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The Childhood Midnight Scenario


This incident occurred when I was still little but it was creepy enough for me to remember up until this day.

My family which consists of four members, me, my brother, my mom and my dad sleep in one large room. My brother and I sleep together in a foldaway bed (It's like a chair that can be unfolded into a bed). My mom is from Leyte which by the way is a place infested with ghosts and demons, so all in all my Mom can see some pretty scary Sh*t (excuse my language).

I don't remember what I did the morning of that inadvertent night but what I remember was waking up late in the night. I knew that it was late in the night because my Mom and Dad along with my Brother were already asleep and I could hear dogs howling off in a distance. I don't know what woke me up but I was aware of a prickly sensation behind my neck and I swear it wasn't my brother playing tricks on me. I looked up and saw two very dark figures in front of the television. If you're wondering why I knew they were dark figures when our room was probably dark since the lights were off it's because my eyes were slowly getting used to the dark and thanks to a bit of moonlight at first I thought it was my Mom and Dad. But since my eyes already got used to the dark, shouldn't I have seen their faces? But no I didn't.

These two figures were standing in front of the television and I was positioned facing it. The first figure was tall and fat and the other was stout and thin. I just laid there on my bed for what seemed like a pretty long time staring at them, thinking that maybe I should talk to them (don't blame me, I was just a kid back then and didn't know better not to talk to strangers and black figures standing in front of the television) when all of a sudden I felt something like a black thing walk directly in front of me on the floor and then it just disappeared it was walking from the large mirror towards the comfort room in our room so it went from right to left and disappeared.

I have never told my parents or my brother about this 'cause I was afraid that they'd think I was getting crazy.

So thanks everyone for reading my midnight scenario.

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