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New Home, Same Problems


A few months ago, my parents found a rental home a few minutes away from our residence at that moment and I was excited to finally be making the move from an apartment into a house for we hadn't lived in a house for 12 years. I was also glad to be getting out of that apartment because things were always moving around, doors would open and close, doorknobs would wiggle and turn; it was just a creepy place. I was hoping that moving to a new place would mean no more creepy occurrences, and for a few weeks I believed that I was finally living in a place where I would not have to be afraid. I was wrong.

Occurrence #1: One night, I came home late from my boyfriend's house. It was about 4 in the morning and time to finally get to bed. I knew my mom had been doing laundry earlier so I make my way over to the laundry room to get my pajamas. As I walk in I feel like I am stepping through something. It's not exactly cold but it's denser than the air around me. I can feel it on my skin and it also fills me with instant blinding panic and distress; just pure fear. I stifle a scream because every other person in my home is sleeping and I back away, fleeing to my room, pajamas completely forgotten. A few days passed and I stopped thinking about the paranormal until...

Occurrence #2: I make a habit of making home late from my boyfriend's house on weekends and this was yet another one of those nights. It was about 4 or 5 again and as I walk through the door I hear some shuffling and then my parents burst out of their room, my father with a gun pointed straight at me. They recognize me and he puts the gun down, everyone breathes a collective sigh of relief. What was that about? I ask them. They tell me that they have been hearing noise all night long. They keep getting up expecting to find an intruder in the home but they would search the whole house and find nothing.

With my heart beating fast I went to get ready for bed. As I was brushing my teeth I started hearing the banging noises my parents had described. I followed the noise to the living room and then it just stopped. I shrugged it off and then went to get myself a glass of water. As I open the fridge door I can hear the plastic bags I had brought home from shopping the day before and set on the floor in my room rustling, as if someone was looking through them. Confused, I run into my room and the sound stops. Instantly. A stare at the bags for a while and then I shrug, crawl into bed and fall into uneasy sleep (with the covers snugly tucked over my over my head).

Occurrence #3: This one I didn't actually experience myself, it is the experience of my mother and cousin. I get home from work and my mom is awake watching TV on the couch. This is a rare occurrence because she usually falls asleep very early. I sit down with her to chat and the conversation is soon steered toward the topic of the paranormal at which my mom says that earlier, as she and my cousin were sitting on the couch watching television together and they both had the urge to look up at the same time. They turned their heads toward the kitchen and they both saw a man standing in the kitchen.

As soon as they spotted him he ducked down behind the island and was no longer visible. My mother calls my father's name, expecting him to stand up from behind the island chortling but when no one answers her, she gets up and walks into the kitchen, there is no one there. She walks into the dining room and there is no one there either. She then walks into her bedroom and finds my father half asleep, watching TV. She asks him seriously if he was in the kitchen trying to scare them and he says no. My mom keeps dogging him about it but he swears he has been watching TV the entire time. They eventually all get back to watching TV. With my mother's words still ringing in my ear, I get ready for bed and fall into uneasy sleep once more.

Occurrence #4: A few days after the day my mother saw the male figure in the kitchen, my parents, brother, and cousin leave for Miami to see my grandmother off at the airport. I hate visiting Miami (something about the traffic and then the rats the size of cats I saw the last time I was there deters me from wanting to visit) so I stayed home alone.

Around ten in the morning I get hungry so I make my way to the kitchen. I have bad habit of looking at my feet as I walk so I didn't actually look up until I was already in the kitchen. When I finally did look up though, I saw a man walking into the Florida room. Thinking there was an intruder in my home, I quietly reached for a butcher's knife and tip toed my way into the Florida room. It was empty. Confused I run into the dining room, it's empty. I run into my parent's room, it's empty. I go back into the kitchen, it's empty.

There is no way that someone could be in the house and have not bumped into me while trying to get away. It's just the way the house is set up. It's hard to explain but standing in the kitchen I have perfect views of all entrances and exits. No windows were open or even unlocked as if someone had left through one and so I was just confused. When it finally dawned on me that I had just seen the same thing my mother and cousin had seen a few days ago, my heart started pounding and I ran into my room.

Once in my room I started hearing banging noises. Something was banging on wall my room shared in common with the living room. It was so hard that the things I have hanging on that wall were vibrating. I went to check the living room and it just stopped. Deciding that this is my house and nothing is going to spook me into locking myself in my room, I sat down to watch TV in the living room.

Only a few minutes had passed since I sat down when the coat closet door started rattling hard. I moved it around and whenever I would stop the rattling would start again. I screamed stop and kicked the door and then ran away (my bravado did not last long). I got dressed and got out of the house as soon as possible and did not make it back home until the next day.

What do you make of all of this? Should we ask our landlord about this or will he just think we are nuts?

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Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-26)
I understand how you feel about Miami.

Interesting thing- two points.
1) How close you came to becoming a ghost because of a ghost. Having your old man pointing a gun at you can be a wee bit unnerving.
2) The ghostie/dude ducking. I mean think about this- the dude ducks down when your mom and her friend notice him. Why? Why not simply fade to invisibility or whatever it is ghosties do to prevent being seen? Why duck down at all? Is the ghostie a ninja in training?
Or is there some sort of secret door in the kitchen?

OR is there something buried underneath the ground under the kitchen?
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-26)
To be perfectly honest, I'd be wondering if this guy didn't follow you from the old place. Maybe not, but he sure does seem to like to get under your skin when you're late coming home, huh? It's almost as if he was mad that you didn't get the message the first night you came home late, so the next time he alerted the entire house that you weren't home yet. And since he seemed to finally get a reaction from your family that time, he got a little bolder the next time he thought you'd be late... But you weren't. The last time he showed himself to you, I feel, he was just making sure you knew who it was.
This guy thinks he's got the upper hand because he's made everyone pay attention to him. It sounds like he thinks he's the boss now. With his kind of bravado I believe the only one who's going to be able to put him right is your dad. He's got that attitude, you know? Like it's still as it was back in his day or something.
Just my thoughts on the matter, take it with a grain of salt. But do keep us updated on any more happenings with him.

Jav 😊
reneespring (148 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-25)
After all those happenings, I was surprised that you opted to stay home - "ALONE" -*shiver*, rather than going on the trip w/your family. Maybe a part of you is kind of used to this stuff, since you also had the problem in your other home? Well written. Thank you for sharing. I hope some of the advice here proves useful. Also, a smudging/blessing may help.
minimom (50 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-25)
You might try researching the address through local newspapers. See if the property has a history. Talk to the long time neighbors as well, if anybody would know about any events in or around the property chances are it would be a neighbor.

If nothing else, it would give you an idea of what may be sharing your home with you.

Good luck!
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-25)
Asking the landlord is a good place to start. Researching the property yourself may help if the landlord doesn't.

Nothing sounds particularly negative in nature, maybe confused as to who you are as a family... Or maybe just wanting some sort of recognition.

Please keep us posted... Generalchaos has a good idea as well a local ghost hunting group may be a good place to begin as well.


generalchaos (2 stories) (141 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-24)
Wow! It sounds like there's a lot going on there. No one should be afraid in their own home, though, so I have a few suggestions.

First - have you noticed anything actually missing, or have things been moved from their places?

I would suggest finding a local ghost hunting group. Here are a couple: or

Tell them what is going on. I'd bet they would be extremely interested. They may be able to do some research on the house and get to the bottom of what's going on, as well.

If I were you, I would tell the landlord, and ask if he knew what was going on. Perhaps someone else here can help you word your inquiry so it's kind of subtle...

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