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Something Is Not Right Here


This is only the second time I have posted anything, although I've had quite a few paranormal experiences so far. This one however is different,you'll see why.

So it all started when I was on holiday with my family. We had already been down south for roughly 8 days and we had just changed destinations for the last two days. My family doesn't like to stay put when we travel for vacation, we like to move around and stay in different places. Generally we spent 3 nights in one place then moved on to the next place we had booked.

So, we had just left Bailingup and we were headed down to Pemberton. If you are not from WA then these places are south of Perth roughly 7 or 8 hours south, if you drive. We had booked this lovely place to stay in. As you drove up the breakfast hall was in full view. It had an enourmous glass wall so you could see inside. The tables were set for tomorrow as we were arriving at about 4:30pm. In front of the breakfast hall was a grass lawn with birdbaths and birdfeeds so that the rainbow lorikeets could sit there all day. (These are a type of bird, again for those of you who don't know.) This was also where you checked in. I stayed in the car with my brother and sister while my parents got our room keys.

Now my account of this is only as I remember, I was only seven years old at the time but this is something I never forgot. My sister and myself are reguarded as the 'psychic' ones in our family, of course we aren't really but we are more attuned to things than our other family members. Also (I don't know if this happenes to anyone else?) I sometimes have these dreams of insignificant things, usually a conversation that when I wake up think nothing of it and then a few months later it will happen just as it did in my dream. This scared me a great deal the first time it happened and I didn't believe it was possible, neither did my family except for my sister, but I have met others who claim to have this ability as well. If only it were more useful.

Anyway, as I was saying, we waited in the car for my parents and sure enough they came back and we drove around the back of the hall to the houses. Each little house had its own number as ususal and they went in a sort of row. Ours was the last one, number 12, I believe. We unloaded our luggage from the car and hauled it to the front door. My dad unlocked the door and my mother, brother and himself stepped inside. For some reason I felt it necessary to pause outside. To my surprise my sister was left standing next to me as well. I had a bad vibe. The house was cold I could feel it VERY cold, much colder than outside (and it was winter) I was almost too scared to step in because I was afraid something would happen if I did. I didn't want to say anything because I knew my parents would just think ooohhh well shes a kid of course she's going to be scared. My sister seemed to be mimicking my expression but my parents were getting mad that the door was open so we went inside.

The moment I stepped in I KNEW we shouldn't be in there. My sister seemed to realize as well as she said "Mum, I don't like it in here, I think we should get a different house..." I couldn't believe it, she felt what I did and she was 16! Now I knew it wouldn't matter if I said anything "Yeah, I agree, it feels...weird." They just sighed and told us not to worry and to go and pick a room.

As we walked through the house together (myself and my sister that is) we were both very uneasy. I went to the opposite end of the house with her and found a room, that my brother had already claimed. "Arran can I sleep in here with you?" I asked, I knew my big brother would protect me and there WAS a bunkbed. "Sure." Elle (my sister) looked like she could cry.

She asked if I would come with her to find her a room and I agreed. By the time we did this there was only one room left. This room was the concentration of the bad energy. I didn't want to go anywhere near it. Elle asked me to help her unpack but I refused and ran back to my room. Elle put on a brave face and pretended to be fine, but I could tell she was scared. Her room was crepy in itself, it had an old cradle in there and it overlooked the lake, which in winter looked pretty miserable and bare.

As night came we ordered some food and watched TV, Elle and I, as uneasy as ever. Eventually we all became tired. I hugged everyone goodnight and set off to my room with Arran. I couldn't sleep, not at all. Arran fell asleep easily and quickly and soon the house went quiet. Even my room scared me, plus I was a child, so much more vulnerable to strange thoughts creeping into my already unsettled mind. I knew something was wrong with Elle. I could sense it. I wanted to get up SO badly to check on her but I couldn't bring my body to move I was too frightened. I willed the bad thoughts and feelings away telling myself that she would be fine.

The next morning I was awake early, but it was light. I could get up now and make sure she was OK. However as I moved down the hall towards her room, I got confused, I thought I could hear her farmiliar voice coming from my parents room. So I turned around and knocked on their door. Sure enough when it opened Elle was chatting to mum on the bed and dad embraced me in a hug. "Elle, why are you in mum and dads room?"

"Well...I got so scared." She looked pale and tired "There was something in my room..." she trailed off when my parents looked at her.

Later that morning Elle got sick, she had severe stomach pain and nausea (probably unrelated) but it caused our holiday to fall short and we headed home. Even now Elle at 23 refuses to talk fully about what happened that night, with me. She knows I believe her but I don't think she believes herself. Her and I are as thick as thieves and always will be but something scared her silly that night and I can't help thinking maybe I could have helped if I had just been brave enough to get up.

Needless to say Elle and I will NEVER be staying there again.

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DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-16)
Bonnie_13 I am from Perth aswell and am quite familiar with the areas you are talking about. Seems like this place has some bad energy attached to it, I'm sure it was very frightning indeed at that age. Please read the stories under my profile name I'm sure you will recognise the suburbs that are mentioned in them! 😁

Thanks for sharing.

Bonnie_13 (2 stories) (10 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-14)
Thankyou guys, and I'm sure your right indeed whatever was in there sure had an overpowering presence.
rath9375 (1 stories) (52 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-13)
I agree with BlueTurtle. I'm glad this was a one time thing. I hope your sister is able to deal with whatever happened and will be able to talk about it at some point.
BlueTurtle (3 stories) (176 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-13)
I'm glad that this was just a one-time thing, but unfortunate that it had to happen on vacation. As I'm sure you know, the cold is often associated with spirits. Their presence sucks the heat out of a space that they're in and, when you mentioned that you could feel the cold before you even stepped into the house, that meant that there were strong, if not many, spirits within that place.
I'm sorry this had to happen to you and your sister and I hope that you're both fine now. What a crazy experience...

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