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I remember some years ago on a dark, rainy night, I had an encounter with what I still feel to this day as an apparition. I have always been a person who was interested in things related to paranormal or psychic ability. I was always a believer since young, in the existence of ghosts and spirits, of people with psychic abilities or premonitions, and anything else that related to either of these categories. And on that rainy night, it would just confirm to me even further, that apparitions are real.

I don't remember the exact year it was, but I'm safe to guess within the last seven years was when it happened. I was living in Charlotte NC at the time, and I had heard about this one area in Concord, NC called Miami Church Road. For those that are familiar with the Charlotte and Concord areas or more so, near Highway 24/27 and where Highway 601 are located that are interested, it was in this area that I had my experience.

Prior to the rainy night, I had taken drives out of curiosity to this location, mostly at night but a few day drives as well. In the area, are a few homes with huge lawns, more like homes that may also serve as farms. On the same road, is one lonely tombstone with the faded, etched word "Furr" on it. Again, I was always fascinated with the supernatural and paranormal, so taking the drive was sort of fun to me. I didn't get much of an occurrence though, save for one night that I had driven with a night vision scope I bought for just such occasions, and I aimed it at the tombstone. It was weird that the tombstone had an eerie glow about it, faint but present. I could also see some weird markings on the stone itself, but I passed it up for potential glare of the scope or other things I couldn't probably explain.

With curiosity still on my side, it was on a rainy night after my above experience, that I decided to take the drive again, as I wasn't doing anything and was bored. I took the lengthy drive from Charlotte down Highway 24/27 (Albemarle Rd) all the way up to Highway 601 where I made a left. I kept driving, then making a turn onto Mt. Pleasant Rd S off Highway 601, as I knew from driving before, that this would lead me to Miami Church Road. The area off of Mt. Pleasant Rd S. Early on is an older area, with lots of forested areas and run down homes that seemed abandoned for some time. That by itself, along with the rain and mist from the humid air made it eerie already. I proceeded driving down this road in order to reach Miami Church Road. The rain wasn't heavy, but enough to need my windshield wipers. The windows all around my car were covered in beads of rain so visibility wasn't at its best. Still, I proceeded.

I finally got to Miami Church Road off of Mt Pleasant Rd S, where I made a right (going towards Barrier Georgeville Road). I drove up this street and again as before, slowed down to the tombstone that was here. I didn't have my night vision scope this time, I just drove out of curiosity and since it was raining, I felt the scope was worthless to use anyway. I drove slowly by it, but didn't see anything at all, though I did feel a bit weird this time. Shrugging it off, I drove up to Barrier Georgeville Road and made a U-Turn back towards the tombstone. Driving slowly up to it again, I still felt weird and so I decided to just head back home out of disappointment that nothing happened.

I slowly drove back the way I had come from, the rain still pouring down on the car in a steady rain. I was now on Mt. Pleasant Rd S, heading back towards Highway 24. I got to a stop light at the intersection of Mt Pleasant Rd S and Highway 200. I looked left and right for traffic. Then I looked into my rear view mirror. I was immediately floored! I saw on my rear view mirror, the shapes of a little child's footprints (left and right feet, the apparition's right foot slightly higher in placement than the left) on the rear view glass, probably a little girl around age 9 or 10 if I had to guess based on the shape of the two footprints. The rain was still falling, but the footprints were almost as though the rain wasn't hitting them at all, which let me see them clearly on my windshield.

As soon as I was able, I crossed through Highway 200 and onto Mt. Pleasant Rd S to continue back home. I kept glancing in my rear view and the footprints were still there, almost as though the apparition was standing on the back windshield of my car while I was driving. I felt flushed but had to drive carefully so as to not have an accident. What made it weird and startling for me is that as long as I was still driving and the rain kept falling steadily, not once did the footprints wash away with the rain. The windshield itself kept showing more beads of rain being replaced by the rain falling on it, but the footprints were still clearly there! The ghost (she or he) was still standing on the windshield, undisturbed by my driving or the rain. Finally, after about 15 minutes of driving, I managed to reach Highway 601 and then back onto Highway 24/27 to head home. The footprints still remained clear for about another 10 minutes while I was driving on Highway 24/27, until I noticed again upon glancing my rear view (I kept doing this every moment I got), that the footprints were starting to fade away, and the rain was finally beading up the areas where the footprints were.

To this day, I can remember that incident as though it was yesterday. Though this was not my first encounter with something paranormal, this was definitely an experience that for me was like no other, and one that is still etched in my mind. I haven't gone back to the tombstone since, though there are times I feel like taking that drive again, wondering if I'll encounter it again. It was definitely an experience that would make a believer out of a non-believer in an instant as far as I felt. What are your thoughts to my ghostly experience?

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Nyrican11 (1 stories) (8 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-15)
Lol at Moongrim, thanks for the info. However, no kids were in my car as I didn't have any children at the time, nor did I have any nieces or nephews that were in my car, etc etc. I didn't know many children of the family that actually lived out here that had access to me or my car. While I can see your point in that aspect or rationalizing on a scientific or tangible explanation, I know for a fact that no kids were in my car, especially kids I would allow to even press their bare feet onto my windshield.

Also, with the way my car was shaped, it would be hard for a young child to press their feet up onto the glass and successfully mimic the exact stance of someone standing on the windshield. I could see an adult to a degree and even that would prove a bit difficult.

Furthermore, the footprints remained clear and untouched by the rain outside versus the rest of the car being beaded up. If it were done from the inside, I would see the imprints slightly but still see rain touching the footprints from the outside to cover the whole windshield with rain, which was not the case. Thank you however for your thoughts nonetheless. Much appreciated.
Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-15)
My thoughts are that someone left footprints on the inside of the window, and that the varying humidity/dew point helped make them appear.

Now what someone was doing that caused them to leave naked footprints on windshields, I'll leave the explanation to someone else.
Nyrican11 (1 stories) (8 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-15)
Thank you Cosmogal, I appreciate the comments. I didn't understand it at all myself, and nothing of literal scientific explanation would be able to explain it as far as I'm concerned. I didn't get it either and felt that it was pretty weird that they stood there planted on the windshield until I reached a certain point, almost for me to assume that the spirit was attached to a certain radius and after my car drove past it, the footprints started to disappear. Maybe the spirit was just being a bit mischievous to remain on the car? I still don't understand it to this day. Not a bad suggestion either... Perhaps I can leave a little trinket of sorts near the tombstone if I go there again. Glad you enjoyed my experience as well. Thanks for the comments!
cosmogal926 (9 stories) (1223 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-15)
I think that this was a fascinating experience. I can't come up with anything that might explain foot prints on your back window. It is definitely weird how they just stood there while the beads of rain ran down everywhere else. If you do go back maybe you could bring a little gift to leave by the stone, like a stuffed animal or some other kind of toy. I think he/she might like that. Great story. 😊
Nyrican11 (1 stories) (8 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-15)
Thank you Argette for your thoughts on the matter. Trust me when I say I was startled to see footprints on my rear view mirror on the back windshield. But at the same time, I wasn't frightened like a demon was chasing me. Hard to explain but I remember that it was definitely an experience that I will always remember. I debated on driving over there again in the day time with my son and a camera, but being as that my son is only a toddler, I'd hate to risk something happening as they say children (especially babies) seem to be more sensitive to apparitions, spirits, etc. You're more than welcome for the share, thank You for taking the time to comment!
Argette (guest)
11 years ago (2011-11-15)
That is a very unique experience and I have no explanation for it. I know what you mean about driving past certain places that either intrigue you or have some sort of reputation: I have done that myself. Being somewhat of an amateur historian, I know of some area hotspots and I often drive past them if I am out at night. I was out on such as night as the one you describe, but saw nothing other than mist.

Thank you for sharing a very intriguing experience.

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