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The Hood Has Ghost Too


There were a few things that happened so, my story is kind of long. I hope that you read this entire thing, and comment as to what you think about it.

I have always been somewhat interested in the paranormal, but had not really made my mind up until June of 2005. I live in Baltimore, Md with my three children, Michael, Alaya, and Taylor. Unfortunately, since my relationship with their father failed, I ended up living with my mom to get back on feet for two years. I could not wait until that day came and was very happy when I was approved for a house. Come June, my children, my brother John, and I were moving out of her house, and into a nice rowhouse on Bentalou Street. If you have ever watched "The Wire" on HBO, then that's the style of rowhouses in Baltimore. (Mine, of course a little nicer)

We were only living in our new home for two months before I started to have the feelings of not being alone. I was not sure why, and since I had never actually seen anything, I just put it in the back of my mind. On at least two occassions, I'd asked John if he'd ever felt anything weird about the house. He did reveal that he felt it really strong in the kitchen,bathroom, and in the basement while he was doing laundry. He sat quiet for a few minutes then added that after a week of being there, he could have sworn he'd seen and heard something, but did not want to scare me or the kids by bringing it up.

He explained that on one Saturday morning as the kids and I were still asleep, that he had been taking a shower. The door opened and he saw a figure of a man walk past the shower and to the the area of where the toilet was. He'd asked who it was, and watched as the figure did not respond, but walk past again and left the bathroom. He says that he was still not too upset by it because he thought that maybe it was my boyfriend who may have been too embarassed to say anything. (He figured that my boyfriend must have spent the night) He went on to say that was the reason he'd asked if Mann (my boyfriend) had been there, but had left it at that when I told him no. I did remember that immediately once he brought it up. He said since that time, he'd seen nothing else, but was uncomfortable in the bathroom ever since.

In September, I had been getting the kids ready for bed. They had school in the morning and I am really anal about our evening schedule. Dinner, baths, and bed have a time to it, and we were running a little behind since I worked a little later. My children shared a walk through bedroom in the middle of the house. Meaning, in order to get into my room, you would have to walk through theirs. This did not bother me, because I like to keep the kids close. Well, I was only a half hour behind, and the kids were in bed, so I retreated to my room. I was in the middle of ironing when I'd heard the girl's toy princess stove make a chime noise and say "We're ready to cook!" It followed by the computer generated sound of something on the burner. I called into the room and told them that there was school in the morning, get back in bed, and leave the toys alone. Neither of them responded until I firmly said "Do you understand me?" Of course they all chimed in and said yes.

The clothes were ironed, and set neatly on the chair in my room, so I started to search for something on tv to fall asleep on. I know it sounds weird, but I can only sleep with the tv on playing something I want to watch. A few minutes later, I'd heard the stove again. I called back into the room the same way I had before as I got out of bed. I swung the door open and realized that they were all sleep. Not wanting to believe it, I went to each of them and tried tickling their underarms. This was always the give away that let me know when they were faking sleep. When they faked, they always burst into an uncontrolled laughter while squeezing their underarms to prevent me from continuing. Weird enough, they each cracked their eyes open sleepily and just turned away aggravated that I was waking them. I told myself that it was probably the batteries dying and took them out. There were no more events that night.

Fast forward a few weeks, and this happening three more times. It was another school night, and once again I heard the toy stove go off again. Keeping up with the ritual, I yell into the room to tell them to go to bed. This time my daughter, Alaya yells back, "Ma, its not us! He keeps messing with it!" I direct my next statement to my son Michael telling him to leave his sister's toys alone and go to bed. Alaya says, "Not him, Mikey is sleep!" I open the door to my room and asked her what she was talking about if Mikey had been sleep. She sits up, and says. " The little boy, ma! I don't know who he is but he keeps messing with our stuff!" Can you say goosebumps! I ask her to get down from her bunk bed and come into my room. I pick Taylor and Mikey up out of their beds, and bring them with us. I decided that they were all going to sleep in my queen sized bed.

I asked Alaya why hadn't she said anything to me about it before. She said that she was not scared of him or "the man in the red shirt". This was all becoming too much all at once. I asked her to explain more. She revealed that the little boy is just not scary and likes to play, and that the man in the red shirt only tells her to go to sleep for school when she wakes up in the middle of the night. I did not want to believe her, but I did. She was calm and sincere. Above all, she was not stuttering over her words the way she still does when she is being untruthful. I could not imagine being seven and not scared of people who were not supposed to be there.

Needless to say, the kids stayed in my room for the next few weeks. Just as expected, the stove still came on a few times, which further made me a believer. Along with that, were the normal feelings of being watched until my brother let out a scream one night that made me think he was in fear of his life. I remember kicking and banging on his bedroom door trying to get in. He finally opened the door, ran past me hitting the stairs and yelling..."I'm getting the bleep outta here!" I followed behind him asking what happened. I had never seen John this afraid in my life. He was shaking and teary eyed. I told him to calm down and just tell me what happened.

He told me that he was getting ready to go to bed. He's a big fan of soul singer, Maxwell, and had chose to go to bed listening to him. (He does this especially when he thinks he's in love He said that just near the end of the song, the music did not sound like just Maxwell. Other voices which sounded evil joined in which made him open his eyes. When he did, there were three short dark figures without facial figures in front of him. He said that he could not scream initially and could not move. I asked him if he was not sure that he was not dreaming. He got angry and said..."I just bleeping laid the bleep down! I wasn't even bleeping sleepy yet! Bleep no, I wasn't sleep!" It is my experience that when he uses that word, and is that angry, not to mess with him. Lol... I asked him when was he able to scream? He looked at me and said "When the little bleeps bleeping disappeared!"

Of course, there were more feelings of unease, my daughter seeing the man in the red shirt and the little boy, and my brothers new girlfriend spending more nights with him. Up until this point, I was not getting more than hearing the toy stove and feeling watched until...

I had taken a later shift at work, which allowed me to get dressed after the kids were taken to school in the morning. My sister always picked them up on her way to drop my nephews off since I was not driving at the time. I was home alone after they left. I was coming out of my bedroom, and nearly killed myself tripping over my son's remote control car. I let out a few explict words and ended it by saying, "How hard is it to keep that bleeping thing under the bed!? I bet I throw it away the next time its in the middle of the floor!" (Yes...I talk to myself when the kids have done something wrong, but not there to be fussed at about I go into the bathroom still rambling on about it to start getting ready. There is a view of most of the kids room from the bathroom. Just as my last word got out, the car takes off into the direction of my son's bed. His bed was flushed against the wall and could not be seen from the bathroom unlike my girl's bunk bed. I walk into the room, and yes... It was parked under the bed. I bolted out of there! Once I got the front door opened, I was happy to see my sister driving back through our block from the school. I run into the street and start flagging her down. (Thanks to my nephew Tavon for getting in trouble once again. Any other day my sis would have been halfway home, instead she had to speak with his teacher. I talked her out of punishing him after I refused to go back in, and decided to go to my sister's, borrow her clothes and go to work from there.

My second experience was when I had company over to play cards. My youngest girl, Taylor liked when family and friends came over, and often came downstairs when she was supposed to be in bed. She did this a few times, and after scoring a few dollars from all six of the people there, she happily went upstairs. We were done playing cards and were just talking about our kids and things like that when I heard Taylor call downstairs, "Mommy."

I asked her what she wanted, and she said nothing. She did this two more times, and I joked that she probably wanted more money. After the last one, and still not getting an answer, I go upstairs to see why she kept calling me. Taylor was knocked out sleep! I tried the tickling thing, and yes... She was asleep. She, along with her brother and sister. I called everyone upstairs and asked if they heard her calling me, too. Of course, they all did. We moved them into my room, and they let themselves out.

My third experience. Since at the time, I was a single mother struggling to make ends meet, when the girls and one of the neighbors child broke their wooden bunk bed, I was determined to fix it instead of buying a new one. By this point, they were back in their rooms again. I was more afraid than they were seemingly. The kids were downstairs playing as I sawed and drilled and was nearly done with turning the once bunk bed into two twin beds. Right there, directly into my ear, a child's voice says, "Mommy?" I jump up, and run into my room. I look to see if the kids were in there although I knew that they would have had to walk past me to get in there. I run downstairs and asked if any of them called me, and of course, they all said no, and continued to play. The voice was right there in my ear. I knew what it was, but still wanted any other answer than that.

My fourth experience. I was doing laundry at around ten o'clock on a Friday night. Since I would normally do it during the day on Sunday's, my brother was a little mad at me that the washer was not available for him. I decided to wash a load for him in between my own to settle our little dispute. I placed his clothes in the washer and headed upstairs. My main reason was because I was feeling watched. Once I made it up to my room, I realized that I had not taken my own out of the dryer. I stopped in my brother's room first to ask if he would grab them for me. I did not let on that I was scared, but instead told him that I did not feel like tackling those stairs again. He looked up, and reminded me that I was doing him a favor by washing his clothes since I "booted" him in the first place. In John's world, that is a polite way of saying no. I hesitantly went down to get the load from the dryer.

My washer and dryer is in the far back of the basement. The stairs is in the middle of the basement, so when you go down the stairs, your back is facing the washer and dryer. Once down there, you have to turn to walk in the direction of them. When you are coming up the stairs you have a clear view of the washer and dryer. I hurry to get the clothes out, and toss them into the basket. The feeling was stronger than it was when I was down there the first time. So much so, that I was shaking to the extent that I was dropping some of the clothes on the floor. Finally, they were all gathered into the basket, and I headed toward the stairs. The feeling was really overwhelming. Just as I turned to go up the stairs, I saw a floaty black figure right in front of the washer. I dropped the clothes and skipped both flights of stairs until I made it to my brother's room. I burst into tears as I swung his door open to tell him what I had just seen.

There had been a few other things that had taken place in that rowhouse on Bentalou Street. I'll write in more soon. Since that time, I am making a considerable amount of more money and have moved. Moving does not mean that there are no more experiences.

We did check about deaths in the house. There is no explanation for the little boy, but a man died in the basement due to a drug overdose. The weirdest thing is that neighbors confirmed that he wore a red shirt nearly everyday, and complained that he smelled badly most of the time. My daughter did not complain about an odor coming from him.

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RSeal (1 stories) (14 posts)
11 years ago (2012-05-13)
Great story. I have to agree wit the other comments. You're a great writer. I am kind of surprized the kids didn't find this more disturbing than your story aludes. Have a great day.
girlie (15 stories) (426 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-25)
I liked it. But, the one thing I need to say, don't be scared of something that hasn't hurt you. Your daughter are fine, so are you and your brother. Yes I know you were scared anyway, by thoughs black things, which I understand, but the toy car going under the bed. I would have thanked them for moving it for you. Think of what they had done for you, not what you think they would or will do. Still loved the story though

dwyoung77 (2 stories) (7 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-24)
Darkness, Thank you. I did have quite a few lucid dreams while living there. There was one in particular that I am not sure if it was a dream or a true visit. As I stated before, I was not making much money back then. The money I had set aside for bus fare had to be spent for my daughter's school trip. I had enough for that week, but not enough for the next. Of course, I was stressing about it and who I could likely borrow from. Like many of us, I went to bed worried about it. Naturally, my thoughts become a part of my dream. My grandmom, who by this point had been deceased for nearly eight years had come into my room. She sat at the bottom of my bed and asked me what was on my mind. I began telling her about my financial problems and how I just needed enough for bus fare. She specifically asked if there was enough food or would I need money to cover that as well. I told her that bus fare was the only issue. She patted my leg and said, "Then stop worrying. Check your hamper, I'm sure you will come across some money in there to get you through next week. I used to love finding money on laundry day." I laughed with her when she said this. I then gave her my rebuttal."Grandma,as broke as I am, I would know if I left a week's worth of bus fare somewhere." She smiled, patted my leg again, then stood up. Looking me in the eye, she says, "Nee-Nee, (my nickname) go and check the hamper and stop being hardheaded." I told her I would, and she left the room. Just then, I woke up. I went to use the bathroom, and stared at the hamper, but decided to go back to bed. After a few minutes of having an overwhelming feeling to check the hamper, I finally did. (in the words my grandmom used to use) Low and behold, I found a neatly folded twenty dollar bill in the hamper. It was as if it were place there. It was not in any pockets, just there. I don't know if it was coincidence or not, but just strange.

Aussiedaz. Thanks for your suggestion, and I have considered sleep paralysis myself. I have experienced it which is why it was the first question I asked my brother. Neither of us has ever used drugs, and at that time, neither of us had been prescibed medications. The only difference for me, was that I had not seen anything. I just could not move or speak, and felt really strange as if someone was doing something. After looking up episodes similar to my own, I determined that my experience was sleep paralysis. My brother later had experiences that all involved seeing something, and in some cases, he was able to move, which is why I am not so sure what he was going through. I wrote in yesterday about one of those experiences with him which should be on here within the next few days. I am still not sure what to make of his because many of them were all different.
aussiedaz (18 stories) (1523 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-24)
Just adding a little more onto from what Javelina pointed out... Often when someone see's a ghost like your brother did and especially if there frighten of what they saw and sometimes it don't matter how tough you are, a lot of people do fear the unknown and theirs no shame in that, although we guys don't like to admit it sometimes, lol... What they can trigger from their experience, is a condition call sleep paralysis... The fact that he was unable to scream suggest to me, that your brother may have put himself into this state... Especially if he takes any medication or is a drug user... As this will enhance the condition if it is S/P... Their would be 100's of account here that started out with a visit from the other side that turned into the on going condition CALLED Sleep paralysis... Just something for you to consider as the chances of what you experienced and what he saw may not be linked, thank you for sharing your story.
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-24)
dwyoung77: As the previous posters have already mentioned fantastic writing, your accounts come to life when I read them, your brothers experience was a bit freaky, that is something you would experience in a movie lol. 😆 Javelina mentioned that you and your family are spiritually open so you are able to experience these things, it is the same for the majority of the people who are on this website. Some people experience more intensely then others and children majority of the time do not know any better as to what they are experiencing at the time, depending on there age of course!

Can I ask, did you have vivid dreams at the time of living there? I have noticed this does seem to be a common thing to happen whilst living in a house with rather active spirit activity. Looking forward to hearing more from you. 😊

Thank you for sharing.

dwyoung77 (2 stories) (7 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-22)
I would first like to say that if my mom would read all of your compliments about my writing, I would be in hot water right now. Lol. (I am in the medical field despite her desire for me to pursue writing) Thank you all for your compliments. Also, that house truly did have some issues! There is a part of me that thinks that maybe things escalated because to my knowledge, there have been two other move-ins since my leaving that place. (either things escalated or the families were evicted since neither remained for an entire year). I plan to write in about our experiences on tomorrow. My kids will be in school, and I won't be interrupted by "mommy can I''s" every other minute. Lol It will also pass time since I am out on medical leave.
troyarn (5 stories) (479 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-22)
Excellent story, dwyoung77! Why did I have to read this right before bed time? I do hope you'll post more of your stories since this one was truly worth the read. Thanks so much for sharing this and we hope to hear from you again soon.
roseinbloom (4 stories) (117 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-22)
I too agree that you are an excellent writer. You know how to build suspense then hit with a creepy end. I would love to read more of your stories and hope we don't have to wait too long before you submit the next one.
Thank you so much for sharing! 😊
Mabs_Sith_Lord (72 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-22)
Wow! Thank you for sharing your story! I have to say that I was thoroughly freaked out by it!

That house had some major issues lol!:)
dwyoung77 (2 stories) (7 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-22)
Shubham1120, thanks for complimenting my writing. I am glad that you did continue to read on...thanks. Crecentblue03, it is funny that you mentioned that the little boy looked at me as a mother figure because the few family and friends I've told about this, all have said the same thing. I am convinced that what happened with my brother is probably demonic as this happened a few more times even after we moved. On one occassion he was not even close to going to sleep. I did think the same thing. Jav... You are so right. I felt stupid after a while because of the way I would freak out because my children did not seem nearly as bothered by it. Once we did move, my oldest girl, Alaya began to become petrified by what she was seeing. Naturally, if it freaked her out, I followed suit. Today, we do not have any problems. Funny enough, Alaya is the one who told us that this new house is "okay to live in". I will be writing about our experiences in our Fulton Avenue house within the next few days. That house was and probably still is evil. We HAD to move.
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-22)
I'm back.
Now here is another possibility you should probably prepare yourself for. People that see spirits, even if this is new to you, many times continue to see them. It's like an awakening of sorts. The other side to that coin is that if you can see them, they know it. You become a lighthouse to them. Safe harbor in a storm. Think about how you would react if you were wandering for years in a realm of existence that keeps you invisible to most people. No one can see you, no one can hear you. Then, out of the blue in walks someone who can. Wouldn't you be all over that person? Following them around the house trying to get their attention, watching them as they do laundry? But you don't want to scare them off, so you hide in the shadows until you think it's clear and then when you do move they see you and freak out?
They were alive once, just like us.

Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-22)
Wow! Good telling of your experiences. I can see why you might be on edge about the spirits running around so freely, but try to keep in mind a couple of things if these experiences continue. Yes, I know you moved, but you say that you are still having sightings, different ghosts, same fears? Okay, take your cues from the kids if you can. If they are not afraid, chances are pretty high that you shouldn't be either. Don't let all the stuff you see in the movies get you to thinking that they have any idea what they are talking about. Fear sells, the scarier the movie is, the more butts they can put in the seats. They have twisted the reality of things way out of proportion. It isn't easy, but I have a feeling you can do it. Keep in mind, if the kids aren't freaking out, you shouldn't either. Fear is contagious. Don't make them become scared just because you are.
Sorry, I'll be right back, promise.

Jav ❤
crecentblue03 (151 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-22)
It sounds to me that they still felt that the house was their house. I don't think they meant you any harm. It is normal to be afraid of things we don't understand, and yes I have had a few experiences myself. It seems that the boy look at you as a mommy figure seeing you and your kids may have made him think of the family life he was missing. The beings your brother saw those seem to me to be demons I say that because he felt evil
But then again if he was getting ready for sleep he could hve been drifting off and his mind may have played tricks with his hearing and what he saw just as he was about to drift off and this experience would have startled him back to being fully awake well we have to look into other causes to rule them out. Thanks for sharing!.
shubham1120 (41 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-22)
First of all, you are an excellent writer! You have done an excellent job to keep me freaked out throughout the story. The most scary part was the basement one. I am currently all alone in my house and is night time here and I was constantly wondering if I should continue reading or not! Lol. 😨

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