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Great Grandma's Haunted House


This happened to my great grandma before I was even born and my mom and aunt were just kids. One night my great grandpa decided to go out for a few hours leaving the house to my great grandma (it was night). She was reading the newspaper and a few minutes later she heard someone opening the front door and walk down the hallway to their bedroom and slamming the door behind it. She didn't care to say anything because she thought it was my great grandpa coming home. But later that night when she went to go to bed, she opened her bedroom door and there was an imprint like somebody was lying on the bed, and my great grandpa was nowhere to be seen. She was shocked so she ran and drove to her sister's house.

When my mom and her sister would stay there for a few nights, they would sleep in the guest rooms (separate rooms). My mom and her sister would both see these shadows shaped as people walking along the walls. And they would always end up sleeping in the living room side by side. My mom stopped going there after a few times of that, my aunt kept going for some reason.

My great grandma and grandpa finally got rid of the house a few years later. I can't believe they kept it for so long.

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Abby (710 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-21)
Dear emilyk,

You know I can't believe they kept it so long either. Now, why do you think people do the things they do like that? It is quite astounding at times don't you think at what people will do? I appreciate you sharing your story with me and the rest of us here on this site. It was so sweet and caring of you. With many Blessings and be safe and at peace,

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