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Graveyard Shift


It was 9:00 at night and my friends and I were driving around, bored with nothing to do. My friend Julie came up with the idea of going to the cemetery that is near the highway. All of us agreed since we wanted a nightly scare of course. As we got to the cemetery, my friend who was driving parks in 7/11 since there is no parking at the cemetery. We all then walk a block or 2 to the cemetery. It was really dark and spooky. The air was really cold for a hot summer night but no wind was blowing. I started to get nervous and clutch on my friend Julie's hand.

All of us continue to walk in. As we were in the middle, we walked under one of the lights that kept the cemetery lit. After we were all done passing it, the light shuts off, and none of the others had before. My friends and I get scared and run to the other side of the cemetery that is near the open street. We start walking again thinking it was just the cemetery guards pulling a trick on us.

By the time we go under another light, the light shuts off and we run again all the way out of the cemetery. We then knew it was not a guard at all. After out of the creepy cemetery, the air gets warm again and we all walk back to 7/11. The guys soon said that they wanted to go back in and play cemetery tag but Julie and I refused to go. Julie and I waited for the guys to finish their game at the 7/11. It was almost 10 and Julie had to be home before then and so did some of my other friends. Julie called Jerry and told him the time. All of the guys came back besides Jason who was missing.

Jerry went back into the cemetery and found Jason, who drove everybody who had to go home. All was left was Jerry, Jason, and I. We soon all decided to go back to the cemetery, but I chickened out and said I would go back in if I had a flashlight. Jason then drives me home to get a flashlight. After grabbing 4 flashlights and extra batteries, I go downstairs and get into the car.

Back at the cemetery, we go under more lights and they keep turning on and off. It was really scary and the air was still chilly with no wind on a hot summer night. After walking the whole cemetery with all the lights turning on and off, even when we went near them, we decided to walk back to the car at 7/11. By the time the 3 of us were in the middle of the cemetery, a bright flashlight is shined on us. It turns out the bright light was a cop. She asked us what we were doing and as we walked out of the cemetery none of the lights turned on or off. Outside of the cemetery was another officer who was a guy.

The 3 of us got citations and Jason drove home while Jerry and I waited for my dad to pick us up. It was the last time my friends and I ever went to a cemetery at night. The most funny thing out of it was I couldn't get grounded since my dad was the one who gave me the flashlights. My other friends didn't get in trouble either.

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Draculina (guest)
17 years ago (2007-07-16)
I was afraid since the lights kept turning on and off. It gets kind of creepy after awhile
nikilovesyou (1 stories) (5 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-16)
mabye the dead there was telling you to go away. Either you were bothering them or they wanted to warn you that your going to get in troble. Like everyother ghost they don't like to be botherd much. And why are you so scared? They are just like you and me but are passed away. The still have feelings. 😊

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