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Potential Specter Of The Combative Arts?


Since I was sixteen, I have had an immense fondness for martial arts. After joining an amazing Karate dojo in September of 2004, I have since achieved Black Belt status in Shotokan Karate, as well as the Fourth Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. I was granted the honor and privilege of competing at the US Open World Martial Arts Championships in Orlando, Florida on four separate occasions and even met Chuck Norris at the 2018 Montreal Comic Con. Martial arts and stories of the paranormal have always fascinated me and have made up a significant portion of my identity. However, I never would have suspected that at any point in time they would ever come together and coincide.

In March of 2020, around the time the Covid-19 pandemic started and lockdowns in my hometown of Kingston, Ontario began, I was limited to continuing my martial arts training online. Either through Facebook Live or Zoom. In June of that year, I decided to sign up for a virtual martial arts seminar in order to become introduced to a variety of new styles and to acquire additional training for my next Tae Kwon Do grading which was scheduled for the summer of 2021. The martial arts studio, located within the Greater Toronto Area, was vastly renowned for its high-quality teachings, as well as its commitment to offering lessons in multiple disciplines. This particular studio has won several awards over the span of nearly twenty years of operation and has gained an impressive reputation among other studios throughout Canada, the United States and even Europe.

The seminar began at around 6:30 that evening and our instructor began with an introductory kickboxing class. After nearly forty-five minutes of engaging in some intense cardio exercise and boxing drills, the instructor and his assistant decided to take a quick break. Our instructor then set his leather kicking paddle on top of his CD player located in the far right corner of the studio. As he momentarily glanced down at his phone, the kicking paddle mysteriously flew off the CD player, landing on the red foam mat roughly six feet away. It appeared as if somebody had deliberately slapped it off, perhaps in a fit of rage. The instructor and his assistant were evidently as perplexed as the participants watching from home. They stared intriguingly at the camera as reactions began flooding the comment section of the video.

As bizarre as the incident was, the instructor informed us that this was in fact a repeated occurrence. According to him, various items and training appliances had a peculiar tendency of abruptly flying off the tables and from off their hooks despite being physically untouched. One occurrence in particular included a padded vest meant to be worn during sparring bouts. Similar to the incident with the paddle, the vests would occasionally be flung from the wooden pegs they were diligently hung upon, despite the absence of any physical contact.

Could there be a rational explanation for these perplexing encounters, or is it possible that this well-known martial arts studio houses the spectral remains of an individual equally as enthralled with the combative arts as I have been throughout the span of nearly eighteen years? Should the latter prove to be the case, one thing is indeed plausible: though the spirit's identity may never be revealed, it seems reasonable to claim that it must have a keen fascination with martial arts to have selected this distinguished studio as its permanent residence.

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Rajine (14 stories) (827 posts)
2 years ago (2022-04-18)
Hi GingerRead

Seems like a ghost to me, maybe it's upset about something.
RCRuskin (9 stories) (829 posts)
2 years ago (2022-04-16)
Could there be? Yes. Is there?

A friend of mine, while a student at U of T, studied martial arts at some well regarded dojo. When I visited, though I'm not in training, but I should be. (round is a shape, right? 😁) We did some practice together.

So, I dunno. Maybe it is some former sensei still unhappy someone as incapable as me defiled the place? Would like to know more about the dojo generally.

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