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My Very Special First Encounter


The unknown has always been a fascinating subject of discussion for me. However, I was also a great deal apprehensive, or plainly put, scared of anything related to ghost, entities, etc. Still in all these years I never encountered any direct things connecting these things... That is until 2 years ago... I always thought I was 'immune' to these, cause what others would feel, sense and see at times I was present I felt absolutely nothing!

So my story starts during a religious Hindu event that takes place every year where Hindus from all across the island would go on a pilgrimage to a holy lake called 'Grand Bassin' (literally translated as Big Pond/Lake) as part of the festival to pray to Lord Shiva for health, wealth, love, education, well anything you need a blessing for and take some holy water from the lake to bring to their hometown temple for prayers. People would either go by bus, car or walk for kilometres before the actual celebration day, for on the actual day of the celebration everyone should be back home from 'Grand Bassin'. I hope this is not confusing or anything, but anyway you can Google the festival to get in depth info, the festival being 'Mahashivaratri'. Back to my story; two years ago was my first time going on this pilgrimage, my parents were not religiously attached to this festival and well for me it was more a fun thing to do than actually going to pray! I had a group of friends, decided to go by bus and then return by foot. We all came from different part of the island and met at a given location, got to Grand Bassin, prayed at the different shrines there, ate veg food prepared freely for all pilgrims, listened to the prayers and decided to head home.

It was evening and there was no need to be afraid or anything because all roads were full of policemen, people coming, going, associations giving food and drinks, chairs and tents erected on the roadside to provide a place to rest for pilgrims. Well, it would have been safer walking at that time that any other time during the year! So we headed home, each of us having a long way to go and different locations too. However, this being the first time I was doing such a walk, I was soon tired, with badly sore and bruised feet and just couldn't go further. As we were approaching a region which was newly constructed and slowly urbanising and which had a tent on the side of the road, my boyfriend who was with me, told my friends to go and that he would rest with me and get me home safely.

So we rested for an hour or so. I was given some medication from the volunteers catering for us, feeling better and it was already around 2.00 in the morning so we decided to set off. Now right on this part of the town, there was only a highway going straight to a main town, but on this highway for quite some meters there was no light and no pavement, there was just the highway with bushes on either side, sugarcane fields and not a house in sight, just vast extend of lands very much like a wood. I was annoyed that on such a brand new highway there was not even a street lamp! I clung to my boyfriend, walking carefully and only figuring where to put our next steps thanks to the cars coming behind us and passing us and at 2.00 a.m. There wasn't much. So each time we heard a car coming I would focus on the road and catch the next step as it passed by with its headlights lighting the road on a few meters.

Now my boyfriend and I were alone and when the cars passed our shadows were cast along, but where there should have been two shadows, I saw three... I remained calm maybe due to the fact that I could only see it for a few seconds as a car went by. I told myself must be a reflection of some sort and would check it out. Next car came and I could make out the shadow a bit better, I was walking on the side of the woods and my boyfriend was on the side of the coming cars and the shadow was next to me... I was in between both. So it had to be my shadow overcasting somehow, to assure myself of 'my' reflection I waved my arm, my actual shadow moved, not the one next to me... Next car came I lifted my boyfriend's arm in a playful manner still not telling him what I saw, both our actual shadow moved, not that one... Now I was creeped out, at the next car I actually tried figure the outline of the shadow, I realised it was a bit longer than mine and my boyfriend's and had long hair (reason why I wasn't alerted and took it for mine), at that point I turned around hoping to see people behind us. I did see people, way far at the back not even close enough for a shadow. At that point my instinct urged me to grab my boyfriend's arm and tell him 'walk quickly, let's get out of here', and sure some meters ahead was the first bus stop and street lights. When I looked at our shadows in the streetlight, it was just us two... No third shadow, nothing... I was totally perplexed... I actually got home at 5.00a.m and went straight to bed so much so I was aching from this much walking.

Next morning I told my mum and grandma about it to get some answers, right after the physical description they both told me 'it was Lord Shiva accompanying you to protect you, did you know there was numerous thefts, rapes and a murder last month at this exact spot with no light? It's a very dangerous place', now at the moment they told me this I felt all the hairs on my body stand up, I mean I was astounded, thankful but so freaked out! Still when my grandma told my cousin about my story she phoned to tell me something in regard to this 'Do you remember there was a suicide on the flyover on this road (the lights actually stops at the start of the flyover) and it was my best friend's brother who threw his body and died?' I said yes because I remember the article in the newspaper two weeks ago, and she continued, 'do you know what he looked like? Well, long black hair and strongly built' and this was a punch on the face for me. My dad usually kept old newspaper up to one month, I dug up to two weeks ago, got the picture and if the shadow had to be someone it would be him for sure! My cousin continued to tell me that the reason why he did not continue to appear by my side after we came to the light of the street lamps was because his soul was bound to wander only this same space... Now nothing bad happened to me afterwards or anything never had an encounter afterwards either.

So today my question is for you people, do you think it was Lord Shiva protecting me from such a malevolent place or a lost soul following me... It is comforting to me to think it as being Shiva since I just came back from a holy place, full of prayers and positive energy from a celebration of Shiva himself... But I would sure love to hear your comments!

Hoping my story was not too long and boring... I know it's not a story related much to your culture but I hope I might have brought some novelty for you concerning other cultures around the world.

Thank You

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meshxD (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-22)
hi, am also a mauritian and I'm hindu. Personally, from the information you've given, due to the pilgrimage I believe that it could Lord Shiva protecting you...
korn1 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-04)
Hmmm I think if it was a ghost it would be the suicide guy (I have heard souls stay after traumatic things such as suicide). I would not worry, probably a friendly spirit and maybe he recognized you? Oh and I am half mauritian so I know where you are talking about 😉
Val-Kuris (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-12)
Actually I don't believe in the apparition of Gods. Or the shadow of God. I have frequently encountered those. If it was a condemn you would not have seen its shadow, you would have seen the ghost itself if you are of a weak star, 'etoiles faibles'. Or nothing.

However, if you are sure of what you've seen, according Shaman, it can be a spirit of the outside world trying to find its way to the real world. Had there been a mirror or something like that, it would have been in through you.
nitzo (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-14)
according to your story its would the boy. Maybe something protective within your boyfriend or in you preventing it from committing evil things... Because if lord shiva would have been there, there would have been rain falling down or even strong winds...
I hope it won't be the same this year!
Miou12 (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-24)
thank you all for your comments and sorry for my late reply... So to reply to your questions, I did not feel threatened at all, just very awkward at what I was seeing and trying to rationalize it... Now that I think of it I did not have any weird chills or anything, maybe broke a sweat cause my heart was racing as quick as my thoughts. But truthfully I still believe something holier was making my trip safe, because the rest of the trip I did not feel any different from when I started my journey or went through this area... Haha as for my boyfriend, even today he never believes it and tell me it was the light/my imagination/fatigue from such a long walk... I wished at that time I had shown him what I was seeing and get his thoughts, but I was too concentrated to understand myself... Sirocane I wish you a nice stay in our paradise... Blackriver is gorgeous with chamarel and the black river gorges and so much more...:)
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-15)
Miou12: I thought your story was great I like reading about other cultures and experiences. I am with my good friend Miracles on this one, I also cannot say that it was your Lord Shiva or anyone else that is connected to this road and area.

The only thing is you knew someone was there with you, your feelings and gut instinct of it at the time is what is important regarding your experience. In my opinion something was definitely watching over you and making sure I believe for you to arrive home safely, in which you did. 😊 You should feel blessed to have had this experience.

Thanks for sharing.

sirocane (8 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-14)
I am so happy you wrote this story! I am actually holidaying in Mauritius right know, I am with my grandma and family in Black River. My parents were born here, and when I told them this story they explained to me about the festival. Do you know any haunted places in Mauritius? 😉 I am so happy that you arrivied home safely! ❤
I have another question, did your boyfiend see the shadow? And I also want to ask the same question as Miracles51031 Did you feel threatened. And if it was your friends brother do you think he was just acommpining you?
Thx! 😁
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-06-13)
Miou12 - even though your story is from a culture different than mine, you told it so that it was completely understandable.

I would love to tell you for certain that the shadow that was with you was Lord Shiva protecting you. I can't do that and I'm not sure anyone on this site can. I also can't tell you it was the soul of the man who took his life. We can give you our opinions, but not certainties.

I do have a question. Did you feel threatened at all when you and your boyfriend were walking and you noticed that other shadow? Other than the fact that there was a 3rd shadow with you that technically couldn't have been there, did you feel anything bad from it? If you didn't, I think you should be content to believe it was Lord Shiva walking you and your boyfriend to safety. Don't dwell on the "what if it was the other one." That'll just make you feel bad.

I enjoyed your story and I'm glad you and your boyfriend made that horrendously long journey safely home. ❤

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