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I've never been one to be too afraid to tell people my stories. Seeing paranormal activity runs in my family as much as some of us don't like it. Wasn't sure what story I should start with but, here's this one. It comes from my time on Keesler AFB in Biloxi, MS.

A friend of mine got fascinated by my apparent "ability" to provoke such activity. Just being around an area with a potential haunting being enough to wake something. He wanted to take me out to the local graveyard at night to do some ghost hunting. Primarily because his last attempt had turned up nothing. I finally agreed to go after a month of asking and we left that night for the graveyard.

We were joined by another friend of ours as we went on our way. As we got to the graveyard, it was already after dusk leaving just a few lamp posts lit. We walked mostly in the dark as he didn't want to "ruin" it with the flashlight. Anytime our hair raised, we felt something off, or thought we saw something, he snapped a picture.

Of these feelings, we felt more profoundly an unwelcoming presence further in the dark. As if we were encroaching far enough as is leading us to turn back around toward the gate on the other side. As we stood under the lamp post, my camera wielding friend and I practically shivered at the same time. Our third friend said he didn't feel anything but, we shared a look and snapped a picture of him.

He was confused as we took his picture but, his face in the picture was red with fury. We took some precautions at that point attempting to ward away what might be there. My camera friend, shivered vigorously and glared over his shoulder while I got the same shiver shortly after. We made to leave that side of the graveyard and a short time after the lamp post went out.

We made for the other side of the graveyard which lay across the road. On that side we found a grave that appeared to have been dug into and the cement casing broken. There was an immense melancholy while in its proximity, I told him not to take a picture there. As we made our way across, the other half of this side was accessible by passing under the bough of a massive tree. The darkness cast underneath that tree was so thick and foreboding none of us dared to cross under it.

We left the other half of the graveyard and made our way back to the dormitory via the late night gate. As we walked along the road, I got the feeling of being followed. Turning around it seemed I was right. Three streetlights back, a light would flicker out and back on, always three lights back. We made turns and crossed streets and still that singular light would go out and then the next. Even after we got back onto the base proper, it continued to follow our exact path.

When we got into the dormitory, we went our separate ways for the evening. I looked out my window on a disconcerting feeling and saw the light outside flicker out. For an hour, the light remained out before finally flickering back on. Meeting up again the following day, we went over the photos.

The photos contained a handful of spirit orbs, an old woman knelt before a grave stone, a pair of men standing where we weren't allowed further, and the aforementioned photo we looked at prior. Needless to say, after being followed I refused any further excursions. In later months, I witness a man in fatigues step up to my wall locker before fading into nothing. Only other thing to come of that was an admittedly bad idea now.

My friends came to my room to see if we could get that spirit's attention. Being amateur at best, we shouldn't have but curiosity does what it will. For a brief moment during the impromptu séance, my camera friend's expression became aggressive before saying a single phrase in a growling tone. "I have to live with..." We snapped him out of it as quickly as we could and that too became forbidden.

Looking back, I'm more than willing to say, we played with fire and got lucky. Today, I'm much more cautious when dealing with these events.

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Skadus (2 stories) (8 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-05)
Hello Rajine,

You're absolutely right on that point. Safe to say, I was a little headstrong having grown up with that sort of thing occurring with some frequency. This particular set of events was about 13 years ago now, had forgotten to add a time-frame. These days, if I attempt to communicate, it's nowhere near as carefree. Fortunately/unfortunately many times I don't really do it actively.

Short situation was visiting a friend for the first time ever. I saw a shadow of someone down their hall. I asked if they'd had that sort of trouble before. When they said no, it left to their bathroom. Within three days, he told me they had to cleanse their bathroom mirror as a presence had taken residence in it. Until, I'd come around there'd been no issues.
Rajine (14 stories) (797 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-05)
However I am glad that you and your friends weren't affected negatively from your encounters and that nothing attached itself to you'll.
Rajine (14 stories) (797 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-05)
Hi Skadus

I think it's safe to say that we should never attempt to "provoke" any type of supernatural activity, it's not even safe for people who have had years of experience dealing with the supernatural let alone first attempts. There's no knowing what we inviting or letting out into our lives.

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