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Personal Experiences Of My Mother And Myself


In my second previous story I related about how my parents heard what sounded like a woman screaming in the bushes, in this next post I will also relate other accounts that my mum experienced and also a very personal incident that happened to me as an adult.

This all happened in the house where I was born, also where the story of the screaming lady took place, of all the incidents that happened to my mum three stick out in her mind as particularly bizarre.

Back in those days toilets and bathrooms were separately built from the house, and ours was about 3 meters away from our house, so one night my mum needs to visit the bathroom and as she steps out of our front door to go she notices a dense white mist floating or rather hanging from a tree not far from the bathroom and toilet building, what was even weirder about it was that it was so outstandingly white against the darkness, it didn't move at all despite the slight breeze that swayed the branches abit, all the same my mum was creeped out and stayed didn't leave the house that night.

The second incident was when my mum went to take a bath and as she was bathing someone moved the window and what she said seemed to be a shadow looked in, only the head part, my mum thought it was probably my dad and told him to stop playing pranks and that shadow left, soon after my mum went to ask my dad why he was poking around the bathroom and looked in while she was bathing, which he flatly denied that he did, and he was in the house all the time, even then my mum wasn't convinced.

The third and final incident happened after my grandfather passed away (mum's father) where she saw his full bodied apparition walk past her; it was a split second and she said she looked directly at it, she believes that it was her father trying to say that he's still around guiding her.

It was only after the first two incidents that my mum came to find out that one of my dad's uncles had gotten murdered and that his aunt had buried his blood stained clothes by that tree not far from the bathroom area.

This incident happened to both me and my cousin years later. I was 20 at the time, we had stored all of our belongings in my grandfather's garage. At the time we were moving into our own place so I and my cousin spent an entire day sorting through furniture and other belongings, when that was done whatever we didn't need we decided to burn, so both of us go to the back of the house which connects to the woods/bush area and start burning stuff like old papers and other sorts of junk.

As we standing there smoking and watching everything burn we both hear what sounds like a lady calling me by my name, coming from the woods. At first both of us were talking then when we heard that we kept quiet to listen. Again we heard my name being called in a louder voice from the same direction. As far as I know nobody went past us into the bush and it was just my cousin myself and my grandfather there at the time. We both left that place as fast as we could and waited inside until it was time to load up and leave.

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Rajine (14 stories) (775 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-30)
Hi Melda well my grandad and his 5 other brothers all bought plots of land on the road which is a dead end, gradually 4 of the brothers sold their plots of land for some reason or the other, my grandads brother that got murdered was the first to build his house and everyone lived on the property, two families in the main building, my grandfather lived in the garage with my grandmother while he built his house next door, eventually my dad got married and he and my mum moved into the basement below the garage, the remaining three brothers moved elsewhere.

As far as I know there wasn't any cleansing ritual done, both the houses (grandad and his late brother) are right in the end bordering the wooded area, who knows maybe long before it became an urban area people were buried there, thankfully none of the incidents were menacing, but really creepy except for my mum seeing her dad.
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-29)
Rajine - I get the impression that a number of family members lived on your grandfather's property. If so, did each family have a separate dwelling or were all of you under one roof?

I'm asking this because I wonder why the aunt would have felt compelled to bury your uncle's bloody clothes under a tree on your grandfather's property. Has any form of religious or cleansing ritual ever been performed at that spot?

Unexplained white mists seem to be quite a frequent occurrence. I have never heard of anybody coming to any harm when experiencing them but I do believe that this often is associated with the paranormal.

It could be that the whole area where the house is built, which includes the wooded area, could be haunted. This might even include an elemental. Just a thought. I'm assuming that the area where the house is situated was at some stage part of the woods.

I empathise with your mother and the "peeping tom" incident! Years ago when I lived in a different house in a different town, my resident ghost decided that I shouldn't take a bath without closing the curtains and promptly pulled the curtains closed. I hopped out of that bath at the speed of light!

Perhaps the voice from the woods came from an entity which knew that you and your cousin were leaving and wanted to let you know that they were aware of that. Who knows, a farewell of sorts?

Your mom seeing her dad is a good thing. Perhaps he wanted to hang around for a while in the form of caretaker.

Interesting events but fortunately none of them appear to be malevolent.

Regards, Melda
Rajine (14 stories) (775 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-28)
[at] silverthane my grandparents were the first to move to the area and build in the 80s prior to that it was just vacant land, the blood clothes could be a reason for that dense white mist by the tree but the other incidents I'm not sure about, but if u have to go there at night it looks like a haunted house you can actually feel the darkness that surrounds that place
Rajine (14 stories) (775 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-28)
[at] alina the area that I live in is evenly populated, it couldn't have been someone else because the voice came from the bush/wood area and its an inhabited area, as far as I know that place wasn't a burial ground, I'm not sure why my dad's aunt buried blood stained clothes on the property, usually people burn it or throw it away but after the death of her husband she wasn't in her normal senses. When I did ask my mum about the mist she's very sure of what she saw even after all these years it's like it happened yesterday to her and she still maintains that it was hovering by the tree, I'm not sure if it was related to my dad's uncle's murder but after he died that house and yard has a very weird vibe and it's been sold but whoever lives there seems to run into a problem.
silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-27)
You definitely live in an active area, though it might be argued that the paranormal events that you have witnessed are all a result of past family members. I do not know if burning bloody clothes might have had an affect in giving energy for an apparition to appear, but I know nothing about that. In any case, it was a very interesting read.
Alina5 (3 stories) (136 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-26)
Hello Rajine,

Hope you're doing well. It was nice to learn more of your encounters. I believe every single person have their fair share of encounters some have it surprisingly pleasent and some have it drastically unpleasant. It reveals us the ever mysterious nature of the other side.

The propelling mist in the first encounter is rather strange. Did you ever find out any details regarding that?

Was it related to the murder of your father's uncle?

In a lot of South-asian cultures there is a belief of trees having the capability to hold spirits in them. In my country this is very strongly believed that banyan and mango trees can attract evil spirits.

Regarding your second encounter,

Why your aunt had buried those blood stained clothes near the bathroom? I don't know but I find this odd as to why a person would bury the clothes of a dead individual near their house's proximity.

Was the place used as a burial ground before?

The third incident was a pleasing one indeed. Our deceased loved ones never fail to ease our concerns during the difficult times. Well, probably he actually came to guide and protect you.

Your personal experience sounds scary.

"So, both of us went back of the house, which connects the woods/bush area and started burning stuffs like old papers and other sorts of junk."

Were the woods dense and supposedly inhabitable?

Did you lived in a evenly populated neighborhood or was the area sparse?

Can't it be someone from the nearby area?

Nevertheless, I'm glad for your safety.

Thanks for sharing.


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