watching TV and sister who was asleep. I didn't notice that I too fell asleep, but seconds before I closed my eyes, I remember seeing my co-actor who died a few months ago as if in a dream, and she just said "Mag-ingat ka kay Lando, mamamatay tao yan". Right after she said that, I just felt a huge weight pinned on my hip, and I couldn't move. The tricky part there was I saw my kid still watching the TV, my sister sleeping on her side of the bed. I panicked Bec I tried calling for help and nothing came out from my mouth. My heart raced and still tried calling out my kid's name, tried moving my foot and when I finally did I struggled to get her attention. When I finally called her name, she went towards me and I heard myself say "tawagin mo Tita mo, di ako makagalaw" I remember the fear suddenly showing on my kid's face seeing me that way - the same look I saw on my sister's face when she saw me and she immediately bit my finger. I heard her say "In Jesus' name get out!" which confused me, but it worked. It felt as if I was breathing air for the first time!

My sister was still pale in shock as I was gulping a glass of water. I started apologizing for waking her up when she just said" What was that?" "A bad dream," I told her. "No!" fear still on her face." Ate, your eyes were white. You didn't have pupils. You looked as if - you were dead." I told her that I was looking at her and talking to her. "Yes, I can hear you but your lips weren't moving." she started to cry.

We prayed together that night and never mentioned the incident to our parents. I tried researching about what happened and read that it could be sleep paralysis. But I still can't shake it off. Was I possessed? Why would a dead co-actor warn me? Or was I really dreaming? - Dark_Attic

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Ghostbuscus (guest)
7 years ago (2014-05-22)
I have some questions for you Dark_Attic,

Who is Lando?
What is your relationship or how could you relate to that guy?

Well at first it looked like sleep paralysis but somethings convincing me that it was paranormal. You know, like seeing your daughter and your sleeping sister. Your sister told you that your pupils were missing and that was really strange.

I hope you will answer my questions 😉

geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
10 years ago (2011-06-08)
I also was interested in what was said in Filipino so I went on Google Translate to get this:

Mag-ingat ka kay Lando, mamamatay tao yan:
Be careful with Lando, murderers ie

Tawagin mo Tita mo, di ako makagalaw:
Tita call you, and I move

Like the other posters asked, why would your dead co - worker come to you to warn you about Lando being a murderer?
aussiedaz (18 stories) (1518 posts)
10 years ago (2011-06-08)
Dark Attic, I would say it was sleep paralysis and not possession... Many people have had the experienced you had including myself, which I will get to in a minute... There is a transitional state of mind somewhere between sleep and wakefulness... Where these experiences occur and play out... Consider this, most people here except the science that a poltergeist comes from with in the person or persons and plays out around the house they live in, where often objects can be moved doors slammed etc... But with experiences like S/P that play out with in the confined area of body and mind are either cause by demons or wicked ghost?...WHY? Isn't it funny how we can have objects moving around our homes, tables banging etc and we all say, oh that sounds like a poltergeist its coming from energy with in the home and vis versa... See my point? These experiences as real as they seem come from with in us and our minds... Its kind of like bringing freddy krueger out of our sub conscious,... I have probably had maybe a dozen or so of these experiences in my lifetime over 46 years, fortunately I had one recently and the reason I'm glad I did, is because for the last 12 months or so, I have been offering this type of advise to others and challenging these experiences with contempt or even with laughter, it is a sure way to overcome them, if these experiences are coming from with in our mind, they must be fuel by our fear and manifest due to it... Now if we can consciously free our mind with positive thoughts or happy ones during the episode it should work like reverse psychology wouldn't you think... Now if it was a separate entity it would not appreciate this type of behaviour? Wouldn't the experience increase or get more aggressive? Right? Well Wrong!... They will disappear automatically and if you want to extract a passage from the bible, then the part that says, I shall fear no evil, works the best for mine... Last time I had one, I felt someone sit on my bed then pin me down to it... I remember thinking cool... His a chance to put my theory to the test... And it was only a couple of seconds a paralysis and then I opened my eyes at command and removed it just as I thought it would, you can beat these experiences they are winnable... I would have no problem having more of these experiences, cause I want to see what else I can do to overcome them and help others realize its just in the mind... Some may think I'm gloating about the way I approach them, I reckon it works more like reverse psychology for me, best wishes and thanks for sharing.

pwjigz (4 posts)
10 years ago (2011-06-08)
Tawagin mo tita mo di ako makagalaw means Call you're aunt because I can't move.
pwjigz (4 posts)
10 years ago (2011-06-08)
Hi, the meaning of "Mag-ingat ka kay Lando, mamamatay tao yan" is Be careful with Lando (Person), he is a murderer".

I commented here because I think I have a similar with this.
When in the midnight I am always got awake then I suddenly I can't move my whole body and even my eyes I can't open it widely. And I know that I'm screaming for help but they can't here it.
Some people says that if that is happen to you a demon is sitting in your chest while you sleeping. Which is I didn't see any demon's while I'm having that experience. It's happen to me many times... Still I don't understant why...
redphx (4 stories) (827 posts)
10 years ago (2011-06-07)
Can you translate some of the story for us?

"Mag-ingat ka kay Lando, mamamatay tao yan"
"tawagin mo Tita mo, di ako makagalaw"

That is really very scary. I am glad that you are ok. It appears to me that this actor was trying to take over your body for some reason. I don't know what she said to you because it's not in English.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
10 years ago (2011-06-07)
Sorry, but I'm not sure what your co-actor said to you... I don't understand the language. I am sorry that you lost a friend, though.

It really just sounds like sleep's possible that when you entered the paralysis state, your eyes were slightly open and rolled back so all she could see were the whites of your eyes. Very creepy but I wouldn't necessarily say paranormal.
ILee (1 stories) (91 posts)
10 years ago (2011-06-07)
Dark Attic,

I don't know much about sleep paralysis, but I know that if it was, your eyes would not have been the way it was. In my opinion, it could have been something paranormal.

What does "Mag-ingat ka kay Lando, mamamatay tao yan" and "tawagin mo Tita mo, di ako makagalaw" mean? Were you aware of what you were saying at the time?
kristinarodriguez1980 (5 stories) (11 posts)
10 years ago (2011-06-07)
I believe that people who passed away can come into our dreams.Although,I have no clue on what she was saying to you. On March 2nd my grandfather passed away. The next night out of 30yrs of living and never dreaming of him I did dream of him. Everyone in my large family was heartbroken and the questions that came in my head was"How is the family going to manage without our main backbone?!" I was totally worried and my grandfather came to me in my dream one night. I don't remember all that was said, but he told me"Everythng will be alright mija!"He always called me"mija" (daughter in spanish). Around the time I had this dream he came to many of my cousins as well in the same week of his passing.

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