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Terrified To Be Home


My story takes place in 1999. I was 12 years old at the time. My father was going through the early stages of a divorce from my step mother of eight years. He decided that we would find a place to rent until the divorce was over. We came across a house for rent right around the block from the house my father and step mother had bought eight years ago. When we looked it over before deciding on it, I noticed the laundry room in the back yard that was separate from the house. Later I would convince my father to let me use it as a bedroom.

Our first night there however I slept in the second room in the house. That night I couldn't shake the feeling that I was being watched and it was unnerving to close my eyes but I eventually got to sleep. When I finally settled in I had my bunk bed in the laundry room (-bedroom), it was white and the guard rail was bent where the bolts held it to the bed frame allowing it to rock back and forth when manipulated but leaned outward while at rest. Every night when trying to get to sleep I would hear a very very faint scratching in the upper corner closest to my head. It could only be heard in dead silence and went on constantly. I would lie there every night and listen to it trying to figure out what it could be but always falling asleep in mid thought. This went on for a good four to five months until one day my older brother was visiting from our mothers' house here in Vegas. We were both lying in bed, me on the top bunk and him on the bottom bunk, we were talking about the scratching that he insisted didn't exist when we finally fell asleep.

In the middle of the night I was awakened by something, a noise, but I thought absolutely nothing of it and instantly fell back to sleep. Not two minutes later I was awakened again by the sound of my guard rail bouncing to a rest. I opened my eyes just in time to see it bounce twice. Still I thought nothing of it and closed my eyes to go back to sleep. This time it was going to take a minute or two to fall asleep but before I fell asleep I heard the slow creaking of the rail lifting towards my face. This time I shot my eyes open in time to see it lift and watched it for about ten to fifteen seconds when it suddenly fell back to its resting place with a couple of bounces. I kept my eyes locked on the rail, my body frozen, my head perfectly still on the pillow and sure enough about a minute later the rail leaned back toward me. When I saw this I quickly sat up in my bed and watched it fall back to its resting position. This time when it fell I leaned over the rail to see if my brother was messing with me but he was facing the wall with his covers from head to toe snoring. I sat back on the bed once more to watch the rail rise and fall for a fifth time. I then grabbed the rail with my hands in an attempt to hold the bar steady. The strength that was moving the rail was too strong for my hands alone to hold down. The bar rose despite my efforts. When the force released it fell hard to its resting point because of the pressure I was putting on it. This time I leaned my whole body against the rail using the entirety of my body weight to hold the rail steady. I felt the rail struggling to move against my weight. It began to vibrate increasingly until soon the entire bed was shaking violently, then suddenly my brother yelled for me to stop shaking the bed, it was at this moment that the shaking ceased. I jumped off the bed and ran for the light switch and sat on the floor terrified and began to describe to my brother what had happened. He humoured me but I don't think he really believed me.

The next day I tried to describe to my father what had happened. He dismissed it easily saying it was the wind and my imagination. I tried to explain to him that the door and windows were closed and that a force of wind would have to be very strong to lift a five pound guard rail but he wouldn't have it. Needless to say I never set foot in that room again. What I didn't know was that I wouldn't be able to get away just by switching rooms. I started to sleep in the second room in the house.

A month or two later I had gotten up to hang out with my brother before he went to summer school. After he left I went back to sleep. I dreamt that I was running from something or someone. I would run into the front door of my house and out the back door across the back alleyway and back into the front door again in an endless loop like that for the longest time, the hole while there was a demonic laughter and what sounded like chains rattling. I woke up in sheer terror sitting up in my covers in an attempt to get out of the bed and get out of the house, but just as soon as I shot up in my covers the sheets tightened around me so tight that I was jerked violently back down on the bed, the laughter persisted even outside the dream, the violent pull to the bed seemed to humour whatever it was even more as the laughter got louder and more malevolent. Two split seconds after I was pulled down by my sheets I fell into a dreamless sleep. Which seemed impossible seeing as how hard my heart was beating and how upset I had been. After about an hour later I woke up again to the phone ringing, I rushed out of bed and answered the phone. It was my friend Jason, saying that he saw something weird in his room and wanted me to come over. I got dressed as fast as I could; feeling as though something in the house was staring at me with the illest of intentions. As I left the house I backed my way to the front door terrified to turn my back on the interior of the house. When I got out the front door I ran to the garage, grabbed my bicycle and began to ride to Jason's house. The feeling of being stared at didn't go away until the property was out of eye shot. After my visit to Jason's I sat on the front porch until my father came home from work. After that event I again thought that not sleeping in that room would change things. I started to sleep on the couch in the living room which led to the next event.

A month or two went by and we had adopted a puppy Rottweiler and a calico kitten. One night I was sleeping and was awakened by something. I lifted my head to look around. As my gaze met the vertical blinds at the front sliding glass door, they fell as if a split second earlier they were being held open by something. I dismissed it convinced that one of the animals had moved them as they walked by or something. At the same time as I made that conclusion I noticed the puppy was asleep at my feet and the cat was asleep on my chest, there was no explanation for the blinds moving, though after everything else that had happened to me, this was the least bothersome. Not much more happened for the four month remainder of our time there.

Thanks for reading my story. I look forward to reading your comments.

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chu_chu (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-21)
My friend jason thought he saw a rocking chair rocking on its own that day. I would have gone to his house even if he said there was a hell mouth in his room, just to get away from mine. But we moved out of that house soon after the event with the blinds. I haven't had any experiences like them since. Thank god, though sometimes I wish it would happen again now that I'm older I wonder how I would react. Hmm.
Sie (1 stories) (15 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-21)
Perhaps it's not connected, but to me it seems that everything stopped about the same time you got your animals. If so, I'm not suprised. Cats and dogs alike are considered to be guardians in several cultures.
Dan_Paranormal (1 stories) (74 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-19)
Wow what an experience you had in that house. I'm sorry to hear that you had to go through that. Was what your friend saw related to your experience? It wouldn't be the first time I've heard of something like that happening. I've heard before of psychic connections through close minds that have almost created a link between a paranormal experience from one individual to another. So what one experiences another can experience too. It's a rare phenomenon but it can happen never the less. Just curious if anything like that happened, if not don't worry. I was just wondering.

Sounds like your situation as a whole was based on something connected to the house but most likely took a great interest in you. You appeared to be the target of much of the abuse. Or just happened to be open minded enough to witness it making you the target for such a potent experience as you had in your dream. I hope that you've had no such negative experiences with the paranormal since.

Thank you for sharing your story. I hope all is well.
BlueTurtle (3 stories) (176 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-18)
It seems clear that your home is haunted. The guardrail doesn't really surprise me; the repetitive motions and the apparent intent on annoying you/waking you up. I feel terrible that you had to go through this and, worse, that no one believes you. But that's what we're all here for.
What was it that your friend Jason saw? Was it anything similar to your experience?
As far as your haunt goes, I would suggest looking up cleansing options for your home. One method, that's often shared by another on this site called Rookydin, lasts a couple of days depending, but isn't very involved. Merely requires open windows and maybe some candles to promote airflow during the day. It's worth a shot. Otherwise, try doing some research on the home or property. You might find something there that can help you.
ClooX (6 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-18)
first of all, I thought... Well, isn't this going to be a load of rubbish. Now I'm absolutely terrified!lools. How could you of handled all that? I get scared when the lights have flickered! ❤ ❤ 😳
Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-18)
Tis most intriguing- someone/thing was determined to play with that guardrail. I wonder why.

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