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I'm Being Followed By Something Very Dark


I never thought that I was sensitive to the paranormal, although there are certain places that creep me out to the point that I feel as if I want to leave very quickly. One instance is when I was younger my father was a pastor who specialized in casting out demons of the local Native American population (well for the most part, some others but mostly troubled, alcoholic or just crazy people... Usually ended up being the folks connected with Native American "curses" and such.) I noticed that my father never, ever used his study and I myself would only go in there to get out a book to read during church services. I would bolt in there, quickly select a book (whilst the hair all over my body stood up and I became cold and chilled) and literally run out. I never mentioned this to anyone when eventually my mother (also a devout christian) went in the room and declared that there was a demon in there. They then "exorcised it."

I have had similar experiences in another small town where I lived with a lot of history. Such as running across this old bridge near my house, I would always full on sprint through there. I never saw anything out of the ordinary, just would feel uneasy occasionally. To include lots of occasions in the very old boarding house I lived in as a kid, just terrified to be in the hallway alone and I would turn off the lights upstairs before frantically running down the stairs. In that house, I would also experience such sorrow. I was a very depressed little kid and I would lay in my bed at night crying for no reason. I always felt like I was being watched and could never wait to go to school. My entire family bickered constantly complete with crazy behavior like screaming at each other or even using violence. This was consistent through my whole childhood until my parents split up and then it was only at my father's house. My mother now goes on about how she doesn't understand why everyone had to raise their voices through all those years.

After my parents split at 15 nothing scary happened. I was pretty happy and lived with my grandmother, a good lady in a normal house with no bad feelings. I graduated, joined the military and ended up overseas. I began feeling very sad again and began to drink. A lot. I had a shipmate and roomate who was a weird kid. She told me one day that my energy, my 'aura' was filthy and appaulling. I eventually allowed her to clean it. Suddenly, I had no desire to drink for the most part for almost 4 years. Fell in love, lost a ton of weight, knew crazy happiness and got married.

I then went to Washington DC, hung out there apart from my husband for about 6 months and one day fell out of love with him. I then began to drink, slowly but surely until we were divorced and I became a full on alcoholic. Ended up voluntarily going to rehab in 08 and when I became sober I realzed how creepy my house was. Right before my husband and I split I got into collecting antiques, for our "beautiful house together".

I never thought my house was haunted until I started not being able to sleep at night being creeped out and I really felt it strong in my walk-in closet. Then stuff started happening such as one night I was asleep and suddenly I heard all of this banging. My cat was curled up beside me at this time. I shot out of bed and investigated to find that all of my shampoo bottles, soap bottles etc were in my bathtub. All of them, like 8 or 9 bottles.

There was another instance in which I was lying in bed at night and suddenly there was this loud, intense scratching all over my bedroom furniture, nightstands, dresser etc. I flippin' lost it, and slept on the couch. I hated going home, I always just wanted to drink drink drink so I couldn't feel it but I never did. Eventually, I ended up relapsing and drank for an entire weekend. At the end of the weekend, I was lying in bed with the saddest most desolate feeling. Suddenly, I felt very cold as if something horrible were snuggling up against me. My heart started beating faster and I felt such sorrow. It was then that the thought of suicide crossed my mind as an option.

I got up, called my boss (who happens to be an recovered alcoholic, that's why they moved me to her dept so she could look out for me), told her that I had relapsed and that I was scared. She told me to go to work and wait so I did. It just so happened that the friend from Okinawa who had fixed my energy was now stationed at the same command and we had become really great friends. She insisted that I live with her and her husband for my last 3 months at that command. I slept on her couch and felt such peace. Never wanted to drink, not once.

I went back overseas to a ship that stays deployed for 9 months out of the year. No experiences on the ship. But when we come home... My house man. That cold feeling is back hard core. Now, it comes up on me randomly. Once while I was drying my hair... A few times in bed. I eventually drank again and I would get that same hopeless feeling. The sadness was unspeakable. Sometimes that sadness came when I wasn't hungover as I didn't drink all of the time.

I took leave for 2 weeks and it began to come to me all of the time. I would sit on my couch... Sober... For hours and just cry. I would cry and cry and cry, it was crazy. I began to worry about dying alone. I tried to leave and go to the gym but I couldn't stop crying on the way there. I drove back bawling the whole time. That was last time we were home.

This time, well... That feeling is now not only causing me chills all the time... It follows me around my house. It stays with me, and I feel it when it comes. The chills are so intense that it hurts, my body hurts. I feel it watching me. Last week I was trying to sleep. I could not sleep, no matter what I did even taking benadryl. I went to sleep on my couch. I have an ottoman with a decorative birdcage on it in my livingroom. Suddenly, it flew off violently, even though I was no where near it, no windows were open, no pets and I watched in horror as it came to a halt... Then jerkily moved swiftly again as if someone had kicked it and it flew into my kitchen. I calmly got up, got dressed and came back to the ship. I am able to sleep on the ship fine.

I then began to think that maybe it was something I owned, thinking of the timeframes of everything starting. I got rid of most of the antiques, with the exception of some candle holders, I had a friend over who helped me bless my house with sage. The cold feeling came to him so intensely, he was thouroughly freaked out. We took the "haunted items" in my car to dispose of them and that flippin coldness and goosebumps stayed with us very strongly until we dumped the stuff, yes, that thing was definitely in my car, then on the drive home and at home, the feeling was gone. I had friends over that night and no one felt anything.

The next night however, returning alone, oh my god it was so much stronger, intensely intensely strong, following me around and this time I felt that it was mocking me. I went to use the restroom and my entire roll of toilet paper was in a pile on the ground from the holder. No pets, no windows open. All the way down to the brown paper core, it was just sitting there. I was pissed, started threatening it and went to go to sleep. No sleep, came back to the ship. I have a grandfather and uncle both who died of alcoholism and I know that it runs in my blood. I wonder if one of them are torturing me to try and get me to stop?

You guys, judging from these stories I know it will just get worse. I am afraid to go home. I am in Japan where there aren't any American speaking clergyman. I have to do it alone. Rook's method? I don't want to anger it anymore and I don't know if I'm strong enough spiritually to properly execute such a ritual.

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MetalGuru666 (1 stories) (16 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-03)
Spirits-demons specifically, attach themselves to morally weak and conflicted people. You stated that you only noticed this entity once you divorced your husband and started drinking. The entity is feeding off your negative energy/addiction problems and becoming stronger as you become weaker. I would seek out a shaman or monk asap to cleanse your house and possibly even to exorcise you since you entered what you described to be a "possessed room" when you were younger; you could have been possessed all these years but your divorce and drinking are what activated it.
LovePower (7 posts)
11 years ago (2012-05-04)
I have to say the only thing that works against an evil entity is the power of love. They can't freaking stand it! Not self love though, they'll use that stuff against you. It has to be universal (Agape love), like Christ and Buddha. You should commune with the Great Spirit and ask for divine love and protection. Meditate on this often if you can. Try channeling a loving energy, and use it on everyone and everything around you. You must picture it in your mind and practice it often.
If you start creating a loving environment, chances are they'll get sick of it and leave you alone. There would be no one they can make miserable so they'll find an easier target. If you react to them or anyone with anger or fear it will only make it worse. In fact, you may attract more of it!
So when anything comes around, hit it with a wave of love. Tell it you are a loving being and respect the space of all of God's creatures. Tell it you forgive it. Tell it you will pray for their soul, and ask them to find God's love. That should do it.
Never back down and keep pushing the love on all people, animals, and spirits... 😁
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-09)

I'm retired Navy... If you have any questions... Any at all please post them here or contact me via my E-mail address on my profile. I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Jav is right... My Method is 'non-confrontational' in nature and should not 'cause' any trouble.


Rook (E-6 (East Coast) Retired US Navy)
Mannerizms (10 stories) (172 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-08)
First and foremost, Thank you for your services!

I am going to say it sounds like something wants you. And not in a good way either, no matter what your religion is find someone you know can help you. Smudging with Sage or placing kosher salt in all corners and of course carry holy water wherever you go. Just keeping it on you and placing in all over you home home may help a bit and push it back a bit more. But I would say anything Rook recommends he wouldn't tell others to do it if he thought you couldn't just put your mind to it and be very adamant about it!

I will be sending positive vibes you way! And congrats on trying to stay sober! It is very difficult, it runs in my family as well and know the difficulties with it, once this is gone you will be stronger than ever!

Stay safe! ❤
chingvang559 (42 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-08)
Maybe it's a Japanese demon or ghost to strong for the regular old cleansing and holy water, sage, etc. I'm Asian and have heard lots of stories about hauntings so strong that must be defeated by a monk or shaman. That's just my suggestion, especially since your in Japan maybe go seek a budhist monk?
Sunju (14 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-07)
It sounds more like a poltergeist. Poltergeists used to be looked at as angry, powerful, violent spirits capable of interacting with the physical realm. The phenomenon is now more popularly viewed as a psychokinetic event perpetrated, unknowingly, by the victim. Priests have no last effect on it, exorcisms, prayers, it can cause even more pronounced events, it can make them go away for a time, but they return again and again. That wouldn't occur if it were something unholy. Chances are the effects that are documented are caused by the psychological effects these rituals have on the victim / psychokinetic. I'd go see a psychiatrist to go over the non-supernatural stuff in your life and not just your drinking. Don't expect to be levitating objects at your command either, these events occur free of conscious interaction, even occurring while the victim is asleep. Regardless of reality of what it is you're experiencing, finding a plateau of emotional stability, self confidence and freedom from your fears will change your life and put a stop whatever is happening. Maybe take some time off to find a guru to help teach you to close yourself off from the paranormal or to come to terms with your emotional burdens. Good Luck:)
pinkparrot6202 (41 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-07)
Javelina is right, overall the writer spent time writing and expecting something good.

I really love this story it made me so into it my mother said you have been reading it for hours
😜 😆 ❤
RainLilly (36 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-07)
Annie, firstly thank you for your bravery and service. It's a big commitment soldiers make to serve their country, and I appreciate what you do for all of us.
This friend you mentioned who helped you so much with the energy clearing and giving you a place to stay, is she aware that you are still going through this? She seems like a good person to talk to. After all, you know her, you trust her, and she's cleared your aura before. It seems likely that she would have some knowledge for cleansing your home as well. Get with her, ask her to clear your house and to teach you how to as well. Having that knowledge will increase your confidence level and make you less appealing to this thing that's plaguing you. Nasty entities prefer to prey on people who feel helpless before them, and you are far from helpless. You just haven't learned yet how to deal with this variety of enemy. It can be fought, it can be defeated, and you can accomplish this.
If you can't get in touch with your friend, give Rook's method a try. So many people here swear by it, and although I haven't used it I have used a similar enough method to say that Rook's plan is sound. I understand where you're coming from when you say you don't know if you're strong enough spiritually to perform the cleansing yourself, but I believe you are. It's when faced with obstacles that people realize how strong they truly are. You're here, looking for help, and that indicates that you're ready to tear down this obstacle. Your readiness shows your strength.
Blessings ❤
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-07)
~~~~~~~~~~!NOTICE TO FURTHER POSTERS!~~~~~~~~~~

Please let up on the lectures on the "other" demon alcohol, huh? I have to believe the author is aware of her problems both past and on into the future. After all, she said as much. Let's see about helping her get loose of the trigger alright? This sounds like the express lane for the "shame on you" crowd.
I know you mean well, but let's all stick to the paranormal now, okay? Give her some breathing room, and try not to send her back empty handed. Please?

Jav 😐
Ghostbeliever5 (8 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-07)
i feel really sorry for you from the bottom of my heart, I hope your ok! Anyway alcohol does not solve ANYTHING! 1 of the reasons why the spirits are being cold to you is because they don't want a alcoholic in there house! The only think it does it, it ruins your life! I you think about it you have waste so much time already unless you want to die?!?!? I suggest you bless your place or believe in god ❤
supernaturalservices (86 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-07)
First of all thanks for your service. In order to weaken and clear this thing I recommend strong prayers, such as saying out loud psalm 91 and 71. But more importantly it is important for you to get help for your drinking. Drinking opens doors for stuff like this. If you want more help than that feel free to pm me.

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Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-07)
Cohendy (1 stories) (20 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-07)
I have but one question about your statement: You've been in many places and almost each time you end up in a place where something visibly wants to make you feel miserable. Do you feel that it has been the same thing following you over the years and appearing as soon as a place gives it the opportunity or do you simply feel that you are attracting whatever was already here when you arrived (that is, a different entity each time)?

I would be interesting to find out, so you'll know if something is attached to you or if you just randomly attract them.

And as crescent13 said, alcool and adduction are others demons, I hope you can rid yourself of them and find the strength to fight whatever is cursing you.
crecentblue03 (151 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-07)
I don't want to preach to you but, the drink itself is a demon. My own son deals with this demon. One night when he was 21 he went to a going away party at his older brothers house he drank too much slept for a few hours an then told this brother he was going to go to the bathroom instead of coming back he went outside tried to cross at a street corner and was hit buy a car. I got the call from the police at 3am the morning after Thanksgiving I went to the hospital to sighn for his treatment because he was in a comma. He had had both sides of his head fractured bleeding on the inside of the brain outside the brain and a fractured pelvis. He lives, thank God but with short term memory loss for the rest of his life!. At age 18 he was present at the birth of his baby sister was one of the first to hold her besides her father and the Dr. Of coarse and he doesn't remember any of it!. He can go a long time without drinking and then for some reason and he doesn't know why, he will start up again. So I know the drink its self is a demon but, in your case I think you also have the other type of demon as well and it is giving you reasons to be depressed it seems to be taking great pleasure in it you my friend have both types of demons. Here is an idea for the drinking demon have you thought of using hypnosis It has been known to work for others. As for your demon in the house I would write to Rook on here he seems to have something to deal with that but first things first I would try the hypnosis first if the alcohol demon can use the power of suggestion to get you to drink hypnosis should give you the power to stop, then bye bye alcohol demon then on to dealing with the other well, that's my advise. Wishing you the best. Thanks for sharing.
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-07)
First, dump the candle holders too. Second, remember it's not your fault. You didn't call it up or invite it in. At least not consciously. Third, and think about it for a moment before saying no. Rook's recipe is designed to be a passive, non aggressive, cleansing and shielding technique. It is specifically designed to prevent these things from becoming worse. Also, if you feel it is just too complicated or time intensive, it can be tailored down. Much of it is symbolic in nature and isn't meant to be a burden to perform. At least learn the shielding to protect yourself from any further intrusions into your emotions. But that decision is for you to make. There are plenty of members that can attest to it's effectiveness. Forth, this is going to be a test of wills. So... Never let it see you sweat. Once you begin you need to hold your ground. It seems monumental, I know, but if you can find a focal point, somewhere or something that puts your thoughts back on the task, and gather that focus anew. Don't drift. Be determined in your plan of action and simply perform it. With each fresh act of determination you show, it becomes weaker. Don't worry if you falter. Just take that time to reset your goal and push on. The more you keep at it, the weaker it becomes. They say "hell hath no fury as a woman scorned". Be that woman and it will never know what hit it! Women can be especially vicious if pushed. Let it believe you are on the verge of that viciousness, you'll scare the crap out of it! You can do this you know. It sounds much more complicated than it really is. Hell, use your imagination if need be. Put yourself in the shoes of a mother protecting her young, and keep that frame of mind with you. Find strength in you. Because that thing that is giving you problems can only exist there if you let it... So don't let it.

Jav ❤

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