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The Unknown Visitor


My name is Jasmine and I am 16-years-old. I live in Melbourne, Australia and have been fascinated about the spirit world forever basically. I know some of you reading this may think I am just a dumb teenager who doesn't know anything about spirits or demons, but believe me I have done my research on all that kind of stuff, including Ouija Boards. For those who think it might be a good idea to use one, even as a game, please don't. But my story doesn't relate to Ouija Boards in anyway, so I think you should just keep on reading to find out for yourself.

It was back in March of 2010, I was 14 at the time. I was best friends with this girl, I won't use her real name, so I will just call her "Natalie." Natalie and I had been best friends since the beginning of 2009, and it was now a year later so we had grown extremely close to one another."

Natalie was the only one out of all her siblings who lived at home with her parents, as she was the youngest (14 at the time) and the rest of her brothers and sisters lived all over the place.

It was the night before Natalie's birthday, it was the 19th of March 2009 and I believe it was a Friday or Saturday night. I had planned to sleep over the night before her birthday because I had a surprise birthday party for her planned the next day which she knew nothing about.

It was about about 11 pm and Natalie's parents had gone to bed quite early that night at around 8:30 pm, so I know for a fact she and I were the only ones awake during the time this encounter happened.

Natalie and I were upstairs in the kitchen area on the computer. We were on MSN talking to a dancing friend of ours. His name is James. We had decided to go on webcam with our friend James, just so we could see him and chat to him while he did the same. We were talking to James for quite a while on webcam until suddenly James said to us,

"Oi, what was that thing that just moved in the background?" Natalie and I looked at each other quite puzzled and confused because we didn't see anything move past the webcam. We said to him, "James, you're just trying to scare us, and it's not going to work." And then James said, more seriously, "No guys, I'm not joking, there was a black figure that moved in the background of your webcam". So Natalie and I look behind us and surely there was nothing there.

Behind Natalie and myself was Natalie's family room which was built on a lower level then the kitchen area, so the webcam had a pretty good view of Natalie's couches and television set in the dining room, although it was quite dark as it was just about to hit midnight.

So, as Natalie and I ignore the fact that James was "trying" to scare us (we thought at the time), we continued talking to him. It was about 10 minutes later then that we both heard thumping on the walls of her house. They weren't normal thumps, almost as if someone was pounding into the plaster.

Natalie and I looked up at each other. I could see she wasn't frightened, but I sure was. Natalie had once told me before this had happened that there house was built on the land which the Australian soldier's fought on to save our country. She also told me a few months before this experience that they had previous ghosts in their house, knocking things off the cabinets in their family room and that she was used to it. I have to admit, when she used to tell me all of those things I never actually believed her. Her mum, which I had grown very close to, had even told me about the ghost of a little girl who was in their house and had knocked a dolphin candle off there table; and that the activity had stopped, but I was starting to think the activity was picking back up again.

The thumping noises continued and it seemed as though these noises were making its way towards myself and Natalie. I started to panic, so we signed out of MSN straight away and opened up a Word Document. I didn't know too much about ghosts at the time so, being a Catholic, I did the first thing that came to my mind. I started typing up the "Our Father" prayer into Word so Natalie and I could say it together and hope the spirit would leave. IF it was a spirit. Natalie isn't a Catholic so she wasn't too sure how to pronounce some of the words from the prayer, but we held hands and proceeded to say it anyways.

After we said the prayer, the noises were still going, so we said the prayer again. Still nothing.

"Look, Jas, you stay here, and I'll go and see if its my dog who is making the noises," Natalie had said to me. Her dog? Really? I hadn't seen her dog all night. She usually sleeps downstairs out the back, but Natalie was always a bit of a blonde (even though she had brown hair) when it came to stuff like this, absolutely clueless. "No Natalie, I think we should go together," I had said. I was really scared. I had never experienced a paranormal encounter before in my life and right now I was. It didn't make sense. Natalie and I decided to go and walk through her family room to get out to their main hallway of the house. This was when things started getting creepier.

We were walking on carpet when we made our way into her family room which, might I add, was where all her spirit activity would happen. We then heard footsteps running up and down her basement stairs.

We could see the basement stairs from her family room and there was absolutely NO ONE running up and down those stairs. I could see no one and neither could she. We bolted into the family bathroom which was no more then 5 meters away from the basement stairs, and I remember jumping into Natalie's arms, literally. I was shiatting bricks.

I remember Natalie laughing, she then said, "Jas it's probably just a ghost!" And I said, "Well if it is a ghost, it should know that I'm feeling quite scared at the moment and it should be a kind ghost and leave us alone!" I was still in her arms when I said this.

All of a sudden the footsteps that had been running up and down her basement staircase had made its way into the bathroom we were in. The footsteps walked slowly towards us, so we ran out of the bathroom and back up the stairs into her kitchen. I remember I was on the urge of crying I did not think it was funny.

"I have to call my mum!" Natalie had said. "My mum will help us!"

Natalie's parents' room was just down the hallway from the basement staircase. I did not want to walk down there again. "I am NOT walking down there again Natalie, I am not." I had said. "Fine, I'll just call her." Natalie replied. So she got out her mobile phone and called her mum's mobile, and soon enough her mum answered with a very sleepy tone asking why we rang her when we could have just gone to their room. So Natalie explained everything. Soon enough Natalie's mum came running out to us and asked us what was wrong. We walked down the hallway to meet her and roughly explained what had just happened.

"Come girls, we'll go into the family room." Natalie's mum had said. As we were about to walk into their family room, I saw a shadow go past us which made me get goosebumps. I remember walking into the family room and seeing Natalie's mum get goosebumps all over her body from head to toe.

"Listen girls, its late, and its your birthday tomorrow Natalie, go to bed okay?" The noises had stopped at that time but I didn't believe they were gone for good, maybe just because Natalie's mum was with us the spirit decided to stop scaring us. "Alright mum, we'll go to bed. I'll call you if anything else happens." Natalie had said.

We walked down the basement staircase. Yes I know, Natalie's bedroom was down in the basement. We ran into her bedroom, got straight into bed and pulled the covers over our heads. We began talking quietly, but I was shaking and so was she. All of a sudden, we hear footsteps running down the basement staircase. These were the footsteps we had heard before.

"Oh my god, its back!" I had yelled. We both started squealing to one another, not to the point that the neighbours could hear us, but we were so frightened. "Jas its never been this bad before! I don't know what to do!" Natalie had said to me. We were both cuddling each other and praying that whatever this thing was that it would stop trying to scare us. The noises did eventually stop and we managed to fall asleep, but I won't ever forget that night.

The next morning we got up fairly early for Natalie's birthday. Nobody mentioned the night before just because we didn't want to freak anyone out. Natalie had been asked out to the movies with her boyfriend Mitch at the time, so that he could stall her while I began setting up her house for the surprise party.

As Natalie left the house with her boyfriend, I sat down at the kitchen table with Natalie's mother. Natalie's mother had said to me, "Did you know that last night, the minute I had stepped into the family room, goosebumps came all over me?" "Yes I could see that! And so did I!" I had said back. "You know, I am starting to think it was Natalie's nanskie," her mum had said. Natalie's grandmother had passed away from cancer a year before that night, and Natalie's mum had thought it might have been her grandmother visiting her for her birthday.

I don't know about you guys, but if this was Natalie's grandmother, why was she continuously scaring us when we specifically asked the entity to stop? Coincidence? I think not.

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Jack86 (1 stories) (44 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-07)
your story gave me goosebumps the size of golf balls, Jesus H Christ... I got sent a few pics that my partner took of me while we were talking on skype, there's a black shadow/face about 4 feet behind me. So the whole webcam being able to pick stuff up is true as far as I'm concerned...

If I look back I think its the 4th time I've had this freak of a thing too close to me for comfort, I was thinking I was just stressed or something/ eyes playing tricks...
jasmineh (2 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-05)
Hi shellzy! Thank you for being the first to comment here.
I read over my story now and realise that I did make a few mistakes, I actually wrote all of that in 1 hour in a free period at school haha so I rushed the story and left a few main important bits out.

I am not too sure what I even meant about the Australian Soliders bit, all I know is that my friend 'Natalie' lives in Gembrook, a grassy area in Melbourne sort of up towards the country side and there are bits of concrete all around the sides of the gutter throughout Gembrook that say something about our Australian soliders and how they will be remembered and I'm pretty sure I saw one that said "Here lies so and so", its quite crazy I know, but I wasn't really too sure how to explain that bit in my story so I kind of just said what I thought really haha.

Natalie's house is built on a hill so it looks 1 story but really it is 2 story. All the main bits like the kitchen and bedrooms are on the first floor, but downstairs is practically a basement, it does lead out to their backyard with their pool and all but to a lot of people I know they just call them 'basements', I know it sounds weird haha but that's the only way of explaining it!

Please reply to me if you have any further questions or are curious about anything else:)
shellzy (8 stories) (218 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-04)
Hi Jasmine

I am also from Australia and I'm in fact from Melbourne too. I have spent my entire life here.

Two things in this strory strike me as odd...

I'm not great with history but you said in your story "Natalie had once told me before this had happened that there house was built on the land which the Australian soldier's fought on to save our country.".

Ok so our brave troops were obviously deployed to both World Wars but we were very very lucky that no war was actually pyhsically fought here and certainly not in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia!

Secondly I have lived in Melbourne my entire life and have never ever come across a house here with a basement. I could be wrong (perhaps it is a rarity and there is a couple out there) but typically a slab of concrete is poured straight onto the land and the house is built on that... Just sayin'... 😐

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