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Paranoia Or Was This Really My Uncle's Spirit?


My story starts of at my uncle's house who recently passed away. Me and my family went of a day after he passed away... Everything was normal nothing much happened except talking about good memories of my uncle. Now fast forwarding to the time I was about to use the bathroom, which is kind of in the corner of the house, so right as I was about to enter the bathroom I hear a whistle from the hallway, also my uncle's happen to be right there, the one he passed away in. I don't think anyone else heard it so I just simply ignored it thinking it was my imagination.

Now a week later, we went back there, I quickly told my cousin what happen last week, she happens to live in that same house, I wouldn't be telling a little kid all this. I asked her did she whistle. She looked at me like why would I do that in a time of sadness. So I kind of felt stupid asking that. Fast forwarding to the time me and my cousin and I was sitting in the hallway, the same one where I heard the whistling. Well, me and my cousin trying to waste time started taking pictures on our cellphone, like most teenage girls would do. We took a couple of pics nothing unusual, but around our 3rd or 4th time we found some orbs, or seen to look like orbs. I'm pretty sure it wasn't dust because it would have most likely been there on the other pictures. I will try my best to get those pics up here, as soon as possible.

Around the same time I was leaning against a wall, I had a feeling we were being watched, I had a feeling it was my uncle, or I hope it was, because they had bought the house recently and my uncle passes away like two weeks after... Creepy right? Well continuing on, I was with my cellphone and all a sudden I lose all my bars, or you can say signal. I heard spirits will try to communicate with you in different ways. I found that weird because I sent a whole day and night there and nothing happened. Again this was all by the hallway and the room.

To me something didn't seem right about the house... Again maybe it was just me. Let me know what you think... Am I just paranoid? I'm pretty sure I felt a presence in that house.

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Shaw (guest)
12 years ago (2011-06-11)
orbs are kind of dust on the lens. But some people think that they are spirits. Butyou felt some presence around you so that may be your uncle. But don't worry. He won't hurt you:) may be in the future he will communicate with you:) but there's nothing to worry about:)
Gizzy (3 stories) (71 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-10)
Hi Supernatural princess, If you believe there is a presence then I think there probably was. You don't seem the type to freak as you were prepared to go back. The whistle is strange, is the property in built up area? Could the sound have been outside? I am with bacchaegirl with orbs I would rather have one apparition photo than 100 orb ones as I do think they are mainly dust and particle photos. Is the house still in your family? Could you try any of the other suggestions made by bacchaegirl?
bacchaegrl (506 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-09)
You may or may not feel a presence in that house. Who am I to judge what is really happening over there? But orbs? I just have to mention how much I am bothered by orbs. Especially orbs that show up in photographs. Orbs aren't proof of anything. I admit, I've been caught up in orb mania myself, especially on ghost tours, but in my heart I know there is noting to them. They show up in some pictures and not others because the air changes, the photographer's position changes, the dust just settled... Many explanations for disappearing orbs. I really wouldn't trust an orb picture if it was taken by a digital camera or a phone camera. Those things make orbs. I don't remember the exact science behind it, perhaps something to do with the digital recognition of pictures and colors; but digital orbs really can't be trusted. I know it seems exciting and mysterious at first. But I would gather other evidence, sounds, moving objects, whatever, before I would trust an orb picture.

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