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The Two Men In White Tuxedos


This happened a few days ago. It was about 3AM, I was home alone with my brother and our internet had ran out (we've got prepaid internet). There was nothing to watch on television, and my brother and I were bored.

I've got a Virginia Tech Massacre documentary on my iPod, and I asked my brother if he wanted to listen to it with me (because there was nothing else to do). About 15 minutes into the documentary, we both heard a loud crash. I asked my brother if he heard that sound, and he said "yes, do you want me to go and check it out?" And I said "no, just wait 5 minutes."

My brother turned his head to look down the hall. He was looking down the hall for about 5 minutes straight. It was getting weird, because he was just blankly starring down the dark hallway. He said "there's a person down there" and I said "What? Are you joking?" And he said "No."

The man was wearing a white tuxedo, with a button-up shirt underneath, a black tie, and black leather shoes. His face was distorted, almost as if a shadow was hiding his face. The man looked about 5'8 and had a slim-build.

My brother said that at first he thought there was an actual person in our house, but then... The man walked forward. My brother saw his legs move. The man stopped just out the front of my room, and vanished into a white mist. When the man walked forward, my brother had chills, like somebody had walked over his grave.

My brother turned his head to me, and looked back down the hallway again. This time, he said "there's 2 of them!" This time, the other man was taller. He was lanky, and had his hands in his pockets. He didn't move forward at all.

My brother would look away, and look back, and sometimes there would only be one man standing in the hall. Sometimes, they'd appear together. Both of the men's faces were distorted and black.

The following day, I went into my room and found out what the noise was. A garbage bag that I put up on my shelf had fallen down on the floor... What are the odds? The bag was on my shelf for a solid 4-5 months -- and only 1 bag fell down at 3am...weird!

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crecentblue03 (151 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-13)
I think those spirits you and your brother encountered were residual kind of reinacting something they did in the past over and over again. I wonder about the garbage bag do you remember a car or truck pass by at the time the vibration of a vehicle could cause it to fall. You may want to research your home maybe years ago there was a special advent that these men took part in and something happened I'd check it out if I were you could be very interesting what you find.

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