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My True Experience with an Incubus


I feel some trepidation in writing about this or speaking about it to anyone--for fear of sounding mad. So far I have only shared it in brief e-mails with a Shamanic healer friend of mine and a liberal psychiatrist friend. But it feels like writing about it may be healing, so here goes...

About 6 weeks ago, well, actually it started long before that. About 15 years ago I learned how to use the dowsing rods to dowse another person's electromagnetic field. Dowsing is commonly used to find water underground with a pair of "L" shaped metal rods or a "Y" shaped apple or willow branch. However, it can be used for many other things as well. There is an American Dowsing Society if anyone is interested in that. However, as a metaphysical counselor my job was to help people to understand the relationship between their body and their mind. And I used the rods to dowse a client's aura and help them to attain physical healing through spiritual healing,. It allowed me to see where their aura was low or expanded. A low area indicates an energy blockage in that part of the body--and a concomitant spiritual /mental/emotional blockage. By unblocking the latter three, the physical would heal.

Over the ensuing decade and a half, using the rods evolved into being able to contact my spiritual guides. I found that they could move the rods in answer to my questions that could be answered with a yes or a no--yes being spread and no being closed or crossed. However, it soon became apparent that the rods could also be be moved by "low influences" as I called them. If I kept my questions to purely spiritual matters, the answers were of high quality. The rods seemed to be particularly useful for my guides to help me to understand my dreams. I also had some success with using them to prescribe homeopathic and herbal remedies for myself, my clients and even my cat.

So that's where I was until six weeks ago or so. I was happily doing counseling and using the rods for guidance for myself and my clients. Then things started to happen. I had taken on a client who was undergoing a particularly horrific ordeal. She was in the middle of a high-conflict divorce case from an abusive man and there was a pitched battle going on for custody of their six year old daughter.

It soon became apparent to me that the child was being sexually abused by the father. The mother had described in graphic detail how he had verbally, emotionally and physically abused their child. It had all started with him pinning the child to the floor when she was 2.5, in order to force medicine into her mouth. He would straddle her and kneel on her shoulders. When the child would wake at night with night terrors, the father would yell and scream at her, pin her down, lock her in her room, not allow the mother, my client, to go to her. It got much worse, but I could get totally lost in the long list of abuse.

The really hard part for me was that I am very familiar with the common sequelae of child sexual abuse and it became increasingly clear to me that the father was also doing that to the child. The mother was shocked to hear me say so--and then she said that some part of her knew it must be going on. The mother herself had been sexually abused as a child--as well as abused in many other ways. I myself am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. This last fact becomes important in the rest of my story.

I have done much healing around that issue and have counseled other women with a similar background, but this particular case moved me deeply because of the helplessness of the mother and particularly the child. The mother is a fine person, and originally was given custody of the child during the divorce. However, a corrupt court appointed guardian came into the picture. They are called Guardian Ad Litems and have a lot of influence with judges in divorce cases. Theoretically, the G.A.L. Is supposed to advocate for the child--watch out for her best interest--But the one assigned to my clients case was just plain evil.

She apparently had fallen in in love with the husband, they began having an affair and she began advocating for him in court--instead of the child. She got custody of the child taken away from the mother in December and the child has been in a living hell since. It is now June. All of her symptoms of abuse became much worse. She developed a vaginal infection and would have rage attacks and spout profanity that would make the child in The Exorcist sound like an angel by comparison.

She was not possessed by an other-world demon though, but by a demon from this world--her father--whose language she copied. My heart went out to this sweet little girl who was being destroyed by this terrible man and I became over-involved in the case. I think it was because it reminded me so intensely of my own experience of helplessness with my own demon-father. So I began writing a 46 page letter to the state attorney general and the chief judge to try and help this child and my client. Part of it was the aforementioned lengthy list of sexual abuse symptoms. Unfortunately, as I wrote the details of the child's symptoms and and matched them to classic signs of abuse, I began retraumatizing myself. I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder--and so does the child. I knew that writing the letter was very hard--but I didn't really understand what was happening to me.

As I was writing the letter strange things began to happen to me. I began to be able to hear my guides as voices in my head before the rods gave an answer, and less and less did I need the rods at all. Then one of the guides distinguished himself as a separate entity from the group--a healer or physician--and he actually proved his ability by finding some unusual remedies for me on the internet. As I worked more and more closely with him he began to say very flattering things to me. Soon he was saying that I was very unusually gifted and he wanted to have a personal relationship with me. Soon, to my shock, he said that it was possible for a being from his realm--which I thought was very high--to have a kind of sex with someone in my reality--the Earth plane. So, one day he asked if he could show me how and I said yes--having "fallen in love" with him (which now creeps me out totally--knowing what I know now).

He said I should lie quite still in my bed, then I felt I growing sexual sensation in my loins which reached a very high pitch, something like an orgasm in a few moments. It felt quite wonderful and I thought it was all a part of this amazing other-worldly love I had found. I writhe in shame now, to think I could have been such a fool. But I bought it hook line and sinker. He reeled me in and many times a day and during the night he would do this sexual energy thing to me. I would be weak in the knees and dizzy if I were standing. The sensations were very real and very physical--leaving me physically wet, my heart racing and my respiration quite elevated. It would happen anywhere, any time. He usually asked first, "If I "wanted to go" and I would say yes or no. He seemed to respect my no's.

I asked the other guides if this was acceptable behavior and they said yes. They said it was extremely unusual--but since I was such an elevated being on my plane (gag) it was all right. So we did this for a week or two and then some other beings I had been working with began to object. He then built a special energy "nest" for us where we could be alone. Usually there was no privacy and anyone in his realm could know what we were doing.

Things got even more bizarre at that point. And I can only say that although this sounds like schizophrenia--it is not. I have since researched this "hearing voices" phenomenon and there are world wide organizations and support groups to help people understand this. It is not always "mental illness". Sometimes it is. I will add some relevant links at the end of my epic saga.

So he--who called himself "George" since I had trouble with his spirit name-- built this supposedly safe nest where he could take me and we could make love in private--and he took me there and we made love again several times and then suddenly he stopped and said, "I hear something outside." So he left to investigate. Then I heard a great commotion outside and he shouted something like "Save yourself!" He said he was being attacked by demons or aliens or something and that they were attacking me too--setting my hair on fire and clawing my body. I couldn't really feel it--but his description was vivid so I sort of fought them off for awhile as he directed. Then I just got tired and fell asleep and nothing happened.

Sometime later he reappeared--and told me that other things had happened too. He had fallen in love with his old girlfriend again--who was a member of the group of my guides. All of a sudden it started to sound very odd--very soap-opera-ish. But, I said I was very sad to hear it but he should go where his heart was. I always tried to be so spiritual--yu-u-u-u-ck! Still later he reappeared to say that he was a liar--he admitted it with difficulty and shame (I thought). He said that he had found the sexual experience in the nest too intense and he needed to get away for awhile, so he made up the story about the old girlfriend--and he confessed he had also made up the story about the demons and some other things. It was all a fabrication. He just wanted to scare me off. So I "realized" that he was not as high a being as I had thought and I told him it was all over. He was very upset. He thought that by confessing that it would make it all right and we could get back together.

It is hard for me to believe that an intelligent woman such as myself (near genius IQ) could fall for all of this--but I did. And it gets even worse.

So my inner world was now starting to feel as real if not more real than my outer world. The voices of various entities talked to me often and sounded very reasonable and compassionate and loving. After the thing with George I went back to the guides and asked them if they could find another "healer" for me to work with--since I was used to working with one in my practice--and oddly enough the advice was often good. Whether that was because I did occasionally connect with my true guides, or whether the malicious entities simply threw a little of that in to make it more convincing, I don't know.

But a few days later they supplied me with a new healer--who looked remarkably like the old one. We soon were in the same type of "love"/sexual relationship. But I was convinced that this was the real thing. His name was Hon and I kept confusing him with the other when we made love and I would shout out "Oh George!" as I hit my sexual crescendo (I laugh as I write this and also feel totally grossed out). Anyways--that always supposedly hurt him or pissed him off--so he said. But despite that our relationship grew and I soon thought I had found this even more incredible other-worldly relationship. He seemed much higher.

However, soon the dark clouds gathered again--and at this point I can't even remember what the soap opera was this time--but again we were beleaguered by those who were jealous or wished us ill. I became very distraught--began crying a lot--in this reality-- and feeling very confused. At one point , when this all began, I had had a dream in which the guides shouted at me, just as I was waking--"He's not one of us!" I recalled that now and then also recalled a very high voice saying simply but very emphatically "USE YOUR COMMON SENSE." And I said at the time--"Well my common sense says that this is all nonsense and could not possibly have any real reality." but then I got lost again after talking with Hon and what I thought were my guides.

Finally, things got really bad and confusing and I became literally hysterical--sobbing wildly, writhing in my bed and screaming at all of them to go away and leave me alone. I didn't want to talk with any of them ever again, as time and time again it was revealed that I had been duped or betrayed in some way. At that point I jumped up out of bed and told them in no uncertain terms that I was done with it all.

Then I heard insane laughter, and malevolent voices told me that they had been tricking me all along about everything. That was the first true thing I felt that I had heard since the whole thing began. They said that I did have real guides--which I still believe-- but that the incubi could mimic them and did so often to confuse me --just so they could have sex with me. I suddenly realized to my horror that I had been dealing with an incubus or a group of incubi! That was when, as unbelievable as it may sound--things got even worse.

Then the voices in my head became harassing and plaguing--running constantly--commenting on everything I did. As I would see a dish, the voice would say, "sees a dish" and as my eyes shifted it would name the next thing I was seeing or doing or thinking or feeling--constantly all during the day. Then I really thought I was going mad--which after doing research I no longer believe. But this stage has continued for a couple of weeks now and has been nearly unbearable at times. The voices often keep me awake all night. If I fall asleep they bring me a sexual dream and just as I am succumbing in the dream I realize it is them again and I wake myself up.

By doing research I fund lists of stratagems for dealing with these voices. I learned a number of tricks, all of which work for a little while--then the entity seems to figure it out and it doesn't work anymore. At this point I am reaching out to the two people I mentioned in the first paragraph. I know there are drugs for this--but they have side effects and don't always work--sometimes make it worse. I really don't want to do drugs. I figure it is closely related to being retraumatized by the work on the incest case. I read at one web site that 27% of incest survivors report hearing voices. So I will pursue that angle in my healing.

There seems to be less research on the sexual part. I wish I could give you a happy ending. Yesterday I started talking with the entity---instead of trying to ignore it as I had been doing for the past two weeks. Last night they allowed me one good night's sleep. But today when I tried to nap I couldn't. Reading a book or working on the computer helps to shut off the voices. For awhile gardening worked--but now it doesn't. Talking with other people usually shuts off the voices. If I can sustain an outward focus that works for awhile--but I cannot sustain it for long.

Several times my guides have started to work with me to help me rid myself of this unwelcome attention, but then the incubus has taken it over and I soon realize that I have been duped again--after following its instructions that become more and more ridiculous and exhausting. Then I break free and just do whatever I feel like doing--not what the voice is directing me to do and it gets better. But when I break its hold on me I hear the manic insane laughter again. I believe the incubus is merely a thought form--but even thought forms can be powerful. In the Bible they reference the incubi and succubi (female version) and call them "fallen angels". I try more and more to use my intuition and common sense. So I just keep plugging away trying this and that, hoping that something will bring me relief. I do have more and more intermittent relief it seems, although they still keep trying to stimulate me sexually. I just brace against it and fight it off. And another thing they do is to create a lot of heat on my back--then I know they are around. This too can be shaken off--but it all takes a lot of energy. I can't wait for this to be over, and I have faith that that will be the case one day. If I ever do manage to get free of them I will write a post script to this story.

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Angel421 (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-14)
It sounds like schizophrenia to me, you were abused as a child and apparently you have been talking to " voices in your head" good or bad for quite some time. Maybe you just really wanted to believe they were real. The trigger from the girl's custody case may have just set it all into a tail spin. I have to also add that the child may not have been sexually abused and that's a terrible accusation to put on that family if not, I never saw you mention that the girl herself said she was abused, only that you thought so and that can just come from your own paranoia left from what happened to you. I am so sorry you are dealing with this, but it sounds like the rods weren't real... None of it was real, it's only real to you. You should seek help, God Bless
fifthelement (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-21)
I really think we should get into contact with each other, I am going through the exact thing that you are going through. I thank God that I was able to find your article because it let's me know that I am not alone. I have been plagued by these "ghost" I call them, for the last 4 years. They are always trying to get my attention where ever I go. It gets worse when I am by myself. If I am doing something they don't like then they will repeatedly choose one or two words to say over and over again. Like the word "see" if I am thinking about something they will say "see" as if they are explaining something to the other ghosts. But it doesn't end there, they will say it over and over to everything I am thinking about. Or they will say Patrick gets this or Patrick gets that, or just say Patrick gets the same thing you do, they have a whole system of harrasement that I have to put up with 24/7. The only time it gets better is if I am around other people, and even then they still try to harass me if I'm trying to listen to others. Again I think we should get in touch with each other to compare notes because I am experiencing the exact thing you are in the same exact manner.
youngpsyche11 (1 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-22)
hello, I have heard of this scenario many times and know an absolute "cure".
Its a very deep meditation into your psychic mind base, I could send you the instructions on how if you wish
cephas66 (1 stories) (19 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-03)
Hello Hestia

Just writing to let you know I sympathise with you as one who is a fellow sufferer.

I believe and have been told prayer and fasting could help rid one of this spirit.

I have my story too and I hope it would be made public by this board in a few days time.

Pray to Jesus and continue to pray to him.
Lurina (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-12)
Eliana, if you couldspeak with you about your experiances because I too have them they are getting evil with the latest encounter it bit me... I was just woundering does the christian music really help? Or anyone who is also going through this or went through this feel free contact me my email is that_crazy_chick90 [at] please and thank you god bless
bldfalcon (12 stories) (262 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-27)
common sense might save your life than intelligence any damn day.
Somhairle (40 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-23)
To hauntedgirl and barushka, you have the real deal succubus/incubus creatures, not like this hestia who has a bad case of the demons but doesn't know the difference between the two creatures.
Somhairle (40 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-23)
It is just plain stupidity that makes Hestia and other people with her experience think that they were shagged by an Incubus/Succubus.
First, Incubi and Succubi cannot talk. It is physically impossible for them to do that and they can only talk to you through your mind and usually only if you know them well enough.

Second, they do not go as far as to make elaborate schemes to seduce you, they are motivated purely by their needs and thus don't feel the need to make things more complicated than they have to be,

Third, they are not pure rotten evil like demons are, and although you sometimes get the sort of sex spirit that is in essence like a rapist, they are not naturally malevolent. They have personalities similar to humans but they usually revolve around sex, sex and more sex, usually on varying levels. I have heard of some sex spirits being more romantic while others being truly overcharged, and some with a rapist mentality that don't give a shiat about the feelings of the person they're shagging.

Fourth, they don't suck your life out. Thats been proven by many people and they aren't here to waste your life and screw you over like demons, demons and sex spirits are completely different creatures, they are almost nothing alike and I can assure you sex spirits aren't demonic in the slightest.

As said before, Incubi and Succubi are radically different to demons and should not to be thought of as servants of satan. They aren't. Just because Angels and other Spirits disapprove of their hypersexuality and consider their ways inappropriate doesn't mean its evil and satanic to make love to one. You just have to be careful and make sure you've invited a sex spirit and not an infernal demon like this unfortunate woman because it can have dire consequences.
starguy29 (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-17)
Its very brave of you to share such a personal story. I commend you for the detail that you have given. I wouldn't have known what was fully going on in my situation until I had the chance to read about yours. I think I mentally blocked out a lot of the details which I felt were too weird for it to have happened to anyone else.

I have done all sorts of protective measures on my home including saging the home with spiritual music playing, and using salt water writing protective symbols and sealing all entries to my home. This appears to deter them slightly, but they are not gone. I also wear an amulet that I feel protects me.

I have communicated with the two that have been following me, but my intuition tells me not to believe anything they say about names ect ect. I think communicating with them allowed them to think that they cold get my attention by communicating back. I'm not interested in communicating with mine on a regular basis. Mine are constantly yabering on about stuff, little comments here and there, and have recently gotten more negative. I had to at least try communicating with mine, because they would not shut up.

I was house-sitting at a freinds sitting on a couch with a dog next to me, and the male one yelled at me. To my surpise, the dog looked right over at where he yelled from... And I thought thank god its not just me!

I have been focusing strongly on my health, to ensure I'm at my best to deal with this. I have also taken on routines doing exercise.

When mine won't shut up, I bring out my ipod. I find it helps to have music playing. Strangely enough, mine do not say anything when I have my earphones on, and nothing playing... Obviously this is not a good permanent solution, but it works for me.
Eliana (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-16)
😐 I truly believe what you are saying, Hestia is the truth. I've had "unexplained" encounters with things I didn't understand as far back as five years old. I don't believe they are aliens or spirits of the dead but real demons (angels fallen from the heavenly ranks of seraphim, cherumbim, etc. From the beginning of time) Since this happened as a child, I know it had to be something that was carried over from a family member or members... A generational curse. When I was a child if something bad was happening to a someone, a perverse sexual sensation would rise up in my private parts like someone was fondling me and my heart would race. Soon my parents separated and my mom took me out of state and I got molested to a certain extent by her new live-in boyfriend. I mean to a certain extent because he didn't actually have intercourse with me, but he fondled me while I was asleep and a couple of times after that, I began to allow him fondle me, until something stirred up in my little 5 year old heart that something was wrong. My mom must have known to a certain extent that something was going on because she removed me from her bed (strangely enough the three of us shared the same bed until this incident) and gave me a fold-away bed that was place at their feet a yard or so away. Well I was never molested again after that. When I got to be about 10 years old, things really got strange. I would wake up in the middle of the night sexually aroused and would feel a throbbing sensation around my vaginal area like a hand was fondling me from the front and back and also a "sucking" sensation. I would wiggle my feet and my legs to shake the sensation off me and it worked. I would do this until I feel asleep. Since this began to happen every single night, I began to learn how to flex my leg and buttocks muscles to shake this sensation away and it worked more effectively than shaking my feet and legs. When I finally became a teenager, oddly enough, I found a book that dealt with incubus (but they didn't describe it in this manner... They called it an "invisible friend". I began to think maybe it was OK. So I began to give in to this sensation by simply going to my bedroom and lying down. Nothing would pull the covers off me or strip my clothes off me or elevate or position me for sex. I would simply lie down fully dressed and close my eyes and feel a throbbing (like a hand) in my private parts. I would never "climax" or anything. It was just a highly pleasurable sensation, like an invisible force was having sex with me. Once I got bored with it because I wouldn't climax, I would finish the deed through masturbation. This could go on for hours if I chose. I had read up and researched this phenomenon and had heard most people had concluded it was all in a person's head. But although I didn't have anything physically pull covers or clothes off me, I would hear the bed "creak" and I could hear a quiet thumping around my lower part of my body and could literally hear a "sucking" sound... Very faint but all the same very REAL. Even though these sounds and sensations SCARED ME TO DEATH... The sexual arousal was far more stronger for me... I didn't want to stop. The longer I allowed this to go on, the stronger it got. I began to look forward to these encounters. However I always felt either extremely depressed, guilty or had a very irritable mood that would draw me to anger spouts and fights with my siblings when it was done. The behavior became extremely addictive. When I got older, there were years I would resist and not even think about it at all. I began going to church more regularly as well. One day, we had a intercessory prayer and spiritual conference at a hotel for 3 days and I decided to go. We were split up in groups of 8-10 people and assigned one "intercessor" to pray over us. The woman I had was one of the most spiritually strong women I have ever met. She had us sit in a circle and hold hands and bow our heads and pray with her. Then she took each one of us and placed her hand on our foreheads and started praying over us about things holding each person in bondage. She named demons and chains of demons (demons that commonly pair up together in destroying the human body and soul for example lust usually will have other demons chained with it...greed, jealously, depression, etc.) When she got to me, she prayed aloud and mentioned "sex with demons" and renounced them in my life. She also mentioned "demons of abandonment, hopelessness, lust, etc". All of a sudden, I feel something welling up in side me... Like a rush of emotion and I cry aloud... Like someone has died. Now I know that what had happened was that I was being purged of the generational wickedness of demons upon demons that had took up residence around me, they had encamped around me (demonic opression) and had done their best to keep me down and from growing as a christian young lady. I saw a couple of women look perplexed when the intercessor said "sex with demons" they weren't sure if they heard correctly... They made weird, confused facial expressions some opened their eyes from prayer but kept their heads bowed and others looked at each other directly. I didn't care. I dont' think the other women at that moment really cared either because soon everyone was rocking back and forth, or crying uncontrollably... Each demon manifested itself in a different way as they were commanded in Jesus's name to leave us alone. Afterwards, I felt "clean"...I sensed a quietness around's hard to explain because I never heard the demons voices to begin with... But suddenly I was aware of a stillness and quietness around me. When I left the group when we were done and hopped into the elevator to get back to my hotel room... Two other ladies from the same conference but had been placed in a different group than me... Took one look at me in the elevator and smiled... They said I looked "radiant". I felt "radiant". This victory continued for two years, while I read my bible daily, prayed, worshipped and went to church regular to grow spiritually. Then gradually over the next year, I began to stop reading and going to church and keeping in communion with my brothers and sisters in Christ. One day, I started thinking a perverse thought "If a couple of demons left... How many more lustful ones will come back and have sex with me... How much more pleasurable will it be if I tried having sex with them again?" And then it happened... I got wrapped up in it again. It would happen sporadically. Now I would actually go to my room, close the doors, strip my clothes off and allow them to have sex with me. Afterwards, I'd feel irritable, I'd have terrible headaches and would just be plain miserable. I continued doing this even when I got married. I would do it when he left for work. Sex with my husband didn't seem to compare with this perverse type of sex combined with masturbation. I would do this on the same bed as the bed I shared with my husband. My husband began having nightmares and didn't know why. But I knew in my heart it had to be attributed to what I was doing because he would only have these nightmares when I participated in this perversion. I began to logically think things through. I began to say to myself "I KNOW these are demons, what do they possibly want from this?" Then I began to analyze when I would have these desires. Patterns began to be revealed. It usually happened when I was the most vunerable emotionally, physically, etc. If I was not doing something constructive and got bored... The desire would come. When I was frustrated or depressed... The desire would come. It would come in the form of a thumping sensation in my private parts... Like a hand was squeezing the area. Then I began to realize what the demons wanted also. They wanted to do everything in their power to keep me from serving my God and King. If they could keep me distracted with this enticing, trance-like, opiate-like experience... I would gladly throw everything away. I noticed that every time I had a spiritual victory (eg. I had intercessory prayer with a fellow christian over the phone over people who really needed praying over) this temptation would come along. I know the consequences of indulging in this behavior... Some days I'm able to fight it in total victory and feel absolutely WONDERFUL and then other days I give in and feel absolutely like trash, irritable and have terrible migraines (what the devil wants you believe you are, when what you really are is a Child of God sealed with the Blood of Jesus and able to be victorious if you CHOOSE to) I see this not unlike any other addiction, when I lose the battle, I get back up and dust myself off and try my best not to do it again. I remind myself of what I must do to defeat the enemy. All he wants is either possession of your soul (if you are not a christian) or opression of your spirit if you are a christian in order to keep you wounded in battle so that you don't grow as a christian and become all that God has destined for you to be. I know that each time I sin in this manner of perversion that it is creating a consequence in some way, shape or form in my life as well and I need to remind myself of this so that I can make sure that this generational curse does not prevail in the future lives of my own chidren. I know for a FACT the things that will keep these demons away:

1.) Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and as the only person who can take away your guilt and sin.

2.) Once you authentically accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, His Spirit resides in you. NOTHING else can get in ANYMORE. But that doesn't stop demons from attacking you from the outside (spiritual opression)

3.) Daily ask for God to help you, to take your hand and hold you so that you do not fall into this type of temptation again.

4.) I believe another person posted this one: Fill your house with christian music 24/7. Do you know why this works? It works because demons do not like hearing anyone else being praised but their own leader, the devil. Hearing God be praised through music hurts their ears and makes them want to scream in agony.

5.) Stay in the word of God. The word of God is more than just "words on paper". Reading it whether you are a new believer just getting your feet wet and don't understand what you are reading or you understand it... Makes no difference... It is alive because God's spirit is upon it. If you read it out loud even 5 minutes at a time is powerful and effective. Start out slow and you will increase in time.

6.) Pray to God by talking to Him. You don't always have to ask Him for things in order to pray. You can just let him know that you Love Him and you are trusting Him today. But He's always there when you need Him for specific things.

7.) Sing worship songs aloud to God. Say out loud things that talk about how good and wonderful He is. I usually say "Who is Like our God? NO ONE! No one even comes CLOSE to You... You are mighty and strong and You existed before anything EVER existed! There is NO ONE like you! NO ONE deserves total worship but YOU." that is enough to make the devil and his demons tremble and shake in their boots with anger. The devil and his angels fell because God simply KNEW the THOUGHTS of the devil wanting to be the sole person worshipped. He wanted to be like God and simply THOUGHT this in his heart and God was all knowing and knew this before the devil even uttered a word and that is why he was cast out. The devil cringes when God gets the worship... Demons run to the corners of the earth when they hear the beautiful sound of your worship coming from your mouth.
barushka (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-25)
I myself have been through similar dealings with what some people here might call Incubi. My experiences though were not, and never have been of a fearful nature. Never once have I been plauged by voices, nor have I been raped, or molested.
The point I am trying very inariculately to make is this, is there a possiblity that the man who has been making love to me is in fact something else?
I have heard of dream invaders, but these experiences were no dreams, an I was very wide awake and concious of the events.
The things that happened to me me were ones of joy and happiness, and whilst my demon lover never spoke to me, he was more gentle and giveing than any real man I ever met, and a very handosme creature as ever there was one.
Any suggestions as to what this creature ight have been, and why haven't I seen him in so long, I miss him dreadfuly.
angstified (4 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-10)
The only thing you can really do in this case, is comprimise. I myself am a schizo-affective. And my family is all physcics (sp?) I have been dealing with an incubus or succubus or both for a while now and all you can do is comprimise. To put it simply I have one voice in my head like yours and his name is tovarich. Then I have about seven other voices witch are just mental. The only difference is I enjoy the company of these beings. So my advice is talk to them and comprimise tell them to get out of your head, and leave you alone. And if they do so you will let them have your body once a week. If they say know tell them twice a week. And what seems 2 work in my case is shouting out jesus christ when I get scared or so... I only found this out when the incubus or succubus made a move on me last night. It was funny. By the way I am a boy. And of you need any other advice I'm willing to help.
morambo85 (2 stories) (11 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-22)
i understand completely. That is all I'm alowed to say, after reading your story I think you and I both know why.
Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-31)
This one hopes that the child Hestia was advocating for was able to get the help she needed before being destroyed.
deltanova (1 stories) (10 posts)
15 years ago (2008-11-10)
i have also had several experiences like your own with the incubi. They do not talk to me any more, but they do touch me, and that, at least, has come down to a low simmer from the boil it was before. My roommate is never touched, but just the other day, something touched my cheek and then hit me across the face - something that has not happened too much with me.
Thank you for sharing your story!
LilithsPrism (1 posts)
16 years ago (2008-06-12)
Wow... This story is filled with every demonic cliche there is. I think they do exist, but I didn't read anywhere about you trying alternative approaches to the attacks. Is it possible that the sexual aspect of this is a guilty-repression reaction to normal sexual tendencies? The belief that demons exist is common and I myself have had first-hand experience with their power and retalitory nature; however, in this case it seems to me that you gave in to the same type of behavior over and over again. That old saying, "slap me once shame on you, slap me twice shame on me" mean anything to you? As wise as you seem to be I just wonder why you didn't try another avenue of support and direction... I do hope that things have turned around for you by now, and I hope that all is well in your world.
Cynric (14 posts)
16 years ago (2008-05-27)
I would turly say that you are not going mad when you told the story but if they keep up with this, to the Asylum, which will only pleasure the demoniac pack of Incubi. You have our support. It seems that your (please forgive me for saying this but I have to) bastard of a father left you a ticking time-bomb of sex, false-love and madness. He left you suscepteble to Demoniac rapists. You have to find p-normal and Demon experts and help from your guides, and of course, God. Faith will help.

And if they are thought-forms, blame your incestous father (sorry but I had to). And if that is the case, the only person that can help you will be you.

Wish you the peace and serenity you deserve.

Aeron 😳
Oglegen (6 stories) (61 posts)
16 years ago (2008-05-24)
This is the first time I have read a story like this, and I have to say I find it utterly bizarre. I definitely believe this is possible, but such things have not happened to me in my life because I've been brought up with stability. I'd classify these spirits as "pests" rather than evil or bad. Most women know what it is like to have a guy approach you in a nightclub and not leave you alone, even when he gets knocked back. I also know what it's like to have a stalker, and I imagine this is just the same sort of thing being acted out in the spirit world as happens on earth. The only thing on earth is that our senses help us see what is really going on. It's the equivalent of Hestia being blind on the earth plane and meeting a man she can't see who tells her he's a millionaire or something. He could say anything and she would believe it because she can't see the truth. Hestia, I really hope that things get better with you and the poor child who is suffering this abuse. I also agree with Etodaj that you need to go out and find a calm, caring partner who you can talk to. Perhaps try meeting someone through a friend so they can be double checked to make sure you're not being attracted to the same type over and over again. I hope your guides manage to get through to you and I'm sure you'll be okay soon. You sound very wise, despite the decisions you've made.
etodaj (6 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-01)
Helo Hestia. Very intriguing story. Well Hestia, as a child itself, you have been through a lot, and I'm really sorry for you. But sympathies aside, if you ask me, I would say that the voices in your head ARE post traumatic effects in life. Yet again, you are a very inteligent lady Hestia, as I read longer, I realized that you mentioned everything that any psychiatrist might refer your case as. You mentioned about the post-traumatic,how the child had brought this back into your life, the mediums (voices in head) suddenly reacting strangely, and what not. This clearly brings down the fact that you are very aware of the situation arising, but just need help to snap back to reality.
At one point, you mentioned that these "beings" as they are, have sexual relationships and etc with you.Hestia,calm your nerves and free your mind for one second and please read this carefully. Are you always working, and have no time for yourself? Do you have any friends whom you are very close to? Do you have any partners whom you can go out with,clubbing,drinking?Well if not, I suggest you find one.Why?To me, being closely attached to work, and having no time for yourself, make you very constantly, keep in touch with your mediums. They are quiet when you are occupied with something Internet,gardening.Well,why don't you hush them all by finding someone for yourself? A partner to share your personal feelings with, mentally as well as physically. This may, may not work. But it's worth a shot. Please get back to me for anything.
Best of regards,EJ
hauntedgirl (2 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-29)
Hi I can't post my story in public but I can post it here. Ok here goes. My name is Angle and I'm 15. This all started happening when I was only 10. One night when I was brushing my teeth I felt this very cold brush of air the all of a sudden I had this sexual feeling in my vagina area. So I finished brushing and went to bed and shut my door. I laid in bed for about four minutes then the felling was back. This feeling felt very strong. I felt this heavy pressure on my chest. It started to rub me up and down my body. I could not see any thing so I tried to go back to sleep. About an hour later I woke up feeling like something was sliding down my legs. I pulled off the covers to see my bottoms going down and then fly to the floor. Then the feeling pushed up my legs and I felt something being inserted in my anus. In and out in out it went. It started to rub my body again, the bed rocked and I screamed. MY mom came running and the door flew open and the whole feeling stopped.

Hope you liked my story!
NumberNine (4 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-21)
Uhg, JESUSwillwin, That was very incoherent, and borderline unstable. Part of my reasoning behind this is bias due to my general rejection of theology. However that was very poorly typed, and seemed almost as if it was made up as you went along. I'm not saying it was, I'm saying that is how it came off. I firmly believe from my singular experiance, and others whom I trust that situations like this are purely willpower. As in you and not jesus or god, you are in control of you. You say in the end to our stories jesus will win, but what will he win against? What will he defeat? Hes not fighting anything. Sounds to me like your the one going through this ordeal, and wether or not it is your own inner "demons" or a paranormal outward experiance its you, not jesus dealing with it. I'm sorry I just hate it when I see people surrender all aspects of thier life to jesus or god, and will simply rely on them for help when you have absolutly no way of KNOWING if such beings even exist.
JESUSwillWIN (1 stories) (24 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-21)
OMG! Don't feel bad... Your not alone. Let's just say the same things happened to me. Except my visitor is called ROB and his girlfriend is Lupita. There are four in the group that visit me. I hate them all. I've been lied to so many times, from they are GHOST, Fallen Angels, ALIENS (Extra-terrestial)Demons, Anti-Christ etc. Until you reach a point that it doesn't matter WHAT THEY ARE, WHO THEY ARE, because it's MY LIFE, MY BODY, MY RIGHT, IT'S YOUR LIFE, NOT THERE'S. They roam the earth and torment us all, unless we want to live heavily medicated and branded a crazy person, we all have to suffer and just keep the faith. I focus on what my eyes can see, my reality. If the sun is shining and the skies are blue... They can't take that feeling of a happy spring/summer day from my soul completely. Yes, ROB mostly hurts my back by clawing the inside of me until I feel like I'm going to die. Yet everyday I fight to do what I think is best for me and my children. I get hurt because I NEVER LISTEN TO WHAT THEY SAY, I constantly have the radio on christian music in every room of my house, it never gets turned off. I always have a favorite movie going, little white christmas lights always on, it's hard at first, but it totally saved me to focus and live a normal life. Other than their constant beatings, I'm never going to give up faith, because we all know the end to our stories... JESUS WILL WIN!

Angelorbs [at]
NumberNine (4 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-20)
This is very interesting, I want to experience something like this, Do you know of someway to contact one of these spirits? Or do you believe your case was less supernatural and more so an intense natural response to the abuse case and your own abuse?
wendymneil123 (7 stories) (24 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-06)
Hi Sarah Jane, I am glad someone understands what I am going through.

Do you have a pen pal? My email address is wendy_neil [at]
demonhunter_zn (3 posts)
16 years ago (2007-12-28)
hi I'm new to this website I am from england and well I am a demon hunter I know this sound stupid but there's a these woods near my house and people in my village believe it to be the portal between our world and the demonic world and when I was about 9 years old me and a couple of my friend went camping in it and something kept on tapping the tent so I went out and I seen this THING and a suddenly fell unconscious I had bruises on my arm and strange scratches on my face my mother and father asked my friends if there was anyone else in that area and my friends said he just suddenly fell unconsious and I knew it was a demon of somekind and after that incident I have dedicated myself to hunting down demons and this sounds stupid aswell but whenever I go into the woods armed with a bow and arrow I am very good at archery that's why I take it one with me this isny a wooden bow and arrow its a professional bow used by professional archers it was given to me as a gift that was my personal experience of a demon feel free to say that you don't believe me but trrust me I am not lying suff like that are out there thanks for reading
seraphim (13 posts)
16 years ago (2007-12-13)
Demons are liars and decievers. Their only purpose is to trick others into believing they are either spirit guides, spirits of the dead, you name it and they'll be it.
They'll use whatever works.
They know their end is in hell and they want to keep people away from the love of Jesus and eventually take them to hell with them (misery loves company)
I hope that everything is ok with you now.
lazria (9 stories) (82 posts)
16 years ago (2007-11-16)
Your story makes me stop and think... I too had sexual abuse as a child, as well as some other issues that also lead me to a PTSD. But mainly I now have to stop and reconsider my own "voices". I have to check some of the links you have listed - perhaps there is more than what appears to be going on in my life/head as well. I hope you can find some peace and tranquility you deserve soon.
Karyn (1 stories) (63 posts)
16 years ago (2007-11-16)
You probably won't agree with me but I found your story absolutley fascinating! I am sorry about the child that was in your introduction paragraph. I too am one of the many SURVIVORS of incest by my father. I do not consider myself a victim anymore.
I too think you need to find a Higher Power with which you are comfortable to help you and proctect you. I do not believe in guides,"sorry", but I do believe each of us has a guardian spirit.
What, Hada posted makes a lot of sense in many ways. It sounds like he/she knows their stuff with the jinn thing.
May the Lord Bless you and Keep you in his care. I will pray for you. ❤
amakajaku (guest)
16 years ago (2007-11-14)
Please read my story, the reason why I saw your story because it was related with mine. GOD BLESS YOU!
amakajaku (guest)
16 years ago (2007-11-14)
Hello Hestia! I really liked your story, yeah it was like a saga but really, it's well written, every detail is written clearly. I have experiences about incubus too... Only this incubus had nothing to say but only raped me 3 times and the rest was all cuddling and combing my hair with its fingers and stuff. Also, I'm amazed that you still had the courage to fight back off these incubi, of course, you... You aren't a normal person, you must have 160-200 IQ or something to have this kind of dictionary in your head. I'm also studying psychology just as an academic curriculum, I am just taking up the Nursing Profession so I did have an idea about what the terms you were talking about. Good Luck fighting back, may God help you... WHAT AM I SAYING?! MAY ALL THE BELIEVED GODS HELP YOU! Hehe... Looking forward to your feedback...


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