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My Scary Experiences Still Going On


I live in a small town in Australia with my mum and my older brother we all get along great! We have lived here for 6 years now and have witnessed some scary stuff. The house we live in is 50 or more years old.

We had a Dalmatian about the age of 2. It was dark and we took him outside to go for a walk before we went to bed and as I opened the back door the Dalmatian wouldn't exit he started to shake all over and growl nonstop looking to the right, even calling his name would not draw his attention off what had his interest. 100's of years ago there was a shed next door that a young soldier hung himself in. This isn't just a story, it is well known by locals. Anyway, my dog was looking towards that block which no longer has a shed on it, just plain land with grass growing high.

Now, we have a coffee machine, one that you have to secure the grip and it is quite difficult to get off. It was about late morning and mum decided to make a cup of coffee, placing the coffee in the handle and securing it tight. She walked into the kitchen and came back after hearing a disturbing bang finding that the handle for the coffee machine was at the other end of the room with the ground coffee splattered everywhere!

More things recently such as keys have gone missing and internet connections that are ALWAYS put back in the normal place. Things been going for up to a month and then been found in the same place they are normally put.

Just the other night mum told me to go to bed. We sleep in a small caravan and it was dark so I started walking up by myself without any lighting source, the caravan is about 50 meters or more from the house, it was a little shady, but not really, more dark than anything and I noticed that the door of the caravan was open and there was a figure of a dress standing in the door way. Not a modern style dress, a really olden day one. It was just standing there, I didn't catch in in the corner of my eye I saw it straight on. I stood where I was still about 25 meters away and shaking. As I overcame my fear I started walking closer and it started disappearing. When I got to the caravan I turned all the lights on and thoroughly checked cupboards and everything. Nothing There.

Today as I was looking for sites to post this on, my mum and I were researching, a picture of my mum and I flew of the top of our desks, about 5 minutes ago my nose started bleeding. When my mum found a site for ghost busters it would not let her enter the details. Still as I type weird things are happening. Not just to me but my mum and two older brothers also.

I have a phobia of turning things of such as power points, kitchens appliances and gas bottles etc. In the morning I came down and the hotplate was turned on high. Not the only time!

Oh also when I was little 8 or so I used to hear the sound of a flute or something peaceful that never used to worry me, my mum also could hear it. We moved away and came back and its gone. Just disturbing activity remains.

Any information or feedback would be GREAT! Thank you all...

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GreyFeather (44 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-07)
My two cents on this is it's a spirit attached to the land. I think it enjoys the attention. I think there's three total-woman, two men.
The flute-I heard that too when I was little and this is the first time anyone else said it. It was beautiful, faint, unique.
You don't have anything to worry about. They're just bored and stuck. Send them to the light with a prayer.
Thanks for sharing! I really mean that! This is the first time anyone else had mentioned the flute that I heard. I just think it's cool.
Shaddow_21 (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-21)
Hello thank you for all the replies, sorry I haven't checked my account for a while.
I live in Queenland and there has been a lot more activity since this article has been written.
There is a pub directly next door to us and its very old. The owners don't get along with us and they are a bit mixed up might I say. This pub is old and run down and the owners now have inherited it of her mum and his mother in law that died about 10 or so years ago and everyone says that there is a dark feeling from over there, and there is.
Once my friend was here and she is VERY spiritual and I didn't tell her anything about next door because I didn't want to sound like a gossip and we were out side at about 12. 00 am and she froze for a second and looked scared and she started talking about the ghost next door that I never told her about. She said that it was angry. We forgot about it and went for a walk the next day out of town and we heard foot steps behind us we looked and no one was there. This happened about 1 year ago. But lately just on Monday my mothers friend was here we were all having a coffee and we were talking about this paranormal activity and all out of no where there was rustling coming from behind some one painting we all stared and forgot about it and it happened again mum looked behind the paintings and there was nothing. I am not sure wether thr ghost doesn't like us talking about him/her. But there has been ALOT of negative energy in this house hold lately, my mother and I usually have an awesome relation ship but we have been feeling depressed. The ghost doesn't seem to scare me just tries to be getting my attention. We are good friends with the owners of this house from about 40 years ago or so and they said that they would always see somone walking in the halway and they would check but no one is there and once again appliances would be turned on and all. They said not to be scared just take note. I will go and do some research soon for I am interested about the history will keep you up to date. Michaela
adsouza (guest)
12 years ago (2012-05-04)
Shadow21 - Which place is this in Australia? Also, how much do you know about the house?
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-04)
WOW! You do seem to have some very interesting activity taking place. Firstly, I have a thing about my dogs. If they won't enter or exit when prodded, and are growling and shaking? I would just follow their lead. Whatever has their attention is getting a warning from them. I don't want to diminish that warning by ignoring it. Since you couldn't see or hear what was upsetting the dog, you at least made note of his behavior. Sometimes that is all we can do. I'm just glad they are able to sense what we cannot.
The hot plate being on when you get up is not good. Try leaving it unplugged every time it isn't in use. If it happens after that, then you know it isn't just a fluke or faulty wiring. Plus, you are better off not pressing your luck any further when it comes to that appliance.
I don't know what to say about the coffee machine. I simply can't imagine what caused that episode to occur. Very baffling.
Having things go missing for a month just to magically show up where they should have been points to an intelligent type haunting. Sounds like someone is trying very hard to get your attention, eh?
The flute like music sounds familiar to me as well. I never did figure out the source of it myself. And it did go away after I called downtown to the office of noise pollution to report it. But they wouldn't tell me what it was that caused it.
The nosebleed bothers me though... You did say the house is over 50 years old, so I am wondering if there could be a higher than normal electromagnetic field coming from the older wiring? I would want to check that out. Better safe than sorry I say.
How has it been since you wrote this? Has the activity ramped up? Has it settled down? Is anyone else suffering from any odd physical ailments?
I am interested in hearing your responses to these questions.
Thank you for sharing Shaddow_21. And welcome to YGS.

Jav 😊
EpicSpiritz (2 stories) (11 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-01)
I need a few things answered before I can help.
Does this spirit or spirits follow you everywhere you go or just in that one area?
Have you looked up any history on the house? See if there were murders there or not.
Is there a lot of negative energy in your family or household? Is so you got yourself a poltergeist.
Do you think it could be a relative that has died?

Answer as many as you can and I will try to help. I am a gypsy so I kind of know a good deal about spirits.


Cliney1212 (4 stories) (121 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-01)
Im no expert but in my very humble opinion I woudnt be too afraid whatever/whoever it is doesn't seem to want to frighten you. I think it just wants you to know its there... It could possibly be the same spirit that was around when you were a child maybe you can't hear the flute now... (just a thought) 😁

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