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Auntie Saying Farewell


This story will have a long intro, with nothing really happening in the beginning, but it is necessary to understand the circumstances in which this weird thing occurred. It happened over 3 years ago.

It was a normal day in the beginning of the school year. The whole day I felt a bit awkward, but that was normal, because 2 months earlier I had been diagnosed with a really severe illness, of which I could've died. Now 3 years later, it's a lot better, but I still feel the off at times... Most of you will say this has nothing to do with the 'story' I have to tell, but I think it has.

Well, that day, like I said, I felt a bit off. But not the normal feeling I would have, more a nagging feeling on your mind, like when you're waiting for your punishment when you've done something wrong. Even when I went to sleep, that feeling was still there. That night I had no dreams, or, at least, no dreams I can remember. But somewhere in the night I woke up, with a devastating and extremely sad feeling. I was crying like a child, tears were streaming down my face and my pillow was already soaking wet. At that time I didn't know what that emotion was (even though I was already a young adult then). But after some time I just cried myself to sleep.

The morning after, the phone rang. My mom went to get it, and stayed on it for a rather long time. Just when she put the phone down, I woke up and opened my bedroom door. My mom was silently crying and looking odd. She told me to go back in my room and she followed. Then she told me that her aunt, her favourite aunt, had died during the night, at three in the morning. Since my mother has no sibling, I also see her aunts and uncles as my own. So the death of my 'auntie' was really devastating.

Apparently she had the same illness I had, but a lot longer then me. She was already diagnoses 6 months before me. But she made her husband promise that he would tell no one, not even to the family, that she was sick. In the beginning we saw her regularly, but at the end, she would stay inside her house and not come out. A few days before she died, she had a consult with her doctor. He said to her: 'I will not lie to you, but you don't have long to live anymore. 3 days at most.' Even though doctors cannot say such a thing to their patients, he did. Even at that moment my auntie wouldn't say anything to the family. So she went, without really taking goodbye to anyone.

But now it begins. My mother told me that auntie died somewhere around three in the morning. The exact same moment I woke up in the night. And she also said something else. She had a dream in which auntie appeared, saying goodbye to her. Really saying goodbye, she told my mother to take care of her godchild (my brother) and the other children, say to her siblings that everything will be alright and other things like that. Then she turned around and went to stand with people my mom vaguely knew, among who the mother and father of auntie. That moment they all smiled at her and turned into a light. That was the moment she woke up, with a strange sad, though soothing emotion. My mom knew then that auntie was gone, but was glad about it, because now she is in a better place (even though my mom didn't know auntie had been really sick). It was also 3 in the morning.

You can say nothing is weird, but note that a few things are out of the ordinary. Like my mother and me woke up at the same moment, at the moment my aunt died. We both had an odd feeling about that too, even though our emotions at that exact moment were completely different.

What kind of connection my mother and me had in that night with auntie, I don't know. It is clear that auntie did let us know that she was not in this world any longer. To my mother she said farewell in a dream, but why to her? I woke up with a devastating emotion like when you just lost a loved one, but why? Why didn't I also have a dream of some sort, why that feeling?

From that moment on I had the feeling she watches over my family. Not in really big decisions or occasions, but in the small things. Like a moment when I feel a bit lost, it feels like a presence is with me and it gives of a soothing atmosphere. Those are the moments when I just know she is around, because she was the only one I knew who could do such a thing (she always gave off a sense of calmness, but at the same time also happiness). Sometimes I even think I hear her laughter, or her voice...

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stephyw2001 (guest)
12 years ago (2011-11-17)
I do not think it is weird at all, in fact you will notice there are many other stories that people on here post of loved ones saying goodbye when they die. I am happy for you, and hope you can all be happy that you were loved so much as to be visited from beyond. That is a strong kind of love, and something to be happy about. 😁

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