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Was I Possessed?


About two years ago I moved in with a friend, Curt, fully aware that his house was haunted. I had stayed the night a few months prior being woken up to singing and muffled conversation. At first we thought it was his mother, but upon further inspection she had already left the house for work.

Having heard all the stories of his personal experiences it was easy to understand that nothing malicious was living in the house. Months of living with him proved that there was nothing to be truly afraid of, until one night that I will remember for the rest of my life. I slept in the same room as Curt on an air mattress at the foot of his bed. The events of the daytime are so insignificant that I can't even recall what happened before going to bed that night.

I fell asleep with my right arm under my pillow and my left side facing Curt's bed. I am uncertain of the time in which the following events occurred. I awoke briefly (later recalling seeing a pair of feet directly in front of me) and shortly drifted back to sleep, only to awake again with my arms extended out and the top half of my body up on Curt's bed as if I was climbing onto his bed. All I remember is being confused as how I had gotten there then quickly being thrown down to my bed by an unseen force, followed by screaming. It felt as if something was sitting or standing on me. I could feel myself getting hit (which I figured out later was my arms and legs flailing) and all I could think was "What is going on?". I thought my eyes were open but I could not see anything and all I could hear was the screaming not knowing who it was.

It was me screaming the whole time. I only stopped after hearing Curt shout "Dude" at me several times. Nothing like that had ever happened to me nor happened since. After the encounter I felt like something was still there watching. This feeling lasted for more than a week before disappearing. Nothing of the sort had happened in the house before and anything paranormal had been nonviolent.

I have tried to make sense of what happened many times and I can only think of two possibilities. Either a spirit of some sort was attempting to possess me, or I was simply attacked by a spirit. But however I look at it, whatever attacked me was not in that house prior to that night, and left shortly after. Some people have speculated that it may have been a small seizure or panic attack, but they did not witness what happened. Not even Curt woke up until I started screaming. I saw what I saw and felt what I felt. The feeling of being pulled and slammed down is a very distinct feeling and not being able to fight back most surely is terrifying.

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rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-24)
AidenMack, stated...

"Dont let anyone have you second guess your experience. Sure, if something else is the culprit, then it should be debunked."

How can the 'debunk' happen if other individuals do not 'second guess' what may have been the cause of the O/P's 'experience'?

'There is no reason to doubt it was paranormal'?

JessicaWishon seems to have presented some pretty strong reasons why this 'experience' may not have been paranormal... And they must be considered and ruled out before the O/P's experience can be considered PARANORMAL.

Just Saying. 😲


AidenMack (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-24)
Oh and, paranormal things can happen without warning. Just because nothing violent happened before or since does not mean it was not paranormal activity.

Such an opinion is close minded and dismissive.

People going through traumatic events like this don't need to be talked down to, they need to be understood. And there is no reason to doubt it was paranormal.
AidenMack (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-24)
Dont let anyone have you second guess your experience. Sure, if something else is the culprit, then it should be debunked. But it seems as if some people here don't want to accept that you had a genuine paranormal experience.

You even said the house is haunted. Believe me, what you think happened is indeed what happened.

Again, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
JessicaWishon1989 (6 stories) (57 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-27)
I have recorded myself asleep. I did so as a self study, to see what I was doing during the night to cause my hard, groggy and sometimes painful mornings.

I have done this on 3 occasions. And all three, my fiance magically relocates himself to the middle of the bed, inching closer to me. I like my space when I am falling asleep... I usually don't like to be touched or messed with. Turns out, even my subconscious doesn't like this either. So every time he would inch closer to me, I'd inch further away. On one occasion (not recorded) I even fell out of the bed during a very vivid dream. I thought that I was being pushed in my dream, and it seemed so real that I actually fell out of bed.

Anyways, the recorded sleep sessions showed me, rising up in the middle of the night. I do not recall ever doing this, So I take it I would rise in discomfort and try to reposition myself.

My mom has told me of accounts of sleepwalking when I was a toddler, maybe 3 or so. I was rise out of my bed and walk into the living room while she was still up watching t.v or doing whatever. She would have the feeling of someone watching her and turn to where she felt the presence was. It would always be me.

The first couple times that I scared her, she shouted my name, "Jessie... Go back to bed!" I would fall to the floor and start to cry. Mom said I always seemed to be confused. She would comfort me until I was asleep again and carry me to bed. At that time, my older brother and I shared a bedroom. If I were 3, he was 4 going on 5... Or depending on which month of the year it was, as we are 18 months apart. My mom tells me of accounts my brother and I had of talking to each other. One night, he I were talking. To mom, it sounded like we were still awake. Being so young, we were always made to turn in early around 7:30-8 o'clock. So, mom would go in our bedroom to surprise us, to let us know she knew we were still awake. She'd flip on the light, "GO TO SL..." She'd look at us, and we were both still asleep. This happened on several occasions. And one night, mom finally was able to see us talking while we were still fast asleep.

To this day, put my brother and I in the same room, asleep. We'll still talk to each other. My parents are divorced. So every other weekend we'd go to our dad's house. And we shared a room there until they moved to West Virginia. So until I was 13... He might of been 14 going on 15. We were only there two nights every 2 weeks, and my dad only had a 2 bedroom house, so this was the only option... Even at our teenage years. My dad was a correctional officer. So he'd have to get up really early for work. And he'd hear my brother and I talking. He too would walk in our room to find us fast asleep. My brother and I would be so intune with each other, One would ask a question, the other would answer. Our uncle said sometimes we asked and answered math questions in our sleep. Anyways... Point in me sharing this relates to my recorded sleep sessions.

In my recordings, I have gotten up... Walked out of the bedroom, then back in the bedroom. And I have recollection of this what so ever! In the other two recordings, I didn't do any of this. I would talk in my sleep as well.

Sometimes I wonder if ever, I start talking in my sleep, If my brother whom lives 38 miles away from me talks to me in his sleep! I wonder, even against our lengthy distance if my brother and I still communicate in our sleep toward each other. He and I are very close, as most of things that happened to us in life, happened to both of us. Our mom and dad's divorce. Our ghostly encounters... Growing up together, he was and still is my best friend!

Anyways, point being... Just because you record one night... Doesn't mean you'll get the same answer for every night that you fall asleep!
Nicapol (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-27)
I should have mentioned in my story that I do not sleepwalk, I do not move from the position I fall asleep in, nor do I talk in my sleep. I have recorded myself sleeping before and know this for a fact.

I am aware of sleep paralysis and am still freaked out when it happens to me but this was no such incident.
JessicaWishon1989 (6 stories) (57 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-27)
There are many explanations one could give. But, when You sleep... An array of amazing things happen. And all we know of are dreams. And more than the half the time, as soon as the dreamer awakes, the dream is nearly forgotten. Only remembering bits and pieces of the dream! But that is just one thing that happens when we sleep.

Have you ever seen the swirly colored images behind your eyelids just as you're falling asleep? I see this all the time. That your mind preparing for rest, Preparing for the best time of the 24 hour span. Our sleep is miraculous. Chemicals are released into our body. Have you ever woke up with achy muscles? 9 times out of ten, People will assume that their aches and pains are coming from the mattress they sleep on. However, only about 5 times out 10, is this the case. When you drift into slumber, Your Body becomes Paralyzed. LITERALLY! Paralysis happens when you have no control over your body. It doesn't always mean that you can not move. When you sleep, your right and realist mind sleeps too. Your brain and it's chemicals take over. Allowing you to dream. Allowing you to do whatever it is you do during sleep. The only way to know what we really do, is if we recorded ourselves sleeping. I am not trying to say that you have experienced isn't supernatural... I am just trying to weigh out options. If you know without a doubt that you were 100% alert and awake during this time, this may be different. You, Climbing half way on Curt's bed, is nothing more then what happens when sleep happens. That's why people sleep walk, or talk in their sleep. Some people sleep with their eyes wide open. Do I think you were possessed? NO! Do I think this could be ruled out by a logical explanation? YES! Though I may not have all the information or the answer you or I are looking for... I do think that what happened to you that night is nothing more then sleep Paralysis. The thrashing and kicking... You said yourself that the punches and hurt you were receiving were done by your own hands. You did say the screams you were hearing were done by your own mouth. Then how do you not know for a fact that what you were feeling was nothing more then your body reacting to what happened while you were sleeping. We dream every night, Our sub-conscience dreams. And even sometimes while we are dreaming... Our conscience doesn't see the dream. That is why you hear people say they don't dream or they don't remember their dreams, Or you hear people saying oh they haven't dreamt in a while. Truth is... Everybody dreams, every night!
adsouza (guest)
12 years ago (2012-03-27)
Upon reading your account again, I have a strong feeling that this may not be paranormal stuff - simply because nothing violent happened prior to, and after this event.

Again - this is my opinion.
adsouza (guest)
12 years ago (2012-03-27)
Nicapol - What I am going to say is a bit confusing for me as well, so feel free to shoot your questions right back.
Two dreams at the same time seen by two individuals due to an insignificant event during the day. Reaction time would be in seconds because the brain works faster while one is asleep. Have you thought about it from this perspective that you both may have been dreaming and the feeling of someone standing/ sitting on you would actually be Curt. Also you landing on your bed at the foot of his bed could be Curt kicking you in the midriff. And you screaming is what woke both of you, leaving you confused. Add to that the paranormal presence in the house may have clouded out the thought process.

I am not negating anything that you say. Only that this is one possibility and I know this because I had my jaw broken many years ago... 😊

Of course, it is a very complex phenomenon to understand and I know I may end up confusing you. Feel free to shoot back.


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