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I Saw The Devil At Night


This is my third story of when I was about 8 years old visiting my grandpa and his housekeeper in the slums of Mexico.

There is some backstory and I want to give a good description of the neighborhood this takes place in.

My grandpa's house is an old red brick and cement single story square house, with a road in front running parallel.

This grey brick road has a cement walkway on each side, there are similar looking houses in front and beside my grandpa's house.

If you stand at the front door looking towards the road, across the street to the RIGHT side there is a 8' tall red brick wall and a giant mansion that looks like the Alamo building, the "windows" are open archways with no glass. It is 3 stories tall, and is L shaped and is the corner house. It stands abandoned for some time and my cousins have gone inside and had a scary encounter. I tagged along but that is another story.

I wake up late at night in the cot "bed", and I look around the room.

I feel wide awake, as I look towards the fogged up window with the street light shining through.

I feel the urge to find my older brother around age 15 who hangs out with his cool cousins on the LEFT corner of the block.

I open the door and walk towards the front door, it's not locked so I open it and step outside on the sidewalk.

There is the sound of a slightly busy city, but there is no one on the street, the stars are out tonight.

I feel excited and start running left in the middle of the brick road.

I get closer to the corner store where my brother hangs out, but it looks closed.

I stop and turn around and run back towards my grandpa's house.

I think maybe he's gone the other way to the right of my grandpa's house.

I start to get a little nervous as I pass my grandpa's house, I can see the giant brick gate of the mansion on my left hand side.

The road is dimly lit up with a warm yellow glow from the streetlamps.

The lights seem to be spaced out because there is a dark section as I walk, the road begins to go uphill.

I see someone standing at the top of the hill in the center of the road, my eyes adjust as I get closer.

It is the silhouette of tall man wearing a large hat shaped like a flat mariachi hat.

The figure is pitch black on the road standing still.

I see the glowing red eyes staring back at me.

I feel the evil and believe it is grinning at me.

I turn around and run back towards my grandpa's house, I close the door and jump into bed and fall asleep as soon as I lay down.

I never told my family about the encounter as I felt it would spoil the good time we were all having while visiting.

I believe it was the devil that night, and after some research others have had a similar experience seeing a dark figure wearing a large hat.

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Rajine (14 stories) (797 posts)
2 years ago (2022-03-23)
Hi again stewieguy

I must say that you seem to enjoy going out at night 😅 however seeing that guy in the hat would definitely creep out anyone, from your experience I gather that others have also seen that entity, have you ever spoken to anyone personally about it?

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