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When I Saw My Grandmother


My name is Shantelle Dunwoodie, I'm 15 years old and I live in Northern Ireland, I'm going to tell you a short story of when I saw my grandmother.

It was the 8th of September 2011, the day my 84 year old Grandmother died. I was devastated.

Some day near the end of July 2012, I'm not sure of the exact day, I and my mother had been arguing over silly things! And I was calling her rude names when I really shouldn't have been as she was still grieving of her mother dying. She was using the words "My mother can see what you're doing" and I took no acknowledgement of it.

Later that night around 3:01am I was lying in bed, I and my mum share a room she sleeps on a separate bed across from me. She was fast asleep and my dog Oscar was also asleep at the bottom of her bed. I was tossing and turning I just couldn't sleep. I suddenly felt this strong cold breeze and the room lighting up and I was facing the wall at this time and I happened to glance over to the far side of the room where my built in wardrobe is with no door and I saw something as white as snow and I turned around and leant over my bed to take a look then suddenly I froze.

I saw a woman bending over trying to get out of the wardrobe, she now looked like a grey figure and she was wearing a big white robe, like a princess. And then she looked up at me and I was screaming and shouting for my mum and even Oscar they couldn't hear me and the figure which turned out to be my Grandmother backed away out of the wardrobe and disappeared.

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ghostgirl55443322 (6 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-15)
Hi I have read this story b4 but came back to write my 1st comment on this site I thought this story was very intresting and detailed... Well done! ❤
emilymae16xx (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-12)
Im not saying your making this up or gone mad or anything, but could it be possible it was a dream? The imagination of a human runs wild when your greiving over someones death, after my grandad died, I kept thinking I was seeing him around town, and in my room at night, I went to talk to my doctor because I was so worried and he said that it was totally normal to be imagining a persons presence after their death. If this did happen, it is normal and it is nothing to be afraid of, but because you said your mum and dog couldn't hear you when you called, that does seem nightmare like.
Emily x
sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-12)
Hello Shantelle, did it happen only once. Did you discuss with your mother about this the next day. If so, what did she say about it? If it occurred to you subsequently, then probably we would be in a better position to give our opinions. But with only one encounter, it is difficult to say. Because to be frank, our mind plays in different ways. You had a fight with your mom and she has been kept saying that your grandma would be watching all your tantrums etc. Well, the subconscious mind could work out many things and without any further encounter or inputs, it is difficult to categorise it as a paranormal experience. I don't say it is not but if your mother had any experiences like this or if you had any further encounters, and you post it, then it would be possible to treat it as paranormal or not.

Regards and respects to you.


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