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I am so pleased to see there is a place like this to share real life experiences with the world. My story actually took place September 24, 2012 and began just at midnight. Since you don't know me I will fill you in on an important fact for your further understanding of what happened.

I am a 25 year old woman who was born with the asthma allergy and I have not had asthma attacks for about twelve years prior to this past December and January. So, the 23rd of September was a fairly typical day for me. A typical day meaning my usual wake up in the morning, check on my daughter, get ready for the day, give my daughter a diaper change something to eat and put her Super Why cartoons on so I can focus on house cleaning.

We had a good day that was fairly uneventful save for one of our friends stopping by who hangs out with us throughout the week to play video games and chat about martial arts and life events and lessons. The day went on comfortably as my fiancée and I put my daughter to sleep and cuddled up to watch some movies. He had been working most of the day so he headed off to the bedroom around 11:30 that night.

I turned the movie off, but started to notice I was getting a tight feeling in my chest. For those with asthma you may well know that this is the time to start specific breathing exercises and making home remedies if your emergency inhailer is not nearby or is empty. I hadn't had any serious breathing issues since my inhailer ran out of medicine and was just waiting on a financially good time to get another one. For those who don't know, in cases like this you can stretch to open up the chest muscles, drink black coffee to temporarily help you breathe, drink honey tea and be wary of using lemon juice because that may actually cause your condition to worsen, if you don't have someone around you may invest in a massage chair to open the airways through muscle relaxation etc. In my situation it was the middle of the night and I simply drank black coffee and chatted with a friend online until the caffeine wore off. The coffee made me comfortable enough to breath just enough to get to sleep for about an hour.

I woke up struggling for air off and on every hour of the night up to my fiance's alarm clock going off. He had to go to work, but I knew he was getting off early that day, so I figured I could control my asthma until we could get to a pharmacy. Needless to say I had a very trying and difficult day. Just attempting to maneuver around and take care of my daughter was an extremely painful experience. I didn't realize I was coming down with a seriously high fever because of my focus on breathing.

When I took care of my daughter that morning I decided to look online to find out what all can trigger asthma reactions. Thanks to a Michigan website about asthma I learned that I was surrounded by asthma triggers and I slowly moved about my bedroom and living room placing most of these items in a box. Dust and mold are triggers as well so I took wet paper towels and wiped down as many surfaces as I could before feeling too much pain to do much more than sit and rest with a cup of water. These few things took me from about 7 AM to 11:45 PM to finish at which point I decided to contact my fiancé at work to let him know we needed to buy my inhailr refill, but I think he didn't fully realize just how badly I needed it at this point. He said we would get it when he got home from work. I knew he was supposed to just be working until 3 O' clock so I figured I could handle waiting that little bit longer for him to get home. By the time 2:15 PM rolled around, I was in tears with pain wheezing heavily and telling myself over and over it's just a little while longer. I decided to put on a movie as I figured he would be home or at least off work by the time the movie was over and it would serve as a good distraction from my breathing issue.

Again if you don't have asthma you can imagine focusing on your breath when it feels like no matter how much air you try to pull in you just can't get enough to breathe regularly. If you can imagine trying to breathe through a coffee mixer straw is about how it feels and you're gulping as deep of breaths as you can. Because I tend to overly focus on the amount of air I'm drawing in a little distraction like a movie is useful as it helps me to have a more regular breathing pattern even when my airways are actually constricted and inflamed.

Well, 4 PM is the next time I remember seeing on my wall clock and I was desperate for my inhaler at this point but couldn't talk very clearly so I sent a text to the landline number at his work asking them to let him know we need to pick up my inhaler from the pharmacy soon. I also sent him emails, facebook messages and instant messages until I finally got a hold of him at 5 PM! Keep in mind I had been having progressively worse asthma attack symptoms as well as a high fever at this point. I got a hold of him and told him he needed to come home because I really needed him and, come to find out, he was in the library at his work (he works at a college) trying to print the forms I need to re-enroll in college! So add my side of furiousness to his seriously misplaced priority as he did not realize how direly urgent the situation had become and I had to swear at him in an email for him to snap out of his "just got off work, slow down for the day" mode and get him to head home.

I think he must have ran home at this point because he was at the door just minutes later. He tried to have a little conversation with me and I just handed him the phone and forced out the words, "Have you found a ride yet?" (We don't have a vehicle and while a bus could get us to the pharmacy it would have been too late going that route, so he immediately shut up and called one of our really good friends who always shows up when there is an emergency we need help with. That call lasted maybe one minute and about four minutes later our friend showed up and took my fiancé to the pharmacy. (I just realized I left out where I called a pharmacy to have the prescription filled by 3 PM). Naturally I was stuck on the couch in pain, gasping for air and trying to calm my daughter, begging for God to help me breathe until he got back.

In all the mayhem I caught a glimpse of something in my bedroom. It made me stop thinking about the situation for a moment and try clearing tears from my face to see what I was noticing. Not so shocked as just plain interested, I looked up from my tears and saw what looked like a solid black statue in the shape of what we see as an angel which looks like the shape of a human, but with wings and not like feathery wings, but more like solid black almost metallic looking wings. This unidentified creature was just facing me, completely inanimate yet with a presence that was like peaceful yet warning. It did not have either a positive nor a negative vibe about it but more of an observer's vibe. Like what I saw was only meant to watch what was going on and not start it or stop it or in any way interfere, except it seemed to almost let me know it was there.

I immediately thought I had seen the angel who does, not so much bring death, as the angel who observes the dying of the physical body. Naturally my reaction was, "No, not now. Please, God, I'm not ready. Please, 'fiance's name' get home." And shortly after thinking this it was like the spirit was partially in my bedroom and had moved a little out of view. Almost like the way a person would move towards someone they were talking to in another room but to where you can still see part of them, except again, the being still appeared to be lifeless and not moving even though I saw it in two different positions.

After focusing on prayer and no longer looking towards this being, I kept looking out the window, just hoping my fiancé would return soon. I guess the line at the pharmacy was decently long because he was not back until about 5:45 PM, handing me the bag with my inhaler and rushing to the restroom. Ironically enough our restroom is through our bedroom and behind its own door right where the being was observing and that was indirectly the first place my fiance went when he got here.

Lord knows I want to go to heaven some day, but it's going to be very difficult for me to let go of my family when my time comes and all I ask is to see my children grow just a little more before that time.

I hope this story helps those of you looking for answers about dark angels and death bringers and what have you. I cannot say the black angel looking creature is the bringer of death, but from my experience the being is certainly the observer of the death of our flesh and, possibly, the continuing or so reassurance of life as a spirit after life as a trapped spirit has ended.

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Slenderman (33 posts)
9 years ago (2014-03-29)
In this case I wouldn't call the being "The Bringer of Death" so much as a shepherd or a ferryman.

Keep it real,

beautifuleden (2 stories) (66 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-04)
Wow your clown made my eyes well up with tears! I know how you felt in 2 ways, firstly I had asthma as a child and remember so clearly the feeling of not getting enough air! And the other, I am a type 1 diabetic and almost died last year from blood poisoning, I remember lying in the ICU, being told I might not make it, and imagining my little clown without her mom... That was the worst feeling ever ever ever! Glad you are ok, please look after yourself! ❤
southerntk (4 stories) (75 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-03)
One time a cousin of my ex husband had a clownfriend who was pregnant by him and he had been mean to her and had been beating her. I went over to check on her one day, she lived a couple homes down, and I had my camera with me. She had been talking about leaving him and going home to her clown and I decided to take a picture of her. When the picture was developed I was shocked. Standing behind the clown, behind her chair, was a large black angel. The details of the angel where not visible, but you could tell that is what it was. I showed it to her and she was shocked. I told her I thought she should leave before she got badly hurt or lost the baby. She left the next day. I think it was a fallen angel there to experience the evil from my husband's cousin's actions. Your dark angel may have been there just to observe your suffering.
WhiteWolf (4 stories) (147 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-03)

I have had an experience like this before. On a walk I saw a bright white light which I thought was a set of car head lights but standing still as I turned to look at the light I noticed that it was humanoid and had large black wings on it even though it was at night the wings stood out. The clown did not give off any emotions which is weird since I can always feel the emotions of a clown. I watched it for about five minuets then it vanished I thought about my experience for some time.

I believe that what I saw was a fallen angel and I still do not know if I can identify it as such I have asked a member from the P.R.S group and they did not know what it could have been.

lsandhu (2 stories) (360 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-02)
What an ordeal! Please keep your inhaler handy from now on and please wclown your fiance in the head for me as he needs to understand how serious an uncontrolled asthma attack can be. Serious enough to have angels lurking about in the clowns ready to observe your imminent demise, apparently. I believe your account and do not believe it was caused, at least not wholly, by your physical symptoms. The reason for my belief is its utter strangeness and the interesting details and impressions you report. I think this was a warning to be more cautious about your health in future. Thank goodness your friend came to the rescue with a well-timed ride to the pharmacy.
GloriaW (2 stories) (15 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-02)
I am glad you made it through this experience o.k. My older daughter has asthma as well and it is very scary. I did want to suggest that the figure you saw could be due to your fever and the lack of oxygen to your brain. I am not saying that it wasn't a real experience, just that fever, stress and lack of oxygen can cause hallucinations.
SirenBelva (7 stories) (64 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-02)
That is so interesting. I'm very glad to read that you are ok. If that was a 'collector' you came very close to dying that day. Do us all a favor and keep an inhaler handy from now on 😁
Cliney1212 (4 stories) (121 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-02)
Pashaniq...Asthma is an awful condition and when you suffer an acute attack (like you did) whilst trying to look after a child it's also very frustrating (I'm a fellow sufferer) I'm lucky that here in the uk a prescription only costs £7.25 so I always have an inhaler in the house but I know it's so much more expensive in the US. I think you are exactly right about the creature you saw being a collector. I think you came very close to death that day. I'm so glad your still here with your family and that you were able to share your clown with us. ❤

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