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I Feel Like It Followed Me


Hey everyone, my name is Josie. I'm from a small town in western Pennsylvania called Saltsburg. Over the summer I spent a lot of time at the house my friend Kyle rented. Before I started staying there Kyle warned me about strange things that happened there, and though I believed him I really didn't think much of it until I started noticing things as well.

The first time I paid attention was on a Tuesday in mid August. Both of Kyle's roommates left at 7am so Kyle and I were the only ones in the house. I woke up at about ten to noises downstairs. It sounded like things were being moved around. Then I heard footsteps come up the stairs and go back down. Kyle was still asleep beside me, so I went downstairs to see if anyone was there and there was nobody there. I let it go and didn't bother to tell kyle when he woke up.

That weekend I stayed there again and the same thing happened. I told Kyle and he told me the same thing had been happening to him. He talked to his landlord and discovered that her mother had died there years before as well as a man in his forties that had rented the house a couple years before Kyle moved in.

I continued to stay there on the weekends. I stayed there last weekend (September 23-25). We were staying down stairs in the living room because he was getting ready to move out. Friday night I woke up to noises in the kitchen. It had woken Kyle up as well but we just went back to bed. Saturday night Kyle went to get food and left me at the house alone. The front door was locked and it is hard to open. I heard the door knob moving like someone was trying to get in and it felt like someone was there with me but no one was there. I was starting to get freaked out. The weirdest thing happened that night, I was having really bad dreams about being raped. The next morning I woke up with two fairly large bite marks on my leg. You could clearly see the teeth marks.

Kyle moved out yesterday and I don't plan on ever returning to the house. However, now strange things are happening in my dorm room, such as things being moved or weird noises, even when my roommate isn't here. Anyone have any ideas about this?

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Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-03)
I'd suggest getting a piece of cold iron to keep around your room.
Cold iron is a poetic and archaic term for iron, referring to the fact that it feels cold to the touch. In modern usage the term has been most associated with folkloric beliefs that iron could ward off ghosts, fairies, witches, and/or other malevolent supernatural creatures.

Often what works best is a knife under your pillow.
11 years ago (2011-10-03)
It depends, is it your first time being at your friends house and dorm room? If so then you would likely by haunted by the spirits there. Usually they would haunt people who are strangers to the house, because they themselves (spitits) do not know if you are here for good or bad.

Suggestions: don't sleep in a house or dorm or anywhere that you have not been in (like you haven't been there for dinner or a party something like that) before sleeping somewhere go into the house first.

They would haunt you because you are strangers to the house, example- you wouldn't get haunted at your grandparents house because you've been there so many times already.
Also that is why when people buying new houses they would get haunted in the first few weeks or months.
Hope this helped:)
And you can also pray and say in your prayers that you are not here for harm
generalchaos (2 stories) (141 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-02)
[at] Josie - did you only recently move into your dorm room? Did you notice anything weird *before* last weekend?
How old is the building your dorm is in?

Dorm buildings are notorious for weird noises. There are small rooms and vents in weird places. Acoustics can do very strange things... I agree with Miracles. Just breathe, and set up a recorder when you're gone.
Scratchy_Cat (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-01)
The last comment sounds like the beginning of Paranormal Activity. I wouldn't try to communicate with it, record it, or give it any more power than you already have. Some spirits thrive on fear, and the more you fear it, the worse it becomes. I have a similar ghost problem. My ❤ picked up a ghost when she was living with her uncle. We think it might have been because of her aunt who was rumored to be wearing a love potion. Pretty much the potion has some dark associations and for some reason it has been following her and after we move, it takes about two weeks to catch up but it does and it mainly haunts her dreams although sometimes I feel cold spots in the room. We don't move because we fear it however, it was just something I noticed.

What has been the most effective is Sage. I've seen it at head shops and you can probably get it online. Make sure it's really powerful. I got mine from my Brother & his wife who visited an Indian reservation and the sage was blessed by the tribe's holy man. I got some more when I went to the rainbow gathering. The awesome thing about sage is that when you need it, it tends to fall right into your lap. When you burn it, make sure you get all the corners. Maybe even burn it in the halls of your dorm. When you feel personally threatened by the other side, burn the sage in front of you and waft it into your face and over your hair. When you do this, you are clearing out negative energy.

Be warned though, if you drive out a ghost from one room, it simply goes into another. Like last night I was burning it in my bedroom and the ghost went out into the living room. My ❤ could actually hear noises and got a pressure induced headache. As soon as I burned it in the living room, the pressure went away and the ghost or whatever it was left. Invoking Jehovah while burning sage works great, the kid from rainbow gathering says, "Jah Rastafari bum" while he is clearing out bad energy. He simply added the bum in there because it flows better. He also said that when he is clearing purifying a place, things happen when the negative spirits are forced to leave, like pictures falling off the walls. So don't be surprised if you observe that sort of hostility. Just do it more regularly.

Lastly, A night light next to where you are sleeping works great. When ever my ❤ woke up screaming I would have to make a mad dash towards the light switch and it really sucked tripping over stuff. I got a Spiderman night light at the Dollar Tree and it was the best investment ever because now she just turns the light on herself. I also have to listen to her breathing while she is asleep, if I hear short panicked breaths, wake her up, and have her tell me her dream, it is almost always a dream of the ghost. If you are alone and having that sort of dream, you yell "Jehovah." When you scream it in your dream, avoid justified anger, and wait for a response, like holding your breath before you surface out of water. It's been my experience that negative spirits like to come in through my mouth when I get angry. Simply resist and reach up.

My girlfriend says she thinks the ghosts still remain, but now they tend to respect our wish for peace. Whether they are bound to or not, I don't know. Hope that helps.
lynrinth (guest)
11 years ago (2011-10-01)
Um, I think a spirit, or something, followed you. As for the bites, well I guess 'it' wants your attention. It knew your friend was moving, and you wouldn't be back anymore at the house. Ask Kyle if anything weird has also happened to him since leaving the house. This thing knows you're aware of it, so it definitely wants the attention. The bites...well, I would wait, observe, and see if anything else happens or if it gets worse. You can do the usual, prayer, firmly and strongly tell it to leave you alone!, or get some holy water and try blessing your room. Or try some house blessing, or cleasing, that might help. You must try to stay clam. It's easy to say that, but the more afraid you are, the worse you are going to make yourself worry and hysterical. Is there someone you could talk to about this? Even just talking it over with someone can help ease the tension. All you can do now is stand your ground, and observe. If it keeps happening, then it's time to take a course of action.
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4998 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-10-01)
Josiexx - I think that the experiences you had in the house you and Kyle shared have scared you a little bit and maybe you are a bit on edge and more paranoid now, which is causing you to notice the weird noises in your dorm room. This is completely understandable and no one should judge you or make fun of you for it.

As for things being moved around, if you are sure things are being moved and you are 100% positive you and your roommate aren't moving them, set up a camcorder when you leave and no one is supposed to be there. I know I'm guilty of forgetting that I moved something and it takes me hours to remember that I moved it. And I have OCD "issues." It's still possible that living in that house can attribute to thinking things are being moved in your dorm room.

But before scaring yourself and thinking you had a ghost follow you, or that there was one already there, check out all other possibilities, okay? Like someone playing a practical joke on you. Under the circumstances it would be a sick practical joke, but it's been done many times before.

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