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It Always Makes You Feel Bad


When I was a young kid I had more then a couple supernatural experiences. I plan to share all of my experiences with the supernatural on this website, as well as help others. That said it is my sincerest hope that any reader out there will come forward if they have ever had this or any similar experience. I ask this mainly because of just how strange it is. Anyways here I go. I'm sorry that it's kind of short and sweet but this is all that honestly happened.

As a little kid I remember living in Walterville, OR. It is a nice, small community in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. I lived in a brown house with yellow trim at the time. Nice yard, a friend or two nearby. The house itself was never scary to me even as a kid. Now in my bedroom there was a spirit or two. I don't know how I really knew this as a kid, I just did and it didn't seem to be an even noteworthy thing to bring up to my Mom, Dad or sister. Then IT happened.

I found out we were going to be moving soon and one night something woke me up from a dead sleep. I looked around my bedroom and the corner ceiling of my room scared me in a big way. Something seemed wrong, and I had this distinct feeling if I kept looking in that direction something would -really- happen. Went to sleep, covers over me, scared for the first time in my long time room. Overtime, I'd feel "things" flying through my room. I never opened my eyes, and I wasn't afraid if I kept my eyes closed. It was when I thought to myself to open them and finally see what these things were I'd get scared.

We finally moved to Springfield, OR. Which wasn't far away at all. Big 2 story house. Three bedroom. My room was the old garage, turned into an actual bedroom. I loved it. That's when the long series of most vivid and to this day even at 27 now SCARIEST things happened to me. I finally got to sleep in my new room and I was excited and happy to be in there. In the dead of night I suddenly got paralyzed, and I'd feel this thing that felt like the other things hovering right by my head and it would always say. "IT ALWAYS MAKES YOU FEEL BAD!" and laughed in a truly scary and evil way.

The thing would only do this if I slept on my side, or stomach. And the ONLY way I could get it off was if I "bent my back" inwards. I learned to sleep on my back for years. This happened to me several times, and the day after I was ALWAYS sick. I learned how this evil "ghost" worked, and learned I could taunt it by "thinking" at it. It'd fly at me, I'd hide my head under the blankets. I remember doing this only once. As I got older however, it stopped.

I know a lot of the stories here are likely and sadly made up. While a vast majority are not. It seems ludicrous, but I'm telling you it happened. Hope you all got a chill like I did.

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NiNiNogginHead (33 posts)
11 years ago (2012-08-22)
It sounds like sleep paralysis. I've never had it myself but I've read about other people who experienced it. This is really creepy. If it happened to me I'd never sleep again!
Rozo (3 stories) (108 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-06)
This sounds like Sleep Paralysis 101! I too when I was younger suffered quite extensivley from sleep paralysis... And often heard violent voices taunting me and laughing at me because I couldn't do anything about it... In the state I was in... I used to think that it was spooks... But I could just never have anything that was concrete proof that it was... I went to my GP about it and he assured me that it was a phenomena known as Sleep paralysis...
I haven't had to many episodes since I was a teenager... But the ones that I have had recently... Are still the same scary buggers it used to be! I hate them!
12 years ago (2012-07-14)
Your story is very interesting! When I was younger an older friend told me a story about when he experienced something like you did and it is supposed to be a specific type of ghost and he said that when it happened to him he could not speak or move when he tried to scream he couldn't and that it felt like a weight on top of him. This also kind of happened to me, I couldn't speak but I could move.
Well some people I know have told me that this ghost comes to you when you sleep on the side, stomach, curled up or sleeping unnaturally (what ever that means). I hope this makes you feel like you are not alone and somewhat helped you and thank you for telling your story! 😊

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