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If you have read my 1st story about A Woman in Black, I've mentioned in the last part that my classmate did a ghost haunting in our school. Now here's the story of it.

Still in Junior High School, after we've seen that Woman in black in our music room, we told some of our classmates about it, some believe but there were some thought we're just imagining it. Then before the month ends, everyone in the class knew about it.

Then our boys, got interested to hunt ghosts in our school and to confirm if what we're telling is true. They planned to do it after our periodical examination which was on the last week of the month. And invited some of us to join them.

As to them, at 7pm, they should be meeting outside school at the back of the science building so that they can't be seen by the guards. They were about 16 of them who supposed to do the hunting. But until 8pm, the girls didn't show up. So they (8 of them) just started their activity thinking the girls were just afraid and decided to back-out.

They entered at the right most part of the school where there's an open wall (it was destroyed when a truck bumped on it). That side of the school doesn't have light at night. The only light in that side was coming from the street lights outside but it was still dark. They only used the light of their phones to see their way so they will also not be caught. When they reached the school canteen (beside the building where the MAPEH room is) they can already see if there's any person coming since there's a lamp post on the pathway (going to the gate).

One of the boys, looked on the 2nd floor and have seen someone outside the MAPEH room. He thought it was one of the girls (since as to him, it was wearing our school uniform) so he told the boys that maybe the girls have started hunting even without them. They hurriedly ran towards the stairs going to the MAPEH room. When they reached the 2nd floor, they paused and moved slowly, they planned to play a trick on "our female classmate". When they were in front of the room, they were shocked to see that no one was there. They hurriedly ran going downstairs and they heard the piano played. They hold on to themselves not to shout and so they covered their mouths for they might get caught since the guard hurriedly ran towards the building.

They hid under the stairs and when the guard ran upstairs, they hurriedly ran towards our building at the back. And there, they calmed themselves. They seated on the stairs before going to our classroom. They prepared their cameras and video-corder. Em and Raj were the ones who were preparing while the others were looking on the rooms of the Seniors. When Em and Raj were already done, they started recording. They were talking softly while trying to hunt ghosts. They decided to go separate ways so they can use their time well. Em went with the 3 other boys (stayed in the Seniors floor) while Raj was with the other half of the group (Juniors floor).

Em had his video cam, they were just walking in the hallway all through out trying to catch something. They walked going right to left then vice versa. When they almost got bored, Em caught a white figure ran towards the stairs going up. So he called out the others and tried to follow the white figure slowly. When they almost reached the top, they've seen a figure of a girl looking towards the opposite building. She looked like EM's crush (Chalk- a sophomore) that time. They just observed her. He was shocked and even tried to call her as Chalk but it vanished in front of them. To their fear, they hurriedly ran towards our room where Raj and his group was. There, they saw Raj captured something. They haven't seen it with their bare eyes but it was captured on their cam. Then they felt very cold air in the place where they were standing. So they ran away and decided to go home. They still tried to control themselves as not to panic much on what they discovered and be out in the campus safe as soon as possible. Mic (a chubby one) had a hard time running since he can't carry his self. But he was able to run fast when they passed by the back of our MAPEH building.

They were able to exit school without being caught by the guards. They decided to go to Mic's place to talk about their experience and to validate it with their records. They also brought the cameras the next day for us to see. But before they showed the video, they confronted the girls if they went to school that night. And the girls, just said no since they were all scared.

When we review their videos, on Em's video cam, he was able to capture a woman near the stairs with a very long hair but as to him, he wasn't able to notice it not until they review it. Also, the girl figure that they followed has just been on that floor near the stock room (below the stairs) since they arrived. And on Raj's video, he captured a headless man, standing outside our classroom door wearing an barong (National Costume of Filipinos).

We didn't know why they were there. We told our class adviser about it, and she was also shocked. Though she know that it's not impossible that those entities did exist in our school. But why weren't they able to notice some of those entities while they were trying to capture them? And why that headless man in barong showed himself on the video?

I still have to ask Emz and Raj if they still have the copy of their video and I'll post it.

For now, enjoy reading and let me know your insights. Thanks. Sorry if it's long.

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akosihyaadik (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-21)
I just want to know why those kind of entities exist on your school... I bet that your school was a war place before... 😲
Blackmoonmage20 (1 stories) (58 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-11)
Kayron888: It's alright for me if that is your title. No need to say sorry,too.I'm the one who needs to say it for being some-what 'ewan'. 😊
Unexplained (2 stories) (122 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-10)
An excellent account. Thanks for sharing.

Would love to see the video footage if it still exists. Catching this kind of thing on camera is so rare. 😊
kayron888 (3 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-09)
Thanks for reading my story.

[at] Cloudaotic: It could be possible that our school is haunted. Since it's surrounded by many trees and it's near a river. We heard about some entities like white/black lady, Tall-Black-Man (Kapre) and ghost of a teacher. But we haven't heard about the headless man. 😐

[at] Blackmoonmage20: I never thought about the movie of Daniel Radcliffe when I made the title on my first story. Sorry for that. 😢

[at] Patrick020926: She got mad on us. (I really mean to all of us. Though not all of us joined the haunting, the idea that we all know their plan, makes her mad.) But we were able to reconcile. And all of us have been punished. 😭
Patrick020926 (4 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-09)
If you showed the class advisor would'nt he/she be angry about you going to school at that time.
Blackmoonmage20 (1 stories) (58 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-09)
Hi! I was just intrigued by your title 'The woman in Black'.Isn't that the title of Daniel Radcliffe's movie? 😕 haha!
I'm also from the Philippines. Do you mind telling what school it is? In my story, there is also a man wearing a barong but he was not headless, only bald. 😊
Cloudaotic (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-08)
Interesting story, thanks for sharing! 😁 Could it be possible that your school is haunted? Have your heard any rumours of people seeing headless men near the classrooms? Try and check back in the school's history using the library or something to find out more. As for the Chalk look a like? There are such entities known as Doppelgangers, whereby lookalikes of a person appear. They apparently herald a bad situation is to come. 😭 However, it could have just been a person that looked like Chalk, or you mightn't have seen the spectre correctly. Either way, good luck with your investigation! Inform us with anything you find out. ❤

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