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Haunted, Possessed Or Gifted?


Hey, I really do not know where to begin with any of this, a lot of "unexplained" goings on has happened to me or even those around me since I was born and when I say a lot, I do mean "A LOT". I remember different things that have happened to me at different times - there is too many to count and it all seems so natural now therefore if there is any questions feel free ask me and I will get back to you with a yes or no:)

My name is Tristan, I was born in Wythenshawe (Manchester, UK) - I can only write notes/events that I can remember.

At birth I died Twice, I was an unplanned baby

Went Purple blue and stopped breathing

Millions of pin pricks appearing all over the walls

TV and all electrical appliances including lights flickering on and off

Attic Hatch Kept opening

A blessing of the house was going to be made but never happened

Moved to Whitehaven, UK when I was 1

House on Crummock, I was roughly 5/6 walking up a road in front of my house, mum was looking out of the window to make sure I get to the top of the road to my nanas house fine, I look back to check if shes still looking, look forward and there are multiple people walking around me, sat on doorsteps and playing hopscotch etc, look back at my mum feeling shocked and scared, look forward and there was no one in sight.

One day on a bike ride with my old friends Luke and Stephen on the coastal bath not much further than 1 mile from the house, it was quite late at night, there is a cliff called St. Bees head - I saw a white figure in the distance on the cliff walking towards the edge, the man/woman - even though I am adamant it was a woman, she must have been there at the edge for a few minutes (I was taking a breather at this point whilst my friends were already riding ahead. The woman then jumped and went through the water- no ripples or anything.

I then started to feel as if there was something following me, from then even until this day. (also something about shadows that scares me)

I have had contact verbally and physically with many again too many to count

Every house I have been to has had up to 12 living in each one.

I have a number "5" shaped vein at the top of my leg.

There has always been drawing pins and glass appearing even after hoovering and cleaning, they would be sticking up right from the floor, doors would slam in my mums face when I leave, or she would get locked in the rooms, all is fine when I get back.

When I would go to have a bath there would be a little girl noise - crying and laughing running up and down outside

One day, in a rush to go down town, come downstairs from my bedroom (my bedroom was opposite the bathroom), running down the stairs and there was a loud bang as if someone had to just put a wrecking ball on the house. I checked it out, there was a HUGE triangle hole in the wall of my bathroom, and the attic latch in this house/every other house would keep opening,

In a different house in the same area, only just moved in with my mum, I was in bed (on the floor in the living room) and a black figure kept moving towards me very slowly each time I looked at it - I woke my mum up on the sofa next to me, to turn the light on ASAP as I was unable to for how close this figure was towards me

Can always hear furniture such as wardrobes and beds upstairs lifting up and all dropping roughly about the same time

, then more running upstairs - both of us would naturally look at the ceiling downstairs and follow with our eyes.

I have been followed by in graveyards, old buildings etc

(New House move in Blackpool) I would watch an old rope cable in the corner of the living room move side to side, lift up and tie in to a knot and each morning there would be a perfectly snapped off bit of rope on the floor. P.S the rope is strong and not easily broke.

Painting the wall and slowly a huge imprint of a face began to appear on the wall

Caught many photos of in the houses on old phones, not sure if I am able to recover/find them now.

Me and my mother would normally say something wither a sentence or a name or number and it would then be spoken or seen in multiple places.

Random objects in each house would be moved, half of the time we would think we have simply miss placed them however we got passed that stage and made sure everything is put in precise places and still get moved when coming back home.

Sometimes can hear faint whispers, I have to keep asking the person next me what did they say, but they didn't say anything, So now I try not to bother asking.

One day I woke up to scratch marks on my back in Blackpool, then so did my mother.

Marton Drive House, Blackpool - I was home with my niece - 4 at the time - we were in the kitchen we were playing then the next moment I felt like I was being strangled and then it was almost like an outer body and I dare to say I was possessed - I could feel my arms and legs going weak and then seeing them moving and my head was moving - I WAS NOT IN CONTROL - I could perfectly see everything - they were my own eyes (I had control of my eyes) but nothing else on my body - so vulnerable! And then its stopped - It must have lasted 5 minutes - I just remember fighting for control

Since growing up everyone who got close to me (not family) started to die...

A friend in primary school, who was new to the area, called Wayne - I was in charge of showing him around and being his friend, the next day he was swimming in the ocean and he got crushed in to the rocks.

My nursery teacher, who said she would have adopted me if she could - died in a fatal horror car crash outside my aunties house.

My primary school headteacher Mr Maron died, not long after his mother died.

My secondary school head teacher Mr Condron died

My geography teach, I was his fave pupil - (he was also head of sixth form center) he died

My friend Keiran - I pierced his lip in the park - the next day he died in a school bus crash

I could carry on but there is a lot more...

I have been abducted by fairies in the Isle of man - "thats a long random " although very similar to this on going dream I had been having as a child that went on for about 1 month continuously, which was an outer body and then I would be leaving my body with this hand hold of me with a tight grip, I would be flying over my old town and over the ocean.-

A good friend of mine and my mothers who is also witch, said that I have this blue light around me an I am protected, something may want my vessel but can't get it - she also says that I am extremely gifted and I don't realize how strong I am.

Trust me when I say - I know for a fact that I have missed out so so much, but I'm hoping I'm going to get a lot of questions/answers and hopefully someone can maybe tell me what is going on because I haven't got a clue.

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RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-14)

I don't know what to say about this, except to say when I read this last night I fell asleep no less than 5 times.

My feeling is all those deaths were a coincidence otherwise a lot more deaths or nobody would go near you.

There are a lot of flights of fancy in your story, you are all over the place. I am going to agree with Paul you need to seek medical help.

I apologize if I hurt your feelings, that was not my intent. But I don't believe that everything in this story to be true.

triden07 (70 stories) (279 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-12)
dear tristanparker
Reading this gave me chills. Whilst you may be affected on a level that may need medical attention, I do fully believe that you are caught in one hell of a paranormal battle. I have trusted telling a close friend about experiences I have had and he suggested I might have some sort of a mental problem. I was so insulted.

Given the fact that you can name so many things, you either are a higher level medium or there is something working through you, either way, you are surrounded with paranormal activity, and it seems it has been carried over from your mom as she has experienced a lot of what you have.

What concerns me is that you either see random flashes of what seems to be residual hauntings, or very negative things happen to you. Even with the blue light around you and seeming protection, you still seem to be a beacon for the paranormal.

You may need to seek help from someone who is completely educated in the paranormal, who can identify with what you have experienced and give you help to either understand it, banish it, or accept it and grow what seems to be profound paranormal intuition. Whichever road you choose to follow needs to be what you want. As I have been warned, once you really embrace your gifts you open yourself up to good and bad, and that scares the daylights out of me.

I really do hope you get the insight you need

Paul1977 (13 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-11)

I sympathise with you for what your going through.

I don't believe for one minute its paranormal. I do believe you need to seek medical help though my friend

God bless
StoryGirl (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-10)
Hi Tristan,

I just read your story. And the first thing I felt was NOT good.
You are in serious trouble. There is someone/something with you, who want to hurt you by killing people you see as friends.
If I where you I would find someone who can help you with this.
If you won't get help with your bad energy, it will go on and on and on...

I think I know what is with you. Its a bad spirit. It is trying to make you weak. Do not let it get you down!

I hope you can do something with my tips.

(if I made mistakes with the grammar, I am sorry. English is not my first languagešŸ˜Š)

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