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A Childhood Memory Of An Apparition


Greetings to everybody,

This is the first time that I am going to submit a paranormal experience in YGS. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

I had this encounter when I was around four years old. Actually I don't have an extremely good memory of my childhood but I can remember this incident as yesterday because it really surprised me.

After coming home from nursery I was playing in the living room with my dolls. My mother was in the kitchen preparing food.

During those days our village was not highly populated. There was no human habitation for a good distance from our house. Coming back to my story, while playing I heard somebody calling my father's name. As the front door was shut, I slowly peeped through the curtains of the front window. I saw an old man standing near the fence. I had never seen him before.

I have to say that I was an extremely shy person so the sight of a stranger made me very nervous. But I felt that whoever this person is, he meant no harm. I also sensed that he desperately wanted to meet my father as if his life depended on it.

I then decided that I would tell him that my father is at work. So I got down from the chair on which I was standing to reach the window and opened the door. This action of mine puzzled me even today since I would never speak to somebody I haven't seen before.

That person was standing on the exact location where I saw him from the window. I reached close to him and announced that father was out. He looked at me with a look of affection and I also saw that he looked very emotional. He told me that I had grown up a lot and I have to study hard and become a doctor. He also told me that he would like to give my father his regards and also told me to tell my father that he is so happy that he has a beautiful daughter. He told me that his name was Cyril.

Then I heard my mother hailing me from the kitchen. Cyril told me to go to my mother. So I said good bye and walked towards the house eventually turning back. He stood there smiling and waving at me. After I entered the house I took a final look back but he had disappeared.

I ran to the kitchen ready to spill the beans to my mother, but she was busy with something. So she told me to keep quiet and have my lunch. I had to wait until my father arrived from work. When I told him the encounter and Cyril's message, he looked serious and told me not to talk to any strangers hereafter.

Many years later I heard from my father that Cyril is his uncle (mother's elder sister's husband) since my father's father has died when he was small uncle Cyril has treated him and my aunt and uncles as his own children. However after my father's aunt's death he moved with his elder son to a town which is about 100km from our village.

After being paralyzed for five years he had died in the morning of the exact day I saw him. Since I had never seen him before my father was concerned about his uncle so he had contacted his son who confirmed him about grandfather Cyril's death. So most probably he came to say goodbye to my father whom he had raised as a child before going to the next world.

Hope you enjoyed reading my experience. Please excuse any mistakes in my narration as English is not my mother tongue.

Thank You for reading and feel free to comment.

May Lord Buddha's blessings be with you!

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Pinaynay (14 posts)
3 years ago (2021-06-08)
I love your story, uncle cyril was a good hearted man and I believe he only wanted to show himself to you. Pray for him. God bless his soul.
Sasanaa (1 stories) (5 posts)
4 years ago (2020-08-22)
Hi boo_boo_whoo,

Thank You very much for reading my experience and for your comment.

I too think that it was lucky to start with a friendly ghost. However after that I was not very lucky I think 😢

Anyway I can't blame my parents for not believing me after I tried to convince them that a crow snatched away my report card when coming home from school 😉 (It happened several weeks before this encounter)
Thank You again for reading.

Good luck
Sasana ❤
boo_boo_whoo (15 posts)
4 years ago (2020-08-14)
I enjoyed reading your story because the ghost was nice and not frightening. It sucks when parents don't believe their children. 😢
Sasanaa (1 stories) (5 posts)
4 years ago (2020-08-08)
Hi lady-glow,

Thank You very much for reading my experience and for your comment. Yes you are absolutely correct. My father would definitely dismiss it as a hallucination. Even today he pretend that I never had such an experience. However thankfully I can still remember it.

And Grandfather Cyril was a really good man as you said. But my father, uncles and aunt were not very close to him during his last days. But this incident proved me that love doesn't expire due to the distance between the loved ones. Thank You again for reading.

Good luck to you
Sasana ❤
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
4 years ago (2020-08-06)
Hello Sasanaa.

This was such a fascinating encounter and you did a great job narrating it in English.

In my opinion, Cyril choose to stop by your house to meet you and to leave a message for you father instead of doing it personally, perhaps he didn't want to take the chance of scaring him and risk that your father would try to reason the "impossibility" of such an encounter.
I think that nothing can prevent the spirit of a freshly departed person from finding a loved one once they are free from the restrictions of their physical body.

Cyril sounds like a wonderful person.
Welcome top YGS and thanks for sharing your experience with us.

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