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Ghost Hunting At Chesleigh House


Chesleigh House dates way back in fact it was once owned by Sir Hickman Bacon who at one time was one of the richest men in Britain, and who also owned Gainsborough Old Hall. By the turn of the 20th century Chesleigh House had become a Victorian school for boys and then went on to become Gainsborough's maternity hospital which would have seen many a birth of a baby and sadly too the death of both babies and their unfortunate mothers. In the 1970s it became a dance school for twenty years and now its used as a boys learning centre. With it's chequered history, and reported ghostly activity what spectral beings would await the Simply Ghost Nights team and fellow ghost hunters as we attempted spirit contact at this reputedly haunted building.

Before the event had commenced Sean heard the sound of chains clanging together in the empty gymnasium upstairs in Chesleigh House, whilst having a quick walk around the house. Rosey, Mel, and Steve reported in separate vigils the same spirit lady making contact through glass divination, and in one of those vigils Jo (number 1) became so frightened and reduced to tears by the glass movement that she had to be taken from the room for a while.

Jo (number 2) had to leave one vigil to be physically sick as she felt nauseas and had stomach pains, could this have been the spirit of a former pregnant mother that Jo could have sensed. On returning to the room Jo stated that she felt much better and could not understand what had happened. In another vigil the group made contact with a spirit called Stanley who, had worked there many years ago, and in a separate vigil Steve spoke of a spirit who made ghostly contact through glass divination, but would only communicate when Dan asked the questions. In the same vigil Kirsty screamed after the chair she was sat in was shaken by unseen hands, and it took some time for Kirsty to calm down.

Liz, Angela, Rob, Becky and Kerry were excited during a table tipping experiment when the table moved to them on request, and also when they experienced some loud and strong tapping's on the table also Tom, Jo (number 3) Leigh, and Michelle were also astounded at the ferocity of the table moving in a vigil in what would have been the maternity ward. K2 spikes were reported on numerous vigils and on request too when attempting to communicate with the spirit world.

All in all it was quite an eventful night at Chesleigh House and one the Simply Ghost Nights team cannot wait to return to in the near future.

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