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My Mother-in-law's Victorian House


First of all, I have many MANY stories about my MIL's house, so I will try to keep this on track and not add all of them in this one post. Located in Missouri, this house was bult in the 1800s and is three stories tall with lots of rooms and even maids quarters (now bedrooms and bathrooms I believe.)

Karen (MIL) herself has always had spirits that have spoken to her and followed her around her entire life and she is also somewhat of a "psychic", though I hesitate to use that word. If my husband and I ever get into a fight or something bad happens to one of us, she calls us up immediately, already knowing something is wrong. This is most unusual considering we live in Germany now, so I take that to mean it is quite a powerful gift.

Anyways, fast forward to her buying her victorian house in Missouri, and now you've got the spirits that haunt the house AND the spirits that have been with her for her entire life.

After they ended up buying the house, the neighbors told Karen that other people that went and looked into buying the house had run screaming from inside, along with the realtor, just like in a typical horror movie. When asked how it was that the spirits had not chased her out, she only smiled and said that they knew she would take good care of the house. And she did. Karen restored the ENTIRE house back to the way it would have been in the 1800s, aside of course from the modern plumbing and such.

When the house was being restored, the only story I remember clearly (there are many) is when Karen's husband walked out the front door one day, he felt compelled to turn around and when he did, there were about four people all lined up in the window just staring at him. I'm not sure what he did or what happened after that though.

Karen has always told me that she just loves the spirits in the house, and they all have a mutual respect for each other ever since she restored the house. I don't know for sure how many spirits are there, but I do know there is a little victorian era girl with blonde hair, a man who isn't aggressive or mean, but who is somewhat of a perv, numerous deceased pets and during the holidays, there are almost like "guest ghosts" that visit, especially around Christmas. I almost believe those to be residual, because every Christmas, you run around basically bumping into things that are not there. I think it must be a grand Christmas party on a loop during that time.

Speaking of Christmas, when holidays come around, especially Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving, if Karen doesn't start decorating the house when they want her to, or she doesn't do it soon enough, they really start to act up, and pictures fall off the walls, and lots of noises are heard. This could be anything, but Karen, being as gifted as she is, knows that it is the spirits wanting her to decorate already. And sure enough, once the decorations go up, the commotion stops, or at least goes back to normal.

The little girl ghost has been seen by everyone in the house except me and my husband (my husband has 5 siblings who have all seen her.) She likes to slide down the grand staircase at night. Karen has said that the little girl will only present herself to you if you are not at all expecting her, so this is probably why I haven't seen her, considering how fascinated I am every time I go there!

The man ghost has some sort of an attraction to my husband's older sister, he has even touched her chest before. He also sometimes just stands outside the shower when she is in there. That is all I've heard of him and as far as I know, he is only around when she comes to visit.

Now on to my personal experiences there, the first one being my very first night there. There is no AC in the house at all and being August in Missouri, my husband and I were just dying from the heat since we were used to our AC at home. The dining room was coolest so we just slept there on an air mattress. I couldn't sleep because I was so hot and I was tossing around. I was lying on my right side, and suddenly my left arm all the way down to my toes on my left foot went ice cold. I froze in place just petrified because I'd never seen/felt a ghost before. I said my husband's name so he would wake up and as soon as he woke up, the cold went away. I told Karen the next day and she just smiled and said, "You've never been here, you were probably just being examined by the spirits!" Like it was no big deal, I however, was not amused.

My other experience in the house happened during a blizzard and I was at Karen's house without my husband. I was in his little sisters room, one with the most activity, lying absolutely awake because I was scared something would happen. Sure enough, after several minutes, the bed started to shake up and down, up and down gently, but obviously. As this happened, I felt a cat jump on the bed, so with my eyes closed I went to snatch it up to "protect" me and there was no cat there! I laid back down in shock and then felt plain as day, a cat get up and jump back off the bed. This happened about three more times, a cat jumped on the bed and then back off. The next morning I told Karen again what happened, and she said the spirit shaking the bed probably knew I was scared and was just messing with me, and she told me that they have at least 2 ghost cats roaming this house as well.

Now the last thing I will mention, is that in times of GREAT distress for Karen, such as last year, when she almost divorced her husband, the spirits in the house turn very ugly. I actually don't know if it is the house spirits or the spirits that inevitably flock to her, but it is no joke. My husband's older sister, mentioned before, said that there was a different male spirit in the house than the one that messes with her. This spirit knew that she was there to help her mom through her hard time, and he didn't like that. There were certain hallways in the house he would NOT let her walk through, every time she tried to walk down them, every person in the house could hear a man's voice yell "NO!" She mentioned also that he was trying to do everything he could to scare her away, so when she walked into the kitchen one night, there was a floating head coming up out of the kitchen floorboards and when she screamed, it vanished. When she ended up leaving Karen's house, four birds flew into her windshield on the way home and the radio was nothing but static, almost like she was being chased away.

So what do you guys think of all of this? I know it is a lot to take in and many stories in one, but I am just fascinated by the house spirits, Karen's personal spirits, the bad spirits that come to her when she is depressed, etc. In regards to the spirits not showing themselves to my husband, I really just think it's because he is closed off to that sort of thing. He believes in spirits but really doesn't care one way or the other about them so I don't think they pay him any mind. I have a few more stories about this house that I will tell later on. Thanks for reading!

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anderk1987 (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-10)
so sorry I have been away! I'm happy so many have posted on my story. She has had many more experiences since I posted last and is in fact moving her house to a new location. I really hope that the spirits of the house stay with it and are not just attached to the property (she is literally MOVING the house somewhere else). I will keep this post updated if it is still active. In the mean time, karen inherited an oil lamp from her MIL that was HER great grandma's oil lamp, and has seen an old woman in her house since she's gotten the lamp, basically forcing her to light the lamp, even though it wasn't functional. Karen went and got a wick for the old lamp and lit it for the old woman and she hasn't been back. She went back to her MIL and described this old woman to her and she confirmed that it was in fact her great grandma, and to watch out because she is very pushy! In a slightly related note, once my husband's tour of duty is done in germany (where we are now) I plan on staying with karen to try and write a book on the activity in her house, with her blessing. I can't wait, and I will surely keep you readers updated! Thanks for taking an interest in my story!
alicerein (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-25)
uuuu...we're almost the same huh:D
Me,myself had such a same experience too:D.btw your MIL is such a high level indigo huh?.
I really like kind of this kind of things XD-well this make me a freak person D:
Morticia1 (6 stories) (162 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-25)
Im with Darkness Miracles summed it up pretty well there and granny made a good point about the living and living impaired co existing 😊

Side note (and apologies for taking over your post for this): and yes am back hiya everyone just had a break 😊
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-25)
anderk1987: Welcome to the site, absolutely loved your accounts this house must have some really rich history. Miracles has summed it up perfectly, looking forward to hearing more from you. 😊

Thank you for sharing.

gelflingfay (1 stories) (52 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-24)
Sounds like a great place to visit if you want to be spooked or perhaps comunicate with " the others"...
Scorp2011 (18 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-24)
anderk1987--An interesting collection of events (undoubtedly there are so many more you haven't been privvy to), and your good sense of organization made it a quality read. Thanks for telling it. Rather than comment are the multi-level multi-entity events, I wonder if the neighbor was doing a mild psychic evalutation on Karen and the spirits, and what more she might know about the residents. If the girl likes to appear to those only not expecting her, she may appear to your husband at some point. I'm also struck by the four birds, which if coincidence or an event of natural explanation, still is very odd. Feels so ancient folkloric.
You might leave some paper and pencils out in a quiet place in case one might like to write a message...
I hope your sis-in-law (and everyone) feels the right to shout back "YES" and "STOP IT"!
Best of senses in the future ~ James
Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-22)
Sounds like the perfect candidate house for an investigatory team,.

Just saying...
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4998 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-10-22)
anderk1987 - as I was reading your story, I sat here and just kept smiling. From the very beginning to the end, this was a wonderful story 😊. You told it so clearly and perfectly that I could see the little girl sliding down the banister. And the perv ghost 😆. Your mother-in-law's house is definitely full of *ahem* character, shall we say 😉. The house was just waiting on your MIL. That's why it kept scaring everyone else away. No one else would have understood it, or them, the way she does.

And your poor sister-in-law, having to deal with the bad one and seeing the floating head. Did that all go away after things between your in-laws calmed down? Sounds as if your MIL has one who feeds off negativity.

I loved your story and would really like to read more. Try not to freak out about your MIL's ghosts, okay? And ghosts cats are pretty common. I've got one too, in addition to a little girl and a man. We all co-exist pretty well, if I do say so myself LOL

Thank you for submitting this. I really needed it. You have no idea how much.
little_love_lolo (4 stories) (33 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-21)
That's an incredible story, I've got to say. Does your MIL have any idea who her 'personal' spirits are, or any inkling of the identities of the ones in the house? Such as, who is the girl, and the pervy man? Just curious to know, as I think it would be great to 'personally know' the spirits one is living with!
believer21 (3 stories) (56 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-21)
I've always wanted an old house like that, ghosts and all.
Wonderful story! Hopefully someday you'll see the girl.

[at] granny: I love that; living impared. 😆
taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-20)
fantastic post thanks for sharing 😁
Like the idea of the spirits still enjoying the hollidays as long as the decorations are up in time!
Please post more if you can
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-10-20)
anderk: I love stories where the living and living impaired can co-exist...There's some interesting stuff going on in that house 😆...I hope your MIL's attitude helps put you at ease when you visit... Keep us posted... Thank you for posting! 😊
ReliquiasVeritae (guest)
11 years ago (2011-10-20)
Humans and spirits are perfectly capable of living in harmony together. It's a shame that it rarely ever happens, as humans are more inclined to believe Hollywood horror stories (unintentionally opening portals and having no idea how to close them) or religious zeal (believing everything paranormal is a demon and is responsible for all the bad things that happen to them.)

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