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I'm a Security Officer. However, I will not mention the company I work for. I don't feel it would be appropriate to do so. For the sake of the story though it was a hospital. That's all I can say about the facility I was assigned too on that peculiar night.

As a Security Officer, I have no more authority than you do as a common citizen. What I do you can do. The only difference I guess is that a Security Officer gets paid for it. My job is to protect lives and property in accordance with the clients procedures. I keep alert. I use my senses when on patrol. Eyes, ears, and a nose for trouble. When I come across something out of the ordinary I always try to make a visual identification of the person or thing in question before contacting the authorities and or writing a report; for the exception of field notes. Most of the time, it is something like a coffee pot left on, a light burned out or a light left on, an occasional rodent out for a late bite, or maybe some kids that should not be on the property. But on the night of August 26th, I could only speculate what was going on, I couldn't say for sure who or what it was that I heard that night. My report of the incident was professional. This however will be more like a true story.

I was on third shift patrolling the terrace level. I just got done with my patrol and was about to proceed to the elevator. It was about 4am I'd say. As I was checking an exit door nearby, I heard the faint sound of a conversation. It sounded like a group of men shouting out instructions to one another as if it was a high stress situation. It sounded like orders being given at a construction site. The only construction area though was in the old wing. It wasn't too far away from where I was at.

"That's strange," I thought. "No one that I know of is even down here." There was no one in the old wing. I was just there. Maintenance wouldn't arrive for at least another hour and I had no incoming calls on the company cell. I was puzzled. "Who could be down here at this hour," I thought as I proceeded on another patrol of the terrace. I checked everywhere including the old wing and the mechanical room, but there was no one there. Everything was normal and or quiet. The area where I first heard the conversation was now a dead silence. I then proceeded to the various nurses stations located on the floors above.

"Is everything ok," I asked.

"Everything is ok," they said. "We will call you if we need you." I received the same response from the nurses station right above the area where I heard the conversation taking place. I thought that maybe the sound of a conversation above had travelled down through the pipes and or system of vents. I checked outside at and near the entrances to the terrace level, but nobody was around. I actually did that first before reporting at each of the nurse stations. There was nothing going on that would account for what I heard.

I did another patrol of the terrace level about a half hour later at approximately. 4:45am and heard the faint sound of clanging metal. I checked each of the mechanical rooms, the maintenance department, and the old wing, but everything checked out. I could not find the source of the sound. Anyways all this running around caused me to run late. I was not a bit happy about it.

The only thing I can think of was that I heard the sound of a conversation traveling through the vents and or water pipes. The sound of which would have become distorted by the time it reached me. This might account for what sounded like men hollering at one another. As far as the faint clanging sound I heard, it's hard to tell. It's an old building. It's bound to groan a bit. I did file a report on the incident, but I didn't indicate anything other than not being able to locate the sounds I heard. I'm sure that went over well.

An officer did tell me when I was first assigned to this site that there were strange things happening on the terrace level. Like returning minutes later to find lights on that had just been turned off, locked doors found wide open and strange light sources. I haven't witnessed any of that weird stuff. No one's ever told me anything like that. Anyways I just thought it was his way to make a new guard feel uneasy. Although I have seen elevators open and close when there is no one in them. I've been meaning to bring that up to maintenance. It's nothing worth reporting though. Honestly I'm more concerned about the living than I am about a few resident ghosts for that matter.

I hope you enjoyed this. I feel a bit of common sense reasoning makes for a better ghost story. I'll chime in if something else happens worth mentioning. Please be sensible in your responses. Thanks!

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InnerMomentas (guest)
11 years ago (2011-09-11)
I have another update on this situation that I experienced.

Before releiving the second shift guard, I did tell him what I experienced on the night in question, but it was more in the nature of finding a logical conclusion. Ghosts aren't really the appropriate conversation to have in the workplace.

Anyways, I was patrolling the terrace last night and heard similiar sounds that I had heard on the night in question. This time the coversation sounded like a large crowd of people talking. It sounded like many conversations being held at once. I couldn't make out any words. The sound didn't seem to have any kind of linguistical pattern that would identify it as a language being spoken.

That night before I releived the second shift guard, he pointed out to me the various types of piping in that general area. The area contained PVC pipping. Some of it was electrical and others were water lines. I determined that the sound was rushing water which sounded to me like a conversation taking place due to the distortion of sound waves.

I also asked Maintanance about the elevators. They are indeed designed to cycle every now and then. That would explain why elevators go up and down with no one in them.

If there were ghosts in that place, I think I missed it. They must have found the light lol. Or there way back to hell LOL.
Area secure! 😉
InnerMomentas (guest)
11 years ago (2011-09-07)
Hiya GeneralChaos! Thx for commenting on my experience. I'd love to hear your experiences.

Anythings possible DeviousAngel. Those on break could have taken the other way around. It's a longer walk, but it was a nice night. Very pleasant outside.

Yes Majacko15 there would be a lot of that at a hospital. The idea that a moment of time could be recorded and played back at some future time is unknown to science. Think about it though, if we had proof of this and how it actually happens, amagine how we could apply it! Now I'm starting to think like a ghostbuster lol!
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-07)
InnerMomentas: I think you figured out the reason why I asked the travel distance. It took you five minutes to get there, so unless the staff were only taking five minute breaks it seems unlikely that THAT was the explanation. Maybe what you heard was a residual haunting from a conversation that was held some time ago?
mojacko15 (19 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-07)
Hospital,School,Offices,etc...these are the common places for ghost, places where negative energy occurs almost like daily... Where mix people and emotion come and goes...
InnerMomentas (guest)
11 years ago (2011-09-07)
Yes it was a bit eerie Baccaegrl. I was more curious at the time, but everytime I have to make a patrol through the old wing, ghosts do happen to enter my mind. It tightens my stomach up a bit.

I asked the nurses at each station if everything was ok where they were at. I don't always get good cell coverage when patrolling the terrace.

I'd say it took me roughly five to six minutes to get out there to the location. Even if the staff on break would have left as soon as I made my out there, I should have seen them comming back to the main employee enterance. I didn't. There was no one around by the time I got out there. Plus the conversation that I heard was anything but normal. It was high stress. I can't rule out soundwaves in the pipes though. Sound vibration in the pipes could also account for the rattling pipes.

My mom loves dragging me along on her cemetary hops when we go places together. I help her finds names of people she knew. All I can think of is that movie called 'Night of the Living Dead'. I'm serious lol. The remake of that old 60's film was great!

Thanks for responding guys. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. And yes it possible that I could have had an experience. I won't rule that out either. I don't think I can bring equipment out on this one though. I don't think that would go over to well lol.
generalchaos (2 stories) (141 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-07)
I, too, have worked in a hospital. I was a glorified janitor for about a year just after I finished college.

To BlueTurtle - it's entirely possible for people to take breaks at 4am at a hospital. I worked grave shifts for a while, and there are always doctors and nurses around. Hospitals never close.

(I also had some spooky experiences at the hospital while I was working. I'll try to get to writing up my stories)
zetafornow (4 stories) (447 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-06)
Well you certainly "debunked" this ghost story, but that is okay. I do believe that everything we hear or see, that is strange, is not necessarily paranormal. In fact, maybe only a fraction is. Although I am the first person to listen intently to a story and make my own opinions of it.

I would like to add a fantastic statement that you made and I have made hundreds of times...I'm more concerned about the living than the ghosts. Love it! That is exactly my sentiments exactly. For peace and quiet and thinking times, I enjoy walking through cemetaries... Some people think that is odd. I reply to those people... The people here do not bother you or hurt you. Good luck to you.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-06)
I agree that it is admirable that you are looking at outside sources first, before instantly jumping to the conclusion that it is paranormal. My fiance is a security guard too and he has heard and seen some spooky stuff while on duty. And a hospital! I can just imagine all the reasons why spirits would be hanging around a hospital. About how long was it between the time you heard the sound and got to the spot where the staff take their breaks?
BlueTurtle (3 stories) (176 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-06)
What I find curious is that you couldn't find the source of the talking, much less who responded to you when you asked if everything was ok. Very spooky! And you said in your update that people often take breaks where you heard the conversation... But would there really be people taking a break at 4 in the morning? I just think it's interesting that you got a full response when you asked! And yet there seemed to be no one there?
I think your sensible skepticism is admirable. I usually look for the most reasonable explanation in circumstances, but in this case, it's quite possible that you had a paranormal adventure.
bacchaegrl (506 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-06)
I did enjoy this story! I'm glad you are open to exploring other pssibilities than the paranormal explanation. But it still must have been pretty eerie to hear something like that. You seem calm and rational. So I am more likely to believe what you say.
InnerMomentas (guest)
11 years ago (2011-09-06)
Here's a bit of an update. I was told that employees often take there breaks outside at the exit door by the dock area. This was the exit door where I heard what sounded like a conversation. By the time drove around to check that area from the outside, they must have left. I didn't see any employees heading to the front of the building though. But it's still a reasonable explanation. I haven't heard anything since that night.

The banging pipes was nothing but a few noisy water pipes in a room that I didn't have access too. Maintenance is aware of it. I kind of thought the sounds were in that general area.

And so once agian, most likely no paranormal experience for me. I'm not complaining cause I have a job too do. I don't have time to babysit spooks, spectors, or ghosts lol.

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