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The Happenings On 28th St


As you may or may not know I have a few other stories I have shared with this site and also enjoy reading the many stories posted here as well. Throughout my life seems like since I was 12 and beginning puberty, spirits and the unexplainable have been the norm for me. I cannot seem to get away from some sort of activity taking place. This particular occurrence pales in comparison to my previous posts, but still worth a share I suppose.

We were living on the west side of town a couple years ago in a subdivision. The area was nice, and the house we were living in was decent enough. However it was one of the few originals built in the area in the 1970's, so I'm sure it had its own little bit of history.

We rented the place for a little over a year and had actually been offered to buy the home. We really did enjoy living there and were considering settling down there. But after the few episodes took place, we changed our minds.

I recall the first incident being a voice, I was coming up from downstairs and I hear a Male voice right next to me say, " hello ". I stop, caught off guard and respond hello back. There was no response. So I shrug my shoulders and go about my business. Some time went by before another occurrence took place. However my son whom lived in one of the downstairs bedrooms, often complained that he would hear walking on the floor above him whenever we were gone. Trying not to spook him, I would try to convince him that it was simply the house adjusting and such. He wasn't buying it.

The second incident took place one night while my daughter and I were asleep in my room. Up until this night I would sleep with my bedroom window open, since it was located on the second floor of this two story house. She and I were facing said window and I had my arm around her, when I suddenly awoke and opened my eyes to what seemed like someone or something leaning over the edge of the roof looking in at us. When I fully realised what I was seeing I sort of jumped and the thing quickly leaned back onto the roof. Naturally I was startled by this and immediately shut the window and drew the blinds and from that night on I always kept the window shut & locked.

I started telling my family of the occurrences and my husband being a skeptic made jokes on the matter. But still I began to feel as though something wanted our attention or wanted us to move.

The winters here get extremely cold and I'm a smoker, so I would go into the garage to have my smoke. The garage was actually a little creepy to be honest, it wasn't completely finished and showed the signs of the properties age. I didn't particularly like going in there, but I wasn't about to freeze either. I noticed that while I would sit in there an undeniable feeling of being watched engulfed me and I could hear what sounded like something walking on the roof above my head, sometimes I would even hear thumps and thuds. It was when my oldest son came to stay with us and he too would join me in the garage that I knew I wasn't imagining the noises. He would always say, 'hurry up I don't like being in here.'

The 3rd occurrence happened around Christmas time, it was nothing major just some strange lights. I was walking into my bedroom, phone in hand getting ready to make a call, and was looking down at my phone walking into the room in the dark when I happened to notice a kind of patch of little green lights sort of hovering in front of a shelf on the other side of my room. My first thought was that somehow it was a reflection from a nearby christmas light, so I turned around to look behind me to see what was causing it, but there wasn't anything that could cause it and we didn't own any green lights. When I turned back to look at the weird floating lights, they were still there and moving to the right very slowly. When I realized it wasn't anything logical it made me jump and then it disappeared. I went running into the kitchen kind of spooked.

Again I told my husband what had happened and once again he made a joke about it. But I know what I saw. I started feeling a bit uneasy by now and no longer felt at home in this house.

The final occurrence that took place and pushed me to vacate the premises was this. My husband works nights and so I sleep alone most nights, he gets home very early in the mornings but is typically quiet so as to not wake everyone up. But this particular morning he had come into our bedroom and was digging through the stuff laying on the top of my jewelry armoire. He had been moving the stuff long enough to wake me and I laid there aware that he was in fact making a bunch of noise, naturally I became a little agitated with this because he just wouldn't stop and it was very early. So without opening my eyes I say to him, what are you looking for. He doesn't say anything and stops digging through the stuff for a few moments and I wait for his response, still nothing and he begins shuffling the things again. At this point I become a bit angry wondering why he's acting like that, so I open my eyes and start to say "did you hear me " when I notice he had turned the bedroom light on. I was really upset and caught off guard by the whole thing and decided I was going to get up and confront him. The digging had stopped and so I laid there waiting for him to shut the light out as I assumed he had found whatever he was searching for. When the light remained on I became furious, I couldn't believe he would be so inconsiderate, it was so unlike him.

I sat up in bed and stared out into the hall way wondering what in the world he was doing. I even heard movement out in the kitchen, which really convinced me it was in fact my husband. I was livid and jumped out of bed to go and ask him what he was doing and why he would wake me up like that. Imagine my surprise when I made my way into the kitchen and living room area and the house was completely dark and my husband had not made it home yet. For the week to follow I slept with my bedroom door locked. Which didn't work out so well for me because I had to get up each morning to unlock the door for my husband to get into bed.

It wasn't too long after that we decided to move. The landlords seemed very confused about our sudden change of heart.

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Dar77 (10 stories) (64 posts)
5 years ago (2019-08-19)
Silverthane 61, thanks I am glad you enjoyed my story. After the orb incident, I actually googled different orbs and what they were, but as always I have forgotten what the green ones meant. I am thankful to be away from whatever was at that house for sure.
silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
5 years ago (2019-08-19)
Good read, Dar77! I am familiar with white orbs, and orbs that only show up on videocameras, but a green orb is unique, to say the least! If I saw something peering inside my window from the roof, I would have probably grabbed my shotgun and took a stroll outside. Good thing you moved!

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