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Knockings at the Bedroom Door


How do I explain what I experienced this morning. My nerves are still shot, but I will try. I spent the night at my boyfriend's house. We had just went to bed around last night. We left the door cracked so his cat would be able to come in or out. We set the alarm on his cell phone to wake us up at to unlock the front door of the house. His sister was working a night shift (6pm-6am) and she needed a way in. I woke up to the alarm going off at exactly 5:00 am. I woke my boyfriend, and he proceeded to get up and unlock the door. He then went to the bathroom. His cat was sleeping like a rock beside me.

It only took several minutes, he shut the door, and jumped back into bed. I happened to turn my head and look at the clock in his room, it was only 5:04. All of a sudden I heard two loud knocks on his bedroom door, and the door started to slowly open. BEING half asleep I assumed it was his sister. BUT I started thinking, she didn't get off until SIX! I nudged my boyfriend. Suddenly his cat wakes up and starts meowing at the door! The cat jumps on the shelf next to the open door, and the cat's cries get louder. My boyfriend touches my shoulder and whispers in my ear. "I don't want to scare you but I think someone is in the house! Someone just reached out and touched cooper (the cat), and knocked!" I completely frozen.

I figured we were going to get killed, mugged, or whatever else. The cat runs through the house meowing at whoever it is. My boyfriend got up, and I followed. We hid behind the NOW open door in his room. We jumped from behind the door and ran toward his sister's bedroom which had a revolver, and a 38 in the closet. As soon as we hit the room mwe slammed the door, and we heard a very loud RUNNING and beating through the house. Thank god I grabbed his cell phone. He called 911 and a police officer arrived within minutes.

He searched the house, and found nothing! His sister arrived shortly after and him and her searched the house again! Found nothing! How did someone run in our house within the 3 mins of my boyfriend unlocking the door and using the bathroom. His cat is scared of everyone but me and his sister. Why did the cat run after something, or someone? If it was someone robbing us, why would they knock, and they didn't take anything!

I am so freaking scared. I have to go to work today and I haven't had any sleep. I can't sleep. I honesty believe in ghosts now. I have never been so scared in my life.

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rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-17)
Thank you for responding Chris. We'll talk later whenever it's convenient.
ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-17)
Dear Rhodes. I got your email today. Thank you for sending it. I promise I will right back but right now I'm at work. I hope you understand. I will do my best to help you out.

sorry Prissychick for taking up your room. I realy liked your story. It was pretty scary and it does seem like you do have a problem. I hope to hear from you soon and take care
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-17)
Just a question on your story although you haven't been around to answer those of others.

I'm not saying I disbelieve you but why would you set the alarm at 5 when his sister would normally be home at 6, meaning that the front door would be open for a whole hour? Is the neighborhood considered safe?
pinkpantherclue (5 stories) (24 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-23)
Waaayyy freaky. I would be wetting my pants. I have had a similar experience, but it wasn't paranormal. My half sister Jennifer (she's 25) left at 5 PM to go to some meeting or something, and would be back at 10 PM. She told us to do our homework. My 15 year old sister, Sara, and I stayed in the small apartment and Jen left the garage door open on accident. At 7 PM, I heard her dog barking, and I quickly got off Neopets and got on my homework. I was in the living room, which shares 1 big room with the dining room and kitchen. Jen has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in the apartment and a small back screened in porch/patio. But Marcus (her dog) kept barking, and there was no sign of Jen. I finally got up and went to the garage door. I suddenly froze, for I could hear male voices TALKING out in her garage and MOVING stuff around. I PANICKED. Her garage door that connects the house to the garage was NOT locked, and when you lock it, it makes a loud sound, so I was scared. I ran to tell my sister, who told me to tell the dog to be quiet. I told her that there were men in the garage, and she got up and listened to the garage door. She didn't believe me at first. We ended up calling the cops, but the men were gone by then.
looney85 (3 stories) (188 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-19)
😭 😨 😲 Jesus Christ! Is so weird 'cause it happened this morning, good god that is freaking scary! You are brave for staying! I would be afraid to back there!

If you do decide to go back GOD BLESS YOU and your Boyfriend!
Lexiluca (8 stories) (78 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-19)
It sounds like something spooky, but whatever it is I highly doubt it is there to harm you - it was obviously trying to gain your attention somehow, or maybe the cats. Not sure. Your fear gives it the opportunity to reach out even more so, which will in turn scare you even more. You need to calm down, and simply realise that there is nothing to be afraid of at this point. If it happens again, ask it to please leave you alone. And it should do just that.
Abby (710 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-19)
Dear PrissyChick247,

Since your story is now dated, and you have lived through another day or two, I think you will survive. If you are that frightened, please use your common sense and find another place to stay until you and your surroundings calm down. Then after you are calm, go do your own homework and research, and find somebody you trust to help you based on your belief system, but at the same time keeping an open mind. You first need to start with you and then go outwards and start the process of elimination until you have found the solution that works the best for you whether in this situation or any other life situation.--Abby
yoshie257 (7 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-19)
when you where watching the cat was its hair standing up if so you have a ghost 😨 😨 😨
cupcake10132 (4 stories) (193 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-18)
Yikes!Now that's creepy! I never experinced stuff like that yet, but simalier. Hearing voices and sounds.HECK!That happened a few housrs ago!
CearysAwesome (guest)
17 years ago (2007-07-18)
WOw! Um PrissyChick247,
That's creepy! I pray that you are able to get some sleep soon! WHatever that was I pray that it never comes back again! Well have a blessed day :D

Ceary :D

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