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Interesting Experiences At A Retirement Home


I have only had a few small scale paranormal encounters, or at the least unexplainable experiences, and they have occured at work. I work at a retirement home and recently have had three experiences that kind of took me by surprise.

The first experience was back in September, it was Labor day weekend and I was working a 6am to 2pm shift with two other ladies, Brittany and Phyllis. I work in the kitchen at the retirement home, and my department fixes trays for residents in the medical unit, which includes residents who need more help doing things, who's dementia is getting worse, and residents who may have fallen and are in the process of recovering. We also have an assisted living unit that we serve, but I'll explain that later.

When we fix the trays we have an assembly line set up. One person starts by taking the trays off the carts and puts on the juices, appetizers, salads, desserts -whatever it may be depending on the meal and what the menu says, but it is typically the extra stuff that's cold. Another person on the opposite side of the line actually fixes the plate, and finally a third person stands at the end of the line and checks to make sure that everything that is on the menu is on the tray and they put it back on the cart to be wheeled down to the unit. I hope I explained that so that it makes sense.

Anyway that particular morning, we had a few minutes before it was time to start serving and Brittany had gone to the bathroom and Phyllis was walking towards the back of the kitchen for whatever reason, so I was standing at the end of the line, somewhat in my own world, waiting to start serving. Suddenly I swear I heard someone say my name, "Rea." I turned around, thinking Brittany was back from the bathroom, but she wasn't. I glanced around the kitchen to see if I could see anyone who had just called me but the kitchen was empty at that particular moment (I would expect the cooks who were there were probably out on the dock taking a smoke break). I probably wouldn't have given it another thought, except almost a minute later I got this eerie sensation of someone standing directly behind me and an image of a resident who I know very well popped into my head. But the image and the feeling of someone behind me dissapated just about as fast as it had come.

That experience alone was enough to snap me out of my own world and made me alert, but interestingly enough, the lady who I had pictured in my head ended up going to the hospital later that day. Thankfully it was nothing serious, and she is fine now, but it definetly gave me chills.

My other experiences are really just small occurences that have happened while I was at work. I have been in the assisted living dining room getting ready to serve lunch and heard someone say something only to find that I was alone in the room.

I have been walking down a completely empty hallway and suddenly have the sensation that its crowded with people.

I've had dreams about residents either right before they died or right after, actually one time I had just pulled up at work and for whatever reason felt this huge sigh of relief. I found out later that morning that a resident who had been on the brink of death for a while had died.

Another thing that I have noticed is when something bad happens to a resident, I start feeling drained. Back a few months ago, I was present when a lady fell in the dining room, and I began to feel sick in my stomach. She ended up going to the hospital for some tests just to make sure she was okay, and she appeared to be in good spirits as she was wheeled away, waving and smiling at me and my co-workers and others that were around. The whole rest of the day I felt very tired, the lady ended up dying a few days later due to bleeding in the brain from the fall.

Another time, I was taking a cart down to the personal care dining room to set up for lunch, as I was coming up the hall a lady that I love dearly had apparently passed out -I'm not sure what had happened- and was lying in the floor. The nurses had cleared the area around her so the paramedics could easily get to her when they arrived, and were then trying to get other residents away and calmed down. All day I had felt fine and happy and full of energy, but when I walked up and saw that lady on the floor like that I swear I felt energy leaving my body. I felt so drained the rest of the day and aggitated. Thankfully that lady ended up being alright, I am still not sure what exactly happened.

I have one other experience but I'll make it a different story since this is already pretty long. Thank you for reading and any insight or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!


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luckkyme (6 stories) (63 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-06)
Yeah! Kind of, its all relatively new to me. Actually I got a book by Michelle Belanger -I don't know if you're familiar with her but she is an "experienced energy worker" and she wrote a book called The Psychic Codex and its full of exercises to help you become more aware of the subtle senses and energy. I had been reading that and doing the exercises pretty regularly when I had these experiences. I need to start reading again, things have been hectic for a while but I would love to start that again because it was very fascinating in many ways. I feel like I'm rambling now hah, but yes in answer to your question, I can feel those types of things too. 😊
anneke8 (10 stories) (274 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-06)
Rea, I would just walk into a room, and 'feel' the atmosphere. No one else will feel it (except for my mother). You can just feel how a person feels, not even looking at them. Someone can come stand next to me in a shop, I won't even see how he looks, but I will just feel a good vibe, as if I would like to go and speak to that person or a bad vibe as if I want to run away, sometimes the vibe is just neutral, but still there... I guess you can feel things like this too?
luckkyme (6 stories) (63 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-03)
Thanks for that article Jav, that's so interesting to me. I've never really thought of myself as an empath but I suppose it's possible. I'm very open minded to pretty much anything. And to me it is fufilling, because I feel like I'm able to help the residents' or at the very least be able to relate to them. Sometimes that's all it takes to make them happy. At the same time it can be draining too, so I am very grateful you shared that article with me!:) Thanks.
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-03)
You do seem to have all the symptoms of an empath. I'm leaving a link to an article from one of the sister sites. I hope it will help.


Thank you for sharing,
Jav ❤
venky (1 stories) (48 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-03)
Nice man two stories Interesting Experiences and Lucy. WOW I thought everyone is posting there experience with nonhuman entity but now I came to know guys are trying to be a author. Cool keep going I have a dozens of stories then but don't have time to post all that things. Anyway cheersssssss 😜
shellzy (8 stories) (218 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-02)
It looks to me as though you are an empath. We all feel emapthy in our lives for others but I feel that you may experience this on a more intense level than the average person. Working in a nursing home would certainly increase this "ability" as such. You sound like an extremley caring and nuturing person and your profession is well suited to you! 😊
luckkyme (6 stories) (63 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-02)
Thanks Argette!:) That is an interesting thought, about reacting viscerally to their needs. That could be, I do feel like I am rather empathetic to the residents, I definetly have a place in my heart for them. I think it to have that ability to sense them even after they have passed would be so cool, so I will certainly continue researching energy and different ways to strengthen those senses.:)
Argette (guest)
11 years ago (2012-02-02)
Rea, it sounds as though you are very much attuned to the safety and well-being of the residents. Kudos to you for that! I'm wondering if that connection you have somehow allows you to pick up on their needs and react viscerally when they are in danger. Sensing a hall filled with people make she think you are attuned to those who have passed on, too.

Thank you for posting here!

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