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I Never Believed In Spirits Until Now


June 18th,2011, me and my family moved to Rhode Island. We had been living in Montana but had to move because of my job. We bought a fixer upper house that sat on a hill alone from any other houses. We had no neighbors close by, only a small town up the road. The company where I worked was about an hour away from the little house where we were going to be staying.

Our first night in the house, I sat up me and my wife's bed. I made the bed and tried to make it look a little nicer and more pleasant to her. I walked away from the room and went into the kitchen to tell her I had made the bed if she wanted to come lay down and as we walked back up into the room, the covers were thrown off of the bed and into the floor! I was shocked! I had no idea how that happened and I was a little shaken up.

Later that night I lay in bed trying to sleep, when all of the sudden I heard what seemed to be glass shattering down stairs. I thought my son had dropped some glass and gotten hurt so I ran down stairs and there was nothing there... No broken glass, nothing.

This house has scared me to death! There have been noises that would give you the chills! There's a family picture of me, my wife and my son, that we keep in the hall way. When I get home from work, never fails, that picture is ALWAYS laying in the floor of the hall! I put it back on the wall every day. It doesn't fall by itself either, because its hung on a hook. Someone or something, has to physically pick the picture up off the hook and lay it in the floor.

SCARY STUFF! Weird things happen in this house.

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icewolfghost (17 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-09)
I have very interesting, the ghost or spirits there just want to be left alone. Take down the picture of your family and place it some where else
Best of luck,
Wolf 😊

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