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10:10pm And 3-2-1 Music Countdown


Greetings again, I was going to write about my grandmother's house in my next installment after "Ghost Dog Wanders" but this experience wouldn't get out of my head. As it just happened recently. Starting about three weeks ago, I've been playing music (not on full blast, just about half). First, let me explain about the music system I have.

I would play the music from my computer using Windows Media Player program (I have a Windows 7). This past Christmas, I got new speakers so I could hear the music more clearly and smoothly. The old ones were getting worn out so I didn't use it so often. Along with the speakers set, I have a remote control. There's only one button to turn it on/off. The green light lights up if you turn it on but the green light disappears if pressed off. On the side of the remote is the volume (a scroll, not buttons).

Starting around a week and a half ago, I began starting to hear odd voices during the music that I play, out of place voices that doesn't go with the song at all. At first, I ignored it but it became so repetitive I began to wonder about it. Sometimes I could hear low hoarse whispers when rock songs came on, other times, it would be some sort of a tune that doesn't match the track. Lately, I've pressed the off button to see if I heard anything when the music was not sounding out from my speakers. I heard nothing for 10 minutes so I turned back on, thinking nothing of it.

It started to happen every night, I would turn the music on and I hear out of place voices/noises. Now, just a few nights ago, my dog Susie was up in my room. She was just gnawing on her bone she's been on for days. Then she just stared at the door (the entry way to my bedroom) for several minutes before standing up and stares at it more. She's acting as if there's something there. I heard her growl lowly (which she doesn't very often do but at other animals / people). Right after she growled, I heard the door click. I stopped the music to listen again. It happened again, two more clicks. The lock on the door makes a clicking sound but as I watched the lock, it wasn't touched to be locked or unlocked. Still I heard the same clicking noise. I looked at the time on the computer; it said 10:10pm.

It didn't happen again until the next night. Susie was up here with me in my room and my sister was sleeping in her bunk bed. I heard the door clicking again and my dog growling. It was 10:10pm again. I grew nervous so I walked to the door, opened it and nothing was there. I just shut it again and went back to my chair. It happened the next night, again at 10:10pm, only that time I went to the door and shouted "Leave me alone! I am not afraid! Just get out, you are not welcomed here!" then shut the door again and went back to my chair as usual.

Now, the next night (which was two nights ago) was my scariest experience I've had this past two weeks. It was around 9:00pm, I was on the computer like I was every night. I had to go to the bathroom, so I left my bedroom and walked down the hallway to almost the other end of the hallway. Just as I finished my business and came out. I felt some high-pitched electrical surge go through my head (I always have the since I was a little girl, after all the experiences with those kind of things, I take them as warnings). I grew a bit scared and before I could take another step, I felt someone was far behind me and was actually, running at me! Whatever this thing was, it was somehow mad and was chasing me.

I ran as quickly as I could to my room, slammed the door shut and that feeling went away. I was panting heavily and my heart was racing. My sister who was in the room was looking at me wide-eyed and asked me, "Did you feel like someone was running at you?" I was actually pretty surprised she asked me that since she doesn't really believe in paranormal and ghosts. I told her what had happened and then she told me her story.

Janet (my sister's name) said when she was leaving the bathroom earlier that morning and began to walk down the stairs. She felt a presence behind her and was charging at her. She grew very scared and broke for it; she ran down the stairs even skipping some steps to the bottom and ran into the kitchen. After she ran into the kitchen, Janet said she felt the presence had vanished.

I was half relieved that I wasn't alone but scared for my sister. Then again, the same night, at 10:10pm. All that happened again except my dog wasn't up here with us at the time. But, something odd happened. It gave me shivers since then. I heard voices and noises, so I turned off the music again. It was playing a Japanese song "Heroes Come Back!" (it has some English in it, such as '3-2-1 make some noise!' etc.) I heard the door clicking and my sister's asleep. I went for the door as usual, and shout it to go away.

Now, my music remote control was off and I had my computer on. Somehow, right after I yelled at it. The music turned itself on full blast and the same song came on again, except it was nearing the end. It went "THREE-TWO-ONE!" before I turned off and moved the volume down to where I had it. Just when I approached back to the computer to turn off the remote, my computer screen went black for a few seconds. The monitor or the tower didn't go off, only the screen.

The music thing spooked me the most, the "THREE-TWO-ONE!" bit. It had the timing perfectly and I turned it off before it said anymore after that. I just didn't know what to think of it. I did some research and found that the countdown may be the ghost doing to help themselves cross over? I'm not exactly too sure, what do you guys think about this? And I wonder about the 10:10 thing...

Continuing on, last night, nothing happened. Not even the door clicking or the out of place voices / noises during the music. I was at least relieved that it was gone. I really wondered if the music turns on full blast helped something. I truly don't know. I just found it very strange. I told my sister about it, and she just shrugged it off.

Thanks for taking your time to read! I know this is long.

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Kudahbear (4 posts)
6 years ago (2016-06-26)
That's weird that whole naruto thing also the fact that you and your sister both experienced moments of being rushed at kind of like it was challenging you to a fight? Hmmm maybe the spirit of some one who loved the show and didn't know how to move on also the clicking of the door like someone was picking the lock? It all seems like it was acting like a ninja to me.
Silver_Nighthowl (6 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-04)
Wow this is an amazing experience. I've heard stories about how spirits use techniques to cross over or go into a re-birth cycle by counting down or wondering through an open tunnel that is kind of like how a baby comes out of its mother when it is born. It could very well have something to do with a passing into a higher realm or perhaps even re-birthing.
Callme15 (10 posts)
9 years ago (2014-01-12)
Spooky! Since I am an otaku too, yeah, tenten and 10:10 is a great coincidence. Maybe the spirit is an otaku? Just suggesting. Maybe that particular spirit needs you to pray for him/her to lead him/her in the right path towards paradise eternity. How about the "chasing" thing? Perhaps there are 2 or more spirits in the house and you should know the history. Maybe that spirit died at 10:10 reminding you and the countdown is mysterious. Well, keep us updated because this story is a one spooky story!
Callme15 ❤
chrissylo (guest)
11 years ago (2011-08-11)
Hi,The same sort of thing happened to my friend and I about 10 years ago. My friend was over she went to pick up my cordless phone and the battery dies so then I told her let me sign into Aol to see if the computer works because if I can get into my p.c. Then it is not the phone lines.Well,the old Aol modem rang when you dialed up like a phone ringing usually, but not this time, so instead of it ringing it said 3-2-1 -1-2-3- doot do doot do I'm going to get you. We were laughing hysterically. We didn't know what it was. I thought it could of been like a silly hoax or something.I'm not sure it was ubnexplainable. It did it like 20 times. I don't remember if it happened around that time or not but 1 night I was online again and heard footsteps in my newborns room I thought maybe my 3 year old was running around and woke up. When I got to his room I realized he had spent the night at my in laws his grand mothers and he wasn't even home. I went in and checked the baby she was sound asleep.
cecil04 (6 stories) (62 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-09)
Well I don't know that manga comic, neither I know its soundtrack music, but the 10:10/Tenten "coincidence" is really odd:-O!
Maybe that particular song raised the spirit's attention, maybe because it contained those words 3-2-1.
I also never heard about that 321-Ouija-myth, but actually it makes kind of sense to me!
Have there been more happenings ever since?!

About the voices/music on your stereo system; this part of the story made me skeptic because I had 2 experiences like that aswell, but none of both was paranormal in any way!

One time (similar to Hexotericka's experience) I continued hearing distorted voices through a baby-monitoring-radio in my house.
I was freaked at first, but it was funny in the end since my flat was close to a highway and it turned out to be nothing but truckers passing by, talking through their radios lol!
I found out because one time 2 voices were talking about where to meet up for dinner 😆!
So I just changed the baby-monitor's frequency and the spook was gone again...

The other time, also on my stereo system (which is also connected to my computer) I continued hearing "sshh-sshh" sounds all the time - no matter if music was playing or not!
Quite embarassing for me to say that this turned out to be nothing else but the small yellow dog of the Windows-XP "search" function's window in the bottom left corner - it makes a "sshh-sshh" sound to indicate that the search-dog is scratching himself haha!
So I just forgot to close the "search" window in the end (d'oh!)... (Anyway, this is an annoying feature of WinXP 😠)

So as of your computer, YamiRin, is it possible that there were other programs running in the background that may have caused those strange sounds?!
Maybe a minimized game or something...?

The clicking of the lock and the "chasing" in the hallway give a good point that there is a spirit in your house!
It's been a very good idea to scold it away - hope it worked!
If not, continue doing that!
Hexotericka (6 stories) (45 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-08)
Very interesting, the ouija countdown bit. That's why I love this site, it's a veritable font of knowledge!
Badjuujuu, the only reason I made the TenTen connection was because I was watching some Naruto before I came online. Not that it has any real bearing on this story, but I did find it to be an amusing coincidence.:)
taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-08)
[at] badjuujuu have heard same thing, a warning never let it count down or go through all the letters backwards it can escape that way!
Bit of info for you 😲
BadJuuJuu (guest)
11 years ago (2011-08-08)
Hex, I'm ashamed to admit that although I recognized the song as being from Naruto, I didn't connect TenTen to 10:10. Otaku fail. I'm really feeling stoopid atm lol.
Yami, I have heard of the countdown thing before, but only in reference to Ouija. I read that if the planchette starts counting down through the numbers that something is trying to manifest. I don't know if that's true, or just a Ouija myth. I do know that entities will sometimes draw power from electronics in order to gain energy enough to communicate/act out. That may be why your moniter went dark, something may have pulled power from it briefly.
I have no idea on the chasing. But, I believe you did the right thing by telling whoever was bothering you that it was not welcome in your home. Has anything else happened? Sometimes you have to tell something to leave more than once, but I'm hoping once was enough for this particular situation.
AnimalAngels (guest)
11 years ago (2011-08-08)
Hi there! I do know first hand that ghost can easily manipulate T.V's, Radios, ect. But I have never heard of something quite like this. Do you feel like its more than one sprit? Also I think it might be a neat idea to look up the houses history (If it a old house). Thank you very much for sharing!

Hexotericka (6 stories) (45 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-08)
Hi there, YamiRin.
This is an interesting account, but it does raise a few questions.

Firstly, you say you did some research and found that the countdown might be a way to help the spirits cross over? I have never heard of this myself.

Secondly, the song you mentioned is from the Naruto anime series, which features a character called Tenten. 10:10? Just a casual observation from a thirty-something anime geek with no real merit.

As for the strange voices and melodies you heard over your speakers, has your sister heard them as well? I myself have had this experience with a new set of headphones I got a few months back. It puzzled me that I could hear weird voices and discordant music over the songs I was listening to. It didn't happen often, but it did happen nonetheless. At one point when it was really starting to get troubling I simply stopped the song I was listening to and decided to listen to what the voices were talking about. It turns out that, for some inexplicable reason, I was picking up bits of transmissions from a local campus radio station. It had me freaked before, but now I have a good laugh about it. I am not saying that what you are experiencing is the same, but I'm just throwing it out there as a possibility.

As for the clicking of the lock, your dog's reaction and the experience of you and your sister feeling like you were being chased by something, that's a bit harder to explain away. It is very possible that you do have something in your house, but I do not believe that all you have described is all supernatural in nature.

Please keep us posted on any more happenings.

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