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Weird Things Happening in my House


My name is Rosa. I live in NC. I'm currently 16. The house that we live in, we have had lived in for 4 years. Weird things have been happening. It was a hot summer day, back when I was 14, it was late at night and my brother was on the floor sleeping so I got up and put him on the bed. When I carried him, I saw this lady by the bathroom door. I was scared out of my mind! I thought I was just me seeing things. I was just looking at her, and she was staring hard at me. I didn't know how to react, so I just turned around to look away and then I turned back to see if she was there. She was gone. She was wearing a white long dress. DARK DARK black hair, pale. That was my first experience.

A month later, my dad said that he saw the bathroom trash can move. Later that same day, my aunt had visited us, she had just come from California. I was sitting across from her and I was beside my dad. I saw the plate move, I thought I was just me again, but my dad said he saw it too. We were freaked out, but we just let it go.

My dad one day left to go to mexico for an emergency, so my mom and me were alone in the room. It was around 3 o'clock in the morning. I swear I heard someone open the main door of our house, and hear big foot steps, as if he/she was wearing boots. I was scared, thought my dad came home, or if he forgot something. Or if someone came into our house to rob. Then, I heard him/her sit down in the couch, and that couch squeaks every time you sit down. Well it did, then he/she got up and walked down the hall way. I was so scared, I was too scared to move. Then he stopped at my bedroom door and then kept walking. Later it went to my sister's room and then disappeared. I didn't hear no more noises. I was scared and woke up my mom and we looked everywhere and there was nothing in our house. My mom says that she hears boots or heavy foot steps in our house back then when my dad use to go to work around 4 in the morning.

A month ago, me and my sisters were alone home. So we were just sitting in our sofa and watching TV, then we heard like as if someone wanted to open the door. But it was no one because we looked at our window. Then the spoons, and the pan fell. We thought it was because we just had finished washing dishes. Then as soon as they fell, the TV turned off then on. I knew it wasn't on timer because if you put it on timer, it wouldn't just turn on again. Then I told my dad and mom and they didn't believe me. Then a few minutes later, The tv turned off and on again. They thought it was because the power went out, but I told them no because the computer didn't shut down or restart.

Last summer, me and my dad and my other sister (and brother), went to mexico for vacation. My mom, sister, and my baby sister where home by themselves, and said that they heard someone knocking the door, but that it was nobody because they looked out the window, she said they kept knocking but they didn't open the door because they didn't see nobody there. My mom said that it wasn't the first time that it had happened.

Well, last week, I went to the restroom, and I saw the curtains move, and then the toilet paper fell. It was odd. I just went to the bedroom, and couldn't go to sleep!

Sll that I know, if it's a spirit or ghost, I don't think it wants to do anything bad. Hopefully not... What do you think? The only thing that really freaked me out was that man (sounded like it, because of its heavy boots). Lately nothing happened.

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ghostfox96 (1 stories) (25 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-12)
well after reading the comments I feel compelled to comment and tell you what I believe.
I totally 100% believe in ghosts after a few experiences, I guess experiencing is believing;D.
However my sister strongly believes that ghosts are "memories" a bit like deja vu but not quite. Something that has happened there before will happen again, well that what she believes residential hauntings to be, if something happens that has happened before you could witness it or be victim to it, hm, I'm not so sure.
kokumi (13 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-08)
Hello Rosita,

Try praying for whoever is in or outside your house. They might be lost in this world or need company. Although you could tell them (nicely) not to scare you, if that will help. Have a nice day. 😊
PrincessKatie (7 stories) (420 posts)
16 years ago (2007-09-26)
My house is haunted its only like 14 years old not old at all compared to other houses. I have heard a little girls voice and she made a bang just last week that happened. I have seen
a ghost who was standing in my bath and week later he ran into me. I have been hearing noises like someone is in the bathroom and someone walking through my mums and dads room. I have something breathing on me. I see through things at night. I have seen 2 floating clouds one at my house in my bedroom and one at my nan's house. I have seen writing on the walls when on holiday. My room went all smoky in the dark like white smoke. I see through things. I seen a ghost at my boyfriends old house. No house is perfect most houses are haunted.
Rosita (2 stories) (12 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-02)
Well thank you jeya for commenting me :D. Well hopefully I can find out what happened. Lately, I feel someone moving the bed. I don't know its it just me, because I ask my sister if she feels the bed moving she tells me no... Well I think its just my imagination, but I'm not sure. 😕 😢 And thank you again JEYA 😁
jeya (4 stories) (30 posts)
17 years ago (2007-06-24)
I agree with evilblackwidow9 I have heard that things such as the man who you see or hear at the same place and same time frequently, they arent really ghosts. Their impressions left on earth. When ever something extreme happened somewhere... A war for example or a murder, Things are imprinted and they are just reoccuring as they did when ever they happened. As for finding out the history of the house I'm really not that sure how you could find that out...
you could start off by maybe going to your public library and researching on your area, then maybe narrow it down to the building... Maybe someone at the library could help you out with that.
much luck rosita
Rosita (2 stories) (12 posts)
17 years ago (2007-06-24)
THANKS FOR THE COMMENTS. Well I don't know the history of my house. How can you find out? 😕 Well, my mom says that the "man" that I heard probly doing its rutin like it use to do when it was alive iguess. But I am not sure. Well thanks for writting back 😁
evilblackwidow9 (6 stories) (132 posts)
17 years ago (2007-06-18)
One of my theories is that the "man" that you hear with the footsteps is reliving past events. Maybe he died there at that time at night and keeps reliving it. You should definity check on the history of the house.
kristy38 (5 stories) (52 posts)
17 years ago (2007-06-18)
thanks for telling this to us. I am with cutiepie45 just sounds like it just wants you to know it there. Maybe it is trying to tell you somethen. Do you all know the history of the house, you said she was wearing white long dress they say white is good. Maybe your mom is right she mait be wanting to talk to you or the other person who seen her.
Rosita (2 stories) (12 posts)
17 years ago (2007-06-17)
I guess, but thanks for the comment. My mom says that, that lady wanted to tell me something but I don't know. 😕
cutiepie45 (10 posts)
17 years ago (2007-06-16)
It probably just wants you to know that it is there, but as long as it doesn't do anything bad, you shouldn't try to contact it.

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