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Im new to the site and I have read a lot of very scary, but still very iteresting stories. I'm a 15 year old boy who has had a few run- ins in the past. I'm currently in England but don't like it much. Anyway don't want to bore you much so on with the story. I had just moved in to a great house and I was about six or seven. I was sleeping in what was to be my room and our stuff hadn't come in from moving yet so I was sleeping on the floor.

I had a vivid dream of being in the house, in the fetal position crying, in a corner, as any seven year old would when scared. I then looked up to a black figure watching me as I heard constant whispering which I couldn't understand. I began running and then I woke up downstairs in the basment. I was so scared I screamed and woke up everyone in the house. My dad came down with my baseball bat (little league) and asked me what had happened. I told them and they dissmissed it as a "bad dream" but I knew better as you will understand soon.

Jump forward a month or two and soccer season had started and I had to get some socks out of my sisters closet. As soon as I walked in I felt cold and as if someone was watching me. I then heard the same, unforgetable voices of that dream I had whispering. It felt as if they were mocking me! I was so scared that I bolted out the door, of course dropping the socks. So I had to go back and get them. I quickly ran in there but was pushed down by a force that I pressumed was the ghost. I then began to pray when I heard the whispering again. And then it just got louder and louder. I started praying with all my heart and then it stopped. I ran out the closet screaming and I refused to go back ever again.

If anyone could tell me what they think it could of been, it would be great to know what it could be. Poltergiest? Some child stalking demon? It would ne great to know. I just had some heart pain. Connected? Well thanks for reading. Feels nice to get that off my chest.

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shyenne (15 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-12)
Hi sweetie, whatever the entity is you must not let them feel you are afraid of them. It will haunt you more and more. Just ignore it's presence and you could ask your mom to have your house blessed and the ground as well. Next time, if your parents have another plan of moving, tell them that before you move your things or whatsoever, have your house blessed first. Tell them too to ask the history and the previous owner of the house. It's really nice to live in a such beautiful and huge house but it's not nice that some entity is living with you too. Pray before you sleep. 😉

God bless

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