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Ghost Hunting With Chris Conway


Yet again the Simply Ghost Nights team were staggered at the help afforded to us by the Cusworth hall staff of, Phil and Craig, no job was too small for them as they provided a first class service that enabled the event to run smoothly and professionally, and we thank them for all their assistance.

On the initial walk around this beautiful grand old building, Chris Conway the amazing Most Haunted television medium illustrated his mediumship skills when in the Victorian school room he picked up the name of Mr. Trainer, and Chris stated that Mr. Trainer was indeed a ghostly school teacher who still resided in that area of the building. Unbeknown to Chris there was in fact a Mr. Matt Trainer on the guest list of the investigation, who was actually a school teacher too, this discovery absolutely amazed everyone on the event.

If that wasn't enough before the investigation had begun, whilst Chris was calling out in the group vigil for spirit communication, there was the loudest bang on the door of a cupboard, this shocked most of the group who heard the loud bang, some ghost hunters were actually seen to jump out of their chairs in fright.

As we all went our separate ways in search of spirit communication, it wouldn't take long for the ghostly Cusworth hall occupants to make their presence known, in one vigil a bewildered Violet claimed to have had her leg slapped, and Helen felt her jeans been tugged on a vigil.

There was numerous vigils that had some great results with the glass divination and table tipping, in fact in one vigil it was noted that the table moved around the hearse room and one group actually witnessed a table move by itself with no ones hands on the table this had Andy, Nicola and Jody absolutely staggered.

Angela, Sam and Shelley were startled to see the glass move in a vigil on the Ouija board, it was said that the spirit of a child made contact with the group, in the room adjoining the school room.

Jo felt the bench move in the school room this caused to her to leap up in terror and move from the bench to another place in the room and Carol's torch came on by itself in another vigil, and in the wedding room Claire felt as though an unseen force was pushing her down from the shoulders, and in the same vigil many ghost hunters felt the icy breeze of spirits moving around them.

As the event came to a close another mystery came to light, where had all the time gone, many ghost hunters said that the time had flown by and the events that unfolded during the night had opened many of their eyes to another world besides our own, as we all said our au revoirs it was summed up best by one of the sceptics of the night, who said that he now knew for sure there was more to our world than we know.

We cannot end there without a big thank you to Mr. Chris Conway for coming along and joining us on this paranormal investigation, it was said by countless of ghost hunters on Saturday that Chris was such an amiable, sociable, and modest man, and we at Simply Ghost Nights second that too.

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