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Living In A Haunted House In Connecticut


From 1990 to 1993, I shared an older house with a couple of friends. During this time, because of various work schedules, I often found myself in the house alone. This led to several unusual occurrences that left my friends thinking I might be a bit crazy.

My first experience in this house was a bit on the creepy side. I was home alone with our German Shepherd, Max. I decided to go to the attic to look for something that I had packed away, and Max followed me upstairs. When I opened the door to the attic stairs, he suddenly put his tail down, his hackles went up, and he started to growl. I thought this odd, but I calmed him, then went up to the attic. I was up there for about 2 minutes, when suddenly the light bulb went out. I fumbled my way to the stairs, still not thinking too much about it other than being annoyed, went downstairs and got a new light bulb and a flashlight and went back up to change the bulb. Max was at the bottom of the stairs, and he started whining, blocking me from the stairs. I chased him off, went to the attic and changed the bulb, then went back to what I was doing. The next thing I know the new bulb blows out. I figured at least I have a flashlight to find the stairs this time, but no sooner do I turn it on and the bulb goes out in it, too! After that I got the heebie jeebies, and got out of the attic for the night.

My next run in with the unusual came a short time later. I was sitting in the living room tossing a ball for Max. I used to toss it over the stair landing, where it would bounce and roll into the kitchen, and he would bound over the stairs to get it. He chased the ball about a half dozen times, then suddenly stopped at the foot of the stairs. He stared up the stairs, his tail went down, hackles went up and he started snarling. I had never seen him act this way before. I got up, went to the bottom of the stairs and looked up, but saw nothing. I turned the light on, and Max suddenly relaxed and had a puzzled look on his face. I went up the stairs to investigate, but he would not leave the bottom step or chase the ball for the rest of the night. Needless to say, I didn't find anything upstairs.

My last occurrence before I moved out was rather humorous. I had a routine of coming home from work, go to the fridge, get a beer and open it, walk back to the front door, set the beer on the newel post at the bottom of the stairs and go across the street to get the mail. One day I came back, and the beer wasn't there. I looked all over the house, counted the cans in the fridge, and couldn't come up with any idea what had happened but decided it must be me imagining that I had left one out. The next day the same thing happened. At this point I was convinced that I wasn't crazy, my beers were disappearing somehow. The next day I deliberately set the beer on the newel post, walked out the door, turned and looked through the window on the door. It was there. I walked across the front lawn, turned and ran back to the window. Beer still there. Walked across the lawn, crossed the street, got the mail, came back and the beer was gone! Since nobody was in the house (I had searched earlier) I came to the conclusion that there had to be some mischievous spirit, troll, gnome or something in the place, so I yelled out, "Leave my beer alone. Go get your own!" Surprisingly, I never had another problem afterwards.

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bshankland (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-21)
In reply to several questions asked in the comments. First of all, nobody else seemed to have any encounters in the house. One of my roommates even set up a little workshop in the attic, and he and some friends would occassionally spend hours up there. But when I mentioned it he said it was odd that his dog wouldn't go up there with him. Max normally followed him everywhere. He assumed Max just didn't like the narrow stairs, but I think otherwise. After the beer incident I didn't have anymore encounters in the house, or in the house I bought when I moved out. The house in question has since been torn down to make room for apartments. Wish I could have bought it, but the asking price was too high. I'm open-minded on the subject. My 1st encounter was as a teenager in my parent's home, and I'm sure I haven't seen my last (at least I hope not).
Ghost-R-Us (1 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-25)
I have had a similar experience with my aunts dog. Me and my sister were walking my aunts little dog around the block (Few years ago) She started panting alot, so we walked her to my dads house which was about a block from my grandmas house (where the dog lived for a few months) Anyways, we walked in the house and she was all excited and looking around. We say ''Come one girl, let's get some water!'' She starts following us to the kitchen and suddenly at the door way to the little hall way, she stops and starts to stare at the stair case and she started growling. My sister and I both turned and looked at each other at the same time and said ''Lets go.'' We left as quickly as possible. My sister and I had always had strange feelings about that place and my sisters room gave me the chills just walking in there. She was even scared of her room. Oh yeah, and I guess I should say that in my dads house, we were the only ones home. It really freaked us out!
sonri (2 stories) (91 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-24)
I felt the urge, even though this is not my thread
Last night. Oh my goodness. The keyboard, I'm going to let myself get this out- I'm no pianist all right, but I'm teaching myself little by little every day. Last night, it was just for lack of words Awesome. My mistakes, I made so many mistakes, but each and every one that I made were not played. Keys definitely pushed yet made no sound. I think, I don't know, this entity must have read my comment here. Of course it did.
It was beautiful. I'm no pianist, made so so many mistakes, but they were unheard, unplayed, only keys it wanted played were played. It was beautiful, and so very very sad. Yet, afterward, and all during this, I had this feeling of peace, such delightful peace. Truly something, I'm such a baby, crying now, how amazing, how wonderful. I am in wonder, and wish to remain so. No need for anyone to comment on this, I care little if anyone believes me or not, and am tired of being so restrictive of what I share, due to this silly fear of being disbelieved. Ha. I am so happy now. So very happy, so very loved. Go out into the glorious sun and find happiness in this gift of being alive. Run. Yell, spin. Live. I am a "child", a child, though definitely not "petulant", and this beautiful planet it is my playground, if you feel negative about this please get off my teeter-totter and let me have my happiness, please, do this- go and find your own before its too late. Its why you're here.
skystorm13 (12 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-23)
That ghost was some prankster 😆! It was funny when you yelled at it to leave your beer alone!LoL! ❤ Loved the story, great detail.
looney85 (3 stories) (188 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-22)
Great Story! Thanks for sharing! Love the part with your disappearing beers lol!

I do agree on how pets can see things that we cant. I have a Maltese that stares and barks at the corner of my room ones in a blue moon is kind of creepy but I try not to show any fear. Lol

Have you encounter anything else?

Looney 😆
girlie (15 stories) (426 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-22)
I like that story. It had a freaky beginig but then a really funny end! But I bet you know that sense you wrote it...
Oh, well. Love it all the same!
sonri (2 stories) (91 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-22)
I lived in a huge very old house, as a teen, which could have the creepiest feel about it.
There was a mysterious brown cloth hanging out of what appeared to be the remains of a chimney, about 10 feet high or more up the wall in my gigantic room.
I never checked it out.
There were claw marks that nearly went through the kichen door, that made no sense.
A hole through the laundry room ceiling led to the main attic through another hole through a wall. My father went up there once. My brother and I shined the light after him from the laundry room, so all we could see was the hole to the main attic while we waited. I'll never forget my father's face when he finally came back out of that hole. I'd never seen it before. It was unmistakably fear! My father who without batting an eyelash would gracefully snatch up a venomous snake and whip it through the air snapping its neck, and thinks back to his time in Vietnam as the best time of his life, like it was a fun romp through the jungle where he could legally use all manner of explosives.
When he came down he made us all swear the ultimate swear that we would never go up there, and even sealed up the hole just in case. We were constantly hearing loud (like can not hear the tv kind of loud) sounds in the walls and the attic.
I wish now I had checked it out, but my natural curiousity was somehow held in check by the protective spirit in the house. He liked to play with the keyboard, and sometimes make balls move contrary to the laws of physics while I practiced pool in the game room.
In my mind, I always felt I knew that the ancient brown cloth contained the bones of a human foot, but now I wonder about the accuracy of this intuition. How could I know that, what sense would it make or have to do with anything.
Unsolved mysteries can haunt one for a lifetime.
BunnyPanda (guest)
10 years ago (2012-05-22)
What a brilliant story you wrote 😆. Love the part where you told the ghost to leave your beer alone 😊
Lild0ggirl (3 stories) (39 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-22)
I am not trying to be skeptic or anything, but Max could have heard a noise outside that was to high pitched for us to hear. But the beers I can not tell you anything. I still want to know how that could have happened. Maybe the ghost wanted to pull a good prank or something! Please wright more if more stuff happens in you new house! 😉
Casper_the_ghost (9 stories) (180 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-22)
Wow, that was a brilliantly detailed story! Loved the part about your missing beers!-how strange! Max didn't take it did he? 😉
Haunted_cleaner (7 stories) (23 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-22)
That's a great story! I would be really mad if my ghosties took up a liking for my wine!
You did the right thing by scolding your ghost, they do need to know who's the boss.
Thanks for sharing!
Fergie (40 stories) (1159 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-22)
bshankland, interesting account! Did you ever find out what was in the attic? Dogs are certainly no fools, when it comes to the paranormal. I would trust my dog, every time!
So, you had a thirsty spirit too? Lol. Naughty little devil. Glad that you got rid of that one.
I will be looking out for any future posts of yours, with anticipation.
Thank you for sharing
Hope619 (1 stories) (16 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-22)
This was one of my favorites! Well-written, too! I couldn't stop!

-Lex ❤
AoiAsuka (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-22)
LOL~! Instead of feeling scare or frighten you actually ask the spirit to leave your beer alone. Nice!
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-22)
Haha I have read a few accounts from people over the years about ghosts pinching their beers, lol I believe this would be something I would do aswell.

I get the impression that whatever presence was there it was benevolent in nature and didn't mean any harm at all just wanted a bit of recognition. Did your friends ever experience anything unusual at all? Interesting accounts look forward to hearing from you!😊

Thank you for sharing.

ivory (9 stories) (77 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-21)
wow! I have the same spirit that loves to annoy me by hiding things. I think asking it politely will do the trick. Did you ever found the missing beer?
shellzy (8 stories) (218 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-21)
I love this! A beer pinching ghostie, how very naughty indeed! 😆 😆 I'm glad he listened to you after you told him off, I wouldn't be too impressed if someone kept pinching my beers either!

Thanks for Sharing 😊
misstee4 (21 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-21)
How funny how your beers kept disappearing! Too bad you didn't think to set up a video camera to see what was going on, that would have been pretty interesting.
Barbie1637 (1 stories) (34 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-21)
What I mean when I say not a gift, I mean it's not as fun as one would think because spirts are drawn to you... Sorry thought I would add this... 😊
Barbie1637 (1 stories) (34 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-21)
Nice story... Dogs and cats are great for seeing spirts, and small children. Unless of course you have a gift as some call it... I have a cat that sometimes gets in a fight with something that is not there. Very creepy and I can feel it when it's there, I happen to have said gift... Not really a

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