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I Think My New House Is Haunted


It all started when I found this house on craigslist, I fell in love with it instantly, like I had this connection, so I had my mom look at it and she loved it, so of course, we moved in. The house is 100 years old, and I HAD to have the upstairs bedroom, I just couldn't part with it. But the thing about that room, is it used to be the attic, so all of upstairs is one big room. But anyways I have two attics up there, one on the roof, and the other you can enter through a door. I have to share the room with my sister, and she made me take the side with both of the attics, which was the creepier side.

There are also four compartments small enough where you can't stand, but big enough to where you can fit in and sit up, and move around, I guess those are kind of part the attic too.

But anyways, one of the first nights I stayed there, I slept in the living room, and I woke up early that morning, when I saw someone walk by through the dinning room. I thought it was my little brother coming from his room to the bathroom, but checked his room. He was sound asleep, as was everyone else, so I was a little creeped, and decided to watch TV.

One night my sister complained about a bright orb, it was small, but very bright, and it was over by my closet, my mom saw one too a different night, in the living room, so at that point I was a little scared. My mom also mentioned hearing foot steps in the dinning room at night while every one was sleeping.

The person who used to live here came over to get some stuff out of the yard, and we asked him if he had any paranormal experiences, and he said yeah, but just one reacurring thing. He'd drive up in his drive way and see a girl, that actually looked just like me staring out of the upstairs window, and he'd go up to check, and no one was ever there. And that really scared me. I was thinking "Is it a coincidence that I found this house and had such a connection with that very room, in which a girl that looked just like me was saw staring out the windows?" Strange right?

There were other weird things too, but one night we had company over, and we heard a loud noise in the laundry room, and we went in and everything was in the middle of the room, the company was so scared she had to sleep with salt!

But now let's skip ahead to something more interesting. It was Memorial Day night, and my little brother was terrified because he said something was grabbing his leg. We thought he was making it up so we sent him back to bed. He calls for my older sister about 10 minutes later, and my older sister was screaming on the top of her lungs "MOM! HELP! I HEAR IT! IT'S COMING FROM YOUR ROOM!" (My mom and brothers room is separated by glass doors) Me and my mom came and heard nothing. We sent my little brother upstairs to our room for bed, and we came back down stairs.

About 10 minutes later he Walky-Talkied my sister for help again, and her and her boyfriend ran upstairs, and he said he heard a scratching from the walls from the opposite side of the room and toward him, and the lights were flickering, and then on the roof where the attic is, it was broken in half and open. We asked him about it and he said it opened itself, and he can't reach that high so it had to be the truth, so I stayed upstairs with him, until everyone went to bed.

Before people started going to bed, my mom and sister checked out my little brothers room, and saw an empty water bottle, and it was rolling back and fourth across the room, then started spinning, and the point landed on my mom. She kicked the bottle and yelled "I'm not afraid of you!"

My sister and her boyfriend came up, and we tried to sleep, when we heard a conversation. My sisters boyfriend went down to check it out, but everyone was sleeping. He came back up and suddenly we heard a door slam, but no one was there. I was so scared of sleeping I stayed up until 7 AM, and the next day I blessed the house. But I don't think it worked...

Can someone please tell me what I should do? I can't leave this house, I really love it! And anyone have any idea about what's going on with the girl that looks just like me?

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paranormalobserver (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-19)

This sounds like a strange case. If you are interested in getting help or an opinion from John Zaffis please contact us via email to helpthehaunted [at] Thx
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
11 years ago (2012-07-02)
Before I comment on the content of this 'experience' I'd like to ask the O/P 'Honesttogod' a couple of questions...

You mentioned the noises and things moving in the laundry room and that a guest 'had to sleep' with salt that night. I'd like to ask, if you do not mind sharing, what your Families background is concerning the Paranormal... Are you religious? If so...Christian, Wiccan...Jewish?

You stated that soon after you moved in the activity started... And that when the owner you bought the home from came back to pick up some things from the yard you asked him concerning 'Paranormal Activity' in the home...It's curious the Individual you bought the home from left anything at all on the property...curious, but may have happened... However it seems a bit 'over the top' that the female spirit looked just like you... So I ask this... Could he have been 'pulling your leg'? None of the experiences you have related have involved anyone seeing the spirit of a girl your age, nor even anyone thinking they saw you in a room of the house when you were either in another room, or not home at all.

Most haunting's 'display' the same manifestations... Ie if one owner hears voices, so does the next owner. For the former owner to have been experiencing 'full body apparitions' and you and your family to be experiencing what sounds like poltergeist activity (for the most part) is 'unusual'.

I do hope you return and answer these questions... Thank you for sharing.


CammiAlice (5 stories) (12 posts)
11 years ago (2012-07-01)
I too have recently moved house, in which I have been experiencing things aswell. Our family got to together and shared experiences, we had no clue what to do so I did what I thought was right, which is to have cross' inside the house (or your religous symbol). We have placed a cross necklace on the doors of our bedrooms. It didn't stop it but it certainly helped. I don't wake up so often in the night and I generally feel safer. Maybe get the house blessed properlly by a priest? Hope this helps
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
11 years ago (2012-07-01)
I love how this activity takes place mostly around and to your younger brother, yet somehow it is now all about you. The activity, the touches, scratching, all of it was witnessed by the poor child nobody would believe was telling the truth. He was simply placed somewhere else each time, and abandoned there to endure another round of terror.
But it's all about you now, right?

BunnyPanda (guest)
11 years ago (2012-07-01)
Your sister's boyfriend had the courage to go downstairs and check:). Honestly, I would never buy a house that is 100 years old knowing it's haunted. And about the empty water bottle, I think the spirit was trying to harm your mother or something. To me, best thing to do is find another house before anything gets worse.
Qua (39 posts)
11 years ago (2012-07-01)
Wow! Amazing paranormal activities. Do you think the spirit is trying to tell you something? Did it behave like this with the previous owner?
It might help if you try to find out the history of the house. What happened last time and what the spirit is seeking for.
Also, it will help if you bring in more human aura into the house. Draw back all curtains of the entire house and open the windows. Let fresh air and light into the house. Do that frequently. Better still, throw parties or gatherings to bring in more human 'energy' into the house. It may counter the spirit 'energy'.
You may also pray for the spirit so that it let's go of the past and move on. Remember spirits are attached to this world which is the reason they're trapped here and unable move ahead.
marleysma (5 posts)
11 years ago (2012-06-30)
One more thing that I have read and I believe, calling in a priest is not always the smart thing to do right away because for one, if the spirit is not afraid of God in real life, it won't be phased as a spirit either and will only be more offended. More importantly though, its very likely that you and your family can communicate with the spirit on your own, show that you respect him/her and understand their attachment to the house and show that you would like to coexist with the spirit without having to be afraid. Many people wisely suggest telling the spirit if he/she is having trouble, to call on a loved one who has also passed, but who has crossed over to ask for guidance. They say that often the loved ones of the spirit in a house will take care of the rest, and often the spirit will chose to cross over and leave your home. 😉
marleysma (5 posts)
11 years ago (2012-06-30)
Your experience makes me think that the spirit in your house is threatened by you being there because so much happened so soon after you moved in. The spirit may be trying to scare you, or trying to communicate with you, and probably means you no real harm. He/she is probably attached to the house since the person who lived there before saw things too. You can also try asking the spirit if it wants to communicate anything to you, and give it a means to respond with "yes" or "no" type answers. I read a great article recently that suggests first telling the spirit that you will leave him/her alone if they agree to do the same, and you understand the house may be important to them. First see if you can coexist and ask it to stop scaring your family, and you may never notice its presence again. After that, you'll just need to wait a few weeks to see if activity decreases.
StepsBeyondMaybe (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-06-30)
Where in Arkansas are you located exactly? Have there been anymore incidents since the 25th?
Tigerlilly19 (3 posts)
11 years ago (2012-06-30)
You are the girl's reincarnatin perhaps? But if something is grabbing your brother's leg it could be a bad spirit 😢
destineelynne (1 stories) (9 posts)
11 years ago (2012-06-30)
Wow! This story was pretty scary!
I would suggest you do some research on the house. Maybe see how long it had been since someone had lived there. Because, If it was a long time since they house had been occupied then, your family moving in could have disturbed the spirits there. Your mom did the right thing by saying that she wasn't afraid. The best thing to do in these situations is hold your ground.
I would also see if things die down, which its very likely that the spirits there will get use to you and your family. But, if things don't stop, I would have a priest come in and bless the house.
I think that the reason you were drawn to this house was because of the girl spirit. Sometimes spirits will connect with people their age and such. I have had it happen to me. Maybe she needs your help in crossing over.
Hope this helps! If you need any other information, You can send me a email. At destineelynne [at]
Ghostly98 (2 stories) (23 posts)
11 years ago (2012-06-30)
Spooky story! I feel for you. Many of these experience happened and continue to happen to me, such as the footsteps, the orbs and the conversation. You said YOU blessed the house, well I suggest you get a PRIEST to bless the house for you. My house is also 100 years old, even more and I feel that the people before me are still here as many died in this very house, but being relatives I feel that they mean no harm.

Have you looked into the history of the house? Maybe it may have something about the little girl (that looks just like you) written down somewhere. In my opinion I feel that there might be something weird and spooky going on with you and that little girl.

I suggest you get a priest to bless the house and look into the history of the house and go from there. Try and talk to the little girl but not with those weird Ouija boards they can be bad news! Just ask her some questions out loud. It may be the safer option!

Good Luck and God Bless 😊

Ghostly98 xxx
amberhill33 (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-06-30)
Also, You know how people talk about your previous lives well maybe you have a connection with it because you lived there in a previous life and maybe died there...
amberhill33 (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-06-30)
Well,One of my best friends had an expirence with a glowing orb. She was having stomache issues and when to the bathroom a lot that night and she left the door open because everyone was sleeping. The toliet was directly infront of the door and she could see right into her room and she said she saw a red light. She finished up in the bathroom and went in her room and there was nothing there. She layed in bed for a bit and accross her bed was the closet and she looked over at the closet and saw a dim red light and than the closet doors burt open and the red orb was comming towards her bed. And she screamed and told her parents what happend, her parents are very christian, and her dad was yelling into her closet at nothing. It never happened again but I always have an erie feeling in her house.
Hope that helped abit!
Xoxox Love amberhill33 ❤
Catttie (1 stories) (7 posts)
11 years ago (2012-06-30)
Thanks for sharing your story! That is creepy that he said the girl looked like you, maybe it could be a connection? Maybe somthing was drawin you too this house...? I'd be careful, try to show it your are not afraid.:) I would look into some one coming to the house and blessin it for you... A priest?
Cattie. X
Alexandra12 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-06-30)
wow this is paranormal and about the empty water bottle I think that the ghost or whatever it was wanted maybe a connection with your mother 😨

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